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  1. Poetry, Comedy, and Dessert

    Sunday, November 26, 2023



    For those of you who write poetry and/or appreciate hearing other people’s poetry (especially short poems), I am part of the Brevitas Festival this Tuesday evening, Nov. 28, 2023, 6pm, at The Bowery Poetry Club, 308 Bowery, NYC.  Everyone is welcome for only ten dollars which includes a copy of the Brevitas anthology! There will be many readers, and then an open mic for you to share a poem of 14 lines or less if you wish to do so.



    Friday, December 8, 2023, 8pm, at The Artist, 249 City Island Avenue on City Island, Bronx, NY, brace yourself for hilarity at the Almost Winter Comedy Show hosted by me and featuring TJ Meyers, Joanne Filan, and Ken Watter.


    Only $15 and NO minimum!   You may BYOB.  The wait staff will happily provide a corkscrew if needed, glasses, and ice.  A menu of light fare (vegetarian inclusive) and a selection of desserts from Jenny’s Sweets might tempt you.   Jenny's Sweets


    On Saturday, December 16th, I’m doing stand-up in a talent show (mostly rappers performing, I believe).  Details to come. 


    Thanks for reading!


    Love always to CGG-M ❤❤❤

    Mindy Matijasevic, November 2023

  2. Killing & Comedy

    Sunday, November 5, 2023




    Hello everybody.  Do you ever feel like killing someone or something?  Please focus that impulse on these:


    I try to kill each one I see, but some leap and get away.  I do get many, and I realize that having something that I’m encouraged to kill (and am not totally grossed out by, like waterbugs, roaches, rodents, and some so-called humans) can be kind of cathartic.  So people, I encourage you to kill those mf-ers.


    On to more pleasant kinds of killing, my next comedy show at The Artist on City Island is Friday, December 8th at 8pm.  The holiday season on City Island is beautiful.  Nice to spend the day, visit the shops, dine on some seafood (or other options), and then come to The Artist, 249 City Island Avenue, for comedy and dessert (from Jenny’s Sweets).  You are free to BYOB.  Laughter guaranteed.  For those who plan ahead, mark your calendars.


     The hilarious line-up:


    TJ Meyers



    Joanne Filan

      Ken Watter



    And me of course!


    Quality comedy for incredibly reasonable prices.  $15 admission and NO minimum.  Laughter guaranteed. 





    Deep love to CGG-M  ❤❤❤

    Mindy Matijasevic

    November 2023










    I was a middle school boy in a scene from Greg Fuchs’ play “School Drill” in the BOOG City Arts Festival two Tuesdays ago.  It was fun for a few minutes to be a boy.  That night of the festival was in Bushwick, Brooklyn.  It is an interesting neighborhood.  To me, it seemed like a blend of the Bronx, the East Village, and the West Village.  Many food trucks, much colorful artwork on the brick buildings, and very lively. 

    There’s no pay involved, but it was fun.  The weird part was I hadn’t realized this was for the BOOG Festival until I was there.  When I was asked to do this, though it was by the man who runs the festival, I thought this was a separate thing.  I was under the impression a friend of his, who teaches middle school in the Bronx and works with particularly challenging students, needed actors to perform in a play that he and his students wrote, but I didn’t connect that it was for the festival.  His class had read Anne Frank, the play, and then wrote their own scenes tied to confinement. 


    Though I have not been accepting unpaid acting jobs due to my pathetic financial situation, this touched my heart.  I’m a Bronxite.  I spent several decades teaching adults who weren’t able to complete their basic education for many very different reasons.  One year, we also read Anne Frank.  It was very eye-opening for many.  So I agreed to do it.  I wanted his students to feel the magic of their words being acted out on stage.  I mistakenly assumed we were performing in the school for the students, parents, and staff.  However, there were no rehearsals, and it was being done in Brooklyn.  I was very puzzled.  

    I tried to dress as a 12-year-old boy using whatever items I owned.  I even brought a jacket to cover any sign of boobage.  When I left my house, I realized I forgot to wear sneakers.  I had sandals on and red toenail polish.  I worried that middle school boys would torment their peer for looking like a girl.  I didn’t go back upstairs because I was afraid I was running late.  It turned out that I worried about many unnecessary things.  It was not at a school.  The play was written several years ago.  No middle school students would be there.  It was at a lovely performance space, IVY HOUSE STUDIO on Troutman Street, where most performers shared poetry and music.

    Greg Fuchs, playwright
    Mindy Matijasevic, actor
    after the scene from
    School Drill


    That evening of the festival was hosted by the talented and beautiful Didi Champagne who also performed later with her band Blueberry High Heels.

