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  1. Hey You! By Rhonda Hansome

    Friday, January 25, 2019

    Hey You,
    Yes, I'm talking to YOU!

    This Is America 2019, dysfunction on steroids. I am living in a cartoon yet terrifying alternate universe. 

    United States of intolerance, elitism and white supremacy to rival our volatile 1960's.

    An America for the rich

    with blatant disregard for Everyman. The TrumpShutDown has left 800,000 Americans without pay. Furloughed Federal workers are stretched to the limit. Did I mention the multitude of support businesses suffering from lack of customers? Government tasks for our safety and well being are now left undone because of Trump's wall stand off.

    "The wall came about as a “mnemonic device” thought up by political consultants to remind Donald Trump to talk about illegal immigration."... Forbes 1/4/2019

    All while daily the chaos and lies escalate. Is this for real?

    Steve Bannon's mantra is the mission of the Trump administration: 

    Disrupt * Deconstruct & Destroy America

    White people are going to homeless shelters for food and Commerce Sec. Wilbur Ross doesn't know why.

    45Potus to paycheckless families:
    Work something out for your groceries and mortgage.

    White folks get a cold, Black folks'll have pneumonia.

    Must we 99% just die for the 1% to revel in luxury? 
    Will we reclaim the U.S. before total destruction?
    Seriously, will we? 

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    8 PM Sat. Feb. 2nd - 
    Bayport Fire House Comedy Night
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    My BWIC Festival Dates:

    8 PM Thur. Feb. 28th - 
    Cosmic Comedy @ Tilly's
    1223 Bedford Ave. Brooklyn NY 11216

    7:30 Fri. Mar. 1st -
    Icons of Comedy @ Brooklyn House of Comedy
    1165 Bedford Ave. Brooklyn NY 11216

    9:30 Fri. Mar. 1st -
    Black Don't Crack @ Joloff Restaurant
    1617/1618 Bedford Ave. Brooklyn NY 11216

    7 PM Sat. Mar. 2nd -
    Griot Story Telling @ Joloff Restaurant
    1617/1618 Bedford Ave. Brooklyn NY 11216

    9 PM Sat. Mar. 2nd -
    Solo Showcase @ Joloff Restaurant
    1617/1618 Bedford Ave. Brooklyn NY 11216

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  2. Another Good News Item

    Thursday, January 17, 2019

    Since my last blog, another opportunity presented itself to me.  Loisaida’s Got Talent offered me a slot in their show.  Preference was given to the residents of the Lower East Side, and I still was accepted.  The Bronx and the Lower East Side are not so different.  Feels like part of the family.  My grandparents grew up down there.  My grandmother shared a public shower with a woman named Sally.  Sally introduced her brother Charles to my grandmother.  He and my grandmother eventually got married.  Then many years later, they raised me in the Bronx.  I heard some of their stories that became part of me.  So the Lower East Side feels like part of the Bronx to me.

    Getting the news was definitely a boost.  Woo woo!

    There’s a chance that the anticipated storm might lead to the event being 
    rescheduled, but as of now, it is for this Sunday!  5pm.  My L.E.S. peeps, consider coming on over.  107 Suffolk Street.

    I’m not sure if I’m the only comic in the show.  Come to the show and 
    cheer me on.  There will be several winners.  The celebrity judges will deliberate after the show.  Of course it is nerve-wrecking, but it is also exciting!

    In the rest of my life, many challenges.  Many!  But like I did as a parent 
    and as an instructor, I want to focus on what’s going right.  So being accepted into both Loisaida’s Got Talent and New York’s Got Talent is a very welcoming start to 2019 in terms of my comedy.

    (love you CGM)

    Mindy Matijasevic

  3. Something Positive for the New Year

    Saturday, January 12, 2019

    Sometimes I forget the seeds I planted, then suddenly something is 
    happening, and, for a second, I am puzzled.  Then I remember I had initiated the thing.  It feels good.  I feel grateful to my more hopeful self for not giving up.  Then when I get a result during a more gloomy time, it’s such a needed pick-me-up.

    Just when I was not feeling too optimistic, I received an e-mail from New 
    York’s Got Talent.  According to what they said, out of a few hundred stand-up comedy submissions, 32 were selected for Season 6, and I was one of them. 

    With my jaw still hanging, I searched through my ‘sent’ mail to see when I 
    applied.  Apparently I applied in late December on my ex-husband’s birthday.  That is kind of funny since so much of my comedy is about being gratefully divorced. 

    My stomach and heart were getting almost as fluttery as when I made my 
    comedy debut.  I had to remind myself to exhale.  Season 6 will not be on live TV.  It will be before a live audience in Manhattan.  My preliminary performance is on Wednesday, March 6th at 7pm.  If you want to get tickets, they are on sale here:

    If by some chance I get moved along to the semi-finals, that will be the 
    following Wednesday.

    I was glad I had a relatively current video to send when I applied.  It was 
    from one of the times I was in Aaron Smith’s F.U.C. Show at Broadway Comedy Club.  A friend, Lia, from a former job many years back, came to the show with her now grown daughter.  Lia taped my set on her phone.  With the help of her daughter, she got the video to me.  We both needed assistance from the younger generation to manage this feat.  Watching myself, of course, I see how overweight I’ve become and the chin stuff and all that.  I had to watch it many times and pretend I didn’t know me, so I can see it more objectively.  I was fucking funny.  The audience was laughing a lot.  When I watch it, I still laugh.

    And the NYGT team apparently didn’t require me to look like a swimsuit 
    model.  I am feeling excited about this development.  Nervous, but I’ll survive.

    If you want to be in the audience during this competition, get your tickets