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  1. I'm Back!

    Tuesday, March 29, 2022


    I’m alive.  It’s been three months since I wrote a blog entry.  I’ve had things to share, but have been feeling stuck in a number of ways.  Sorry to be out of touch.

    December 21st was my birthday.  I was glad to see another one.  I still had a cold that just wouldn’t let up, so I postponed my dinner with friends for a week.

    I saw my feline friend Mustache on my birthday which always feels good. 

    I decorated my door with paper snowflakes I cut out the way I learned to do in grade school.  Doing that continues to bring me joy.

    I was informed that I share my birthday with Jane Fonda (who I have felt a connection with since “Cat Ballou”).

    My friend Robert Gibbons wrote a poem for me for my birthday.  I was so surprised.

    Central Park West (for Mindy Matijasevic)


    was it there I met you one night

    over the dinner table with poems

    and hummus, or red wine. I am not

    sure, three or four of us at a collation party

    but the connection has always been magic

    your melodic way of comedy, then your

    serious demeanor, people would not know

    how much fun you are. You are my poetic

    comedic, superstar, Bronx mama. May your

    birthday be not another day, but a way

    to laugh and sing, may your birthday be not

    another day but a reflection of all your worth

    when I read your blog you bring down Earth

    Happy Birthday Queen of the Bronx


    Robert Gibbons                                             




    That made me feel real good.  Thank you, Robert. 

    Christmas joy came in the form of a neighbor’s new puppy.  I received so many puppy kisses, and it warmed my heart and the feelings stayed with me.  A puppy is so eager to give and receive love.  And it’s so pure.  Those were my best moments of that day.


    One week after my birthday, when my cold was much milder, my friend Judy took me out for dinner and drinks.  She is super generous with me.  I love her company.  We were able to fill each other in on much of what is going on in our lives.  I love times like that.


    There’s more, but I’m going to fast forward.

    ·        Friday, April 8th at 8pm, I’ll be in Janice Messitte’s show at Broadway Comedy Club, 318 West 53rd St., upstairs room, $20 cover/ 2 items minimum.  Tell them you are there to see Mindy Matijasevic.

    ·      Saturday, April 9th, Arts on Site, 12 St. Marks Place, donation-based. I’ll be doing comedy in this variety show. (More details to come.)

    ·        Friday, June 10th, 8pm, my show at The Artist, 249 City Island Avenue, on City Island will be featuring me, Mutiyaa Vision, Rhonda Hansome, and Linda San Lucas.  $15 cover, no minimum.


    Hope to see you and hear your laughter!

    Love all the time to CGG-M ❤❤❤

    Mindy Matijasevic March 29, 2022