    Didi is the one in the long black dress.


    Regarding health concerns, the specialist I met with was wonderful!  He introduced himself as Marc.  That was a first in my experience.  I am grateful he was who I saw.  Seemed like a beautiful human being.  The next step is I get another CT scan in February (instead of in a year).  Then we look at it again and decide if a biopsy should be done.  I am okay right now.  So let’s keep on having a good time as much as we can! 



    Tremendous love to CGG-M  ❤❤❤

    Mindy Matijasevic, September 19, 2023



  4. Great Comedy and Emaciated Clowns

    Wednesday, September 6, 2023



    I planned to update you, readers, yesterday (since I am the Tuesday “She”), but the day in the heat and on too little sleep exhausted me.  So I’m here on Wednesday with my fan blowing in my direction.


    Regarding last blog’s concerns, I am scheduled with a specialist for an intensive interview and a couple of more tests.  Thanks to those of you who expressed concern in emails and private messages.


    I want to remind you of the beautiful and funny line-up for this Friday’s comedy show.



    You can, if you choose, get tickets in advance here:


    Or you can pay at the end of the show at the venue.  Just get your tush there!


    Yesterday, I had a new and interesting experience.  I was booked as a make-up model for a class where students learning to be make-up artists work on the model as their assignment for the evening.  I was paired with a lovely person named Bless.  From the initial hello, it felt good.  That makes all the difference to me.  The experience went well.  She showed concern for my comfort.  That makes me want to do my best, so she can do her best.  Her teacher was what I consider a good teacher – supportive, knowledgeable, and helpful, besides enjoying his job. 


    The experience reminded me of many thinner years ago when I often posed for art classes.  That was harder and paid less.  But it was something where schedules could be flexible.  It served as a second job for me back in my mid-twenties.  Anyway, that whole thing is for another blog another time.


    These students were given different assignments and they were given their models.  The teacher made the choices.  We, the models, were to show up wearing black clothing, no make-up, and nothing scented.


    When I entered the classroom, the teacher said, “Clown.”  I and the rest of the class laughed.  The student with the clown assignment told me where to sit.  While my face was a canvas, people walked by and seemed very amused.  I couldn’t wait to see what I looked like.  When the work time was over, each model was seated on a director’s chair and the class observed while the teacher gave feedback to each student make-up artist.


    Bless got a raving review.  That felt good.  But that is when I learned that ‘clown’ was only part of the assignment.  She was to make me look like an emaciated clown.  Since I am now overweight, it made me laugh.  However, it also made me understand why I looked like such an ugly clown.  That was the assignment, and she aced it.



    Come to the Almost Fall Comedy Show and make this clown smile.


    Great Comedy Show!





    Constant love to CGG-M ❤💕❤

    Mindy Matijasevic

    September 6, 2023


  5. Cats and Comedy -- Spirit Lifters

    Saturday, August 26, 2023


        I had a lung scan and received an email regarding the results.  I’ve been too afraid to open that email.  I have a phone appointment for the 29th with the nurse practitioner to discuss the results.  However, she called and left a message on the 24th.  When I heard the message, she was no longer in the office and won’t be back until the 28th.  I am feeling a bit panicky because she called before the phone appointment.  Now I really feel unable to open that email.  Whatever it says, I’d be living with the info without being able to speak with her all weekend.  I told myself that nothing will change between the 24th and the 28th and to try to not think about it.  Oy.


        My best buddy treated me to food shopping at Trader Joe’s last night.  felt like I won a shopping spree.  I not only have food in the house, but I have choices, which feels luxurious.   I am so blessed to have such a friend.


        I changed my health insurance, and I expect things to get better.  With the new plan, I’ll be getting money for over the counter items at the pharmacy and for food.  That is going to be so helpful.


        Today, I saw my feline girlfriend outside on the block of the store where she lives.  She’s so brave.  When I saw her, I said, “Mustache! What are you doing out here?  Looking for rats?”  But it seemed she was busy eating grass.  She was responsive, welcomed pets from me, and held her tail erect.  When I have my minutes with her, it lifts my spirits (and hers too, I believe).

        Speaking of lifting spirits, come on out to the next comedy show at The Artist, 249 City Island Avenue on September 8th at 8pm (7:45 to settle in).  It’s a very funny line-up:  me, Lisa Harmon, Debbie Bazza, and Linette Palladino.  Don’t miss it.  Laughter guaranteed. 






