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  1. Dragonfly Woman

    Saturday, May 27, 2017

    I was sitting in the park, and eventually the squirrels got my attention.  The constant chasing made me wonder if the one getting chased ever gets any peace.  

    No matter what is going on outside, I can go home.  And since being gratefully single, no one is in my apartment to bother, belittle, or betray me.  For a long time, I didn't know if I'd ever have the luxury of living in relative peace.  

    I couldn't stop thinking about the squirrels and the birds.  Life for the female seems like being prey 24/7.  They can't really hide from each other.  And birds can fly, but for the ones being chased that doesn't mean they can escape since the chasers can fly too.  I thought that it must be so exhausting.  In some way, I felt connected in sisterhood with the female squirrels and birds.

    Days later a friend of mine sent me this:


  2. Food Stamp Stomp By Rhonda Hansome

    Thursday, May 4, 2017

    A "Grade A Fool" got her panties in a twist on Facebook over a stranger's use of food stamps. An EBT Card Owner bought food and requested $50.00 cash back. It then appeared the EBT card owner used that entire $50.00 to purchase lotto tickets. This pissed off, to no end, "Grade A Fool" and a number of her followers.

    Anyone in the unenviable position to qualify for Food Stamps and actually receive an EBT card deserves to use HER money as she sees fit. 

    Corporate welfare queens continue to profit from paying as little as their numerous tax loopholes will allow.  On campaign, POTUS 45 actually touted his use of tax evasion loopholds as "smart". Unlike the EBT Card Owner he has refused to reveal recent tax returns and is determined to use his elevated position to increase benefits to the richest 1%.

    So I say to you hater nosey bitches, try buying a clue!

    Blatant Self-Promotion Alert! 
    Thank you Kevin Gootee, judges: Jeffrey Gurian Sean Lynch Amy Shanker 
    Jim Mendrinos and all the crew associated with the latest episode of 

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