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  1. It's Your Time by Rhonda Hansome

    Thursday, January 3, 2013



    It's Your Time

    2013 is galloping away like a perp from an old lady push-in.
    I missed all the comedy holiday parties and spent innumerable hours this  week mentally re-creating party by party the competitive banter, and alcohol infused groping.  And that's just what I wanted to do to the club managers, bookers and industry machers.  Speaking of influential, note to Jeffrey Gurian: it's a shanda what I did to you in my mind this week!

    What else did I do this week? I saw two great period movies.  Lincoln and Django Unchained.  Lincoln and Django are period movies, because, like a period they are full of pain and blood.  I was so into the movie Lincoln, I totally missed recognizing Private Harold Green was played by one of my favorite actors,
                                                                        Colman Domingo

     Colman Domingo  
    He's a writer, singer, dancer, actor, and all around phenomenal talent.  Ever since I first saw him at the Public Theater in Passing Strange, Colman has been on my bucket list to direct (because I'm a serious award winning theater director* when not on a comedy mic cracking wise) but I'd settle for acting with him on a sitcom or police procedural show.  Colman, call me!

         When he first appeared on screen in Django, Samuel Jackson scared the crap out of me.  In his tour de force performance he channels the infamous Boondocks animated character...

                    Uncle Ruckus      

        Django Unchained, what can I say that can't be said with buckets of bullets and blood?  I laughed, I cried, I gasped and guffawed.through this wild ride sprung from the mind of Quentin Tarantino.  I just don't understand the shock at racial epithets, the surprise at historical inaccuracy, and the controversy regarding the unfettered violence.  For crying out loud! Well there was a lot of that in the movie too, but it IS a Quentin Tarantino flick,  Django is a stylized piece offering a cornucopia of his signature Tarantino excesses. You don't go to the hardware store for cotton balls!

    Things are pretty crazy these days, the fiscal cliff,  mass shootings, subway deaths and worst of all, my social media addiction.
                                                                       That monkey on my back has ramped up to crystal meth proportions, minus the slenderizing weight loss. Email, my gateway drug, satisfied me for more than a decade.  Then I toyed with facebook and chipped linkedin.  Now I mainline twitter and just this week sniffed tumblr. Who knows what's next, podcasts, vlogging? There's no end to it!!!

    So Dear Reader** if you, like me, need electronic platform rehab, or feel your life is a Tarantino movie I offer the following...

    I hope that helps.  See you next week!

    * 8 PM Fri. Jan. 25th  FREE presentation of Oil and Water  by Robert Chafe I'm directing in Unknown Country at the Workshop Theater Company 312 W. 36th St. 4th fl

    ** I'd like to thank my three loyal readers for their support during my first year of blogging.  If you are addicted turn on a buddy.

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    1. Well, my dear, as one of your loyal three, I have a few things to say:

      1. I'm sure you DO want to direct Colman. Ahem.
      2. Of course Samuel Jackson will have a hard time getting a cab to stop for him. It's happened before and will continue to if he goes around looking scary as shit.
      3. Cotton balls -- just sounds so funny. I want to nickname my ex that just to fuck with him. lol
      4. On that topic, what passes as a husband is a damn shanda.

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