    Constant love to CGG-M  ❤❤

    Mindy Matijasevic

    August 2023


    The comedy show at Bella Notte at the end of July went very well.  Enjoyed performing and watching.  Love that friends drove me there and back.  Plus a woman I met once, and communicated with on Facebook and in email since, just moved to the Bronx and came to the show!  That was such a nice surprise.  Appreciated the feedback I received from audience members and the hosts after the show. 


    This past Saturday was a reading and celebration of an anthology where a couple of my poems are included.  The reading was held at the Riverside Library in Manhattan.  The celebration was in the park.  I got to see people I haven’t seen in quite a while.  Fred Simpson, Jessica Nooney, Janet Restino, Natalie Lardner, and Miriam Stanley were some.  I met the poet Prince McNally in person for the first time.  Loved his vibe. 


    While at the park, besides being lunch for a few mosquitos, I was falling in love with several dogs, but mostly with a large German Shepherd.  His human grandpa (I later learned) was who was with him in the park.  By the third time I saw the pair, and the dog still wanted to meet me, I went over to them.  As soon as the large dog was jumping up and not hearing the human say no, I said, “He’s still a baby, right?”  That’s when I learned he is six months old.  A big, loving baby.  I assured the man I was okay with the dog  jumping on me.  Dog love is so pure.


    I need a dog. 


    Mark your calendars, people.  The “Almost Fall Comedy Show” at The Artist on City Island (249 City Island Avenue) is September 8th at 8pm.  Only $15 cover and NO minimum!  You can even BYOB!  I admit you might be tempted by their menu of light fare (vegetarian-friendly) and the delicious desserts by 

    Jenny’s Sweets.  

    It’s a very welcoming place run by Elliot and Monica Glick. 

    The hilarity will be provided by:

    Lisa Harmon


    Debbie Bazza

    Linette Palladino

    And, of course, me.



    So much love to CGG-M  ❤❤❤

    Mindy Matijasevic

    August 2023

  7. One Show On, One Show Off

    Monday, July 24, 2023


    Well things lightened up, schedule-wise.  This Saturday night, I won’t be leaving one show early and rushing to the next one.  Aaron Smith's show at Comedy in Harlem is postponed.  I’ll update you when there’s a new date. 


    The show at Bella Notte in the Riverdale section of the Bronx is on, and it looks like it will be a real good one.  The tickets are only ten bucks.  The place serves delicious Italian food, so you might want to come for dinner too.

    Tickets here


    I look forward not only to performing, but also to hearing comics I’m not familiar with yet – Rory and Sharon.  I always enjoy Shelly Colman’s performance.


    I hope so much you also want to be there.  😊

    Much love to CGG-M  ❤❤❤

    Mindy Matijasevic

    July 2023

  8. July Happenings!

    Thursday, July 13, 2023


    I love when I am booked for a number of events in a month’s time.  However, this month of July, it was going to be two poetry readings on one day, making me leave one early and miss the after-party (celebrating an anthology) and then get to the next event late.  Luckily, for whatever reasons, the anthology reading and party has been rescheduled for August 12th.  I feel good about that as now I don’t have to miss any part of either.


    Then I was offered a spot in Aaron Smith’s comedy show on July 29th at 10pm on 117th Street.  Nice.  We haven’t shared a stage in quite a while.  THEN, a lovely woman who produces all kinds of creative events in the Bronx (my home borough), offered me an opportunity to perform in a comedy show on the same night but at 7pm.  She had me in a paid reading a few months ago where I shared memoir and had a great time.  Wonderful hosts and audience.  I like her, wanted the booking, and I agreed to both comedy shows.  So that night, I have a show in the Bronx and one in Manhattan. 


    Not producing any of the above leaves me to fully focus on my material and performance.  There’s something freeing about that.


    So for those of you interested in attending any of the mentioned events:

    ·       Saturday, July 15th, Variety Show, 4-9pm FREE at the 6B Garden, 6th Street and Avenue B.  Many performers of many types.  I’ll be sharing poetry.

    ·        Saturday, July 29th, Comedy Show, 7pm at Bella Notte, 3524 Johnson Avenue, Bronx, NY  (Line-up, cover, minimum, to come…)


    ·        Saturday, July 29th, Comedy Show, 10pm at Comedy in Harlem, 508 East 117th Street.  For more details, click below.

    (Ignore the map since it mistakenly shows 11th Street)


    Hope to see you and hear you laughing!  



    Much love always to CGG-M  ❤ 💛 ❤

    Mindy Matijasevic

    July 2023