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  1. Great Comedy and Emaciated Clowns

    Wednesday, September 6, 2023



    I planned to update you, readers, yesterday (since I am the Tuesday “She”), but the day in the heat and on too little sleep exhausted me.  So I’m here on Wednesday with my fan blowing in my direction.


    Regarding last blog’s concerns, I am scheduled with a specialist for an intensive interview and a couple of more tests.  Thanks to those of you who expressed concern in emails and private messages.


    I want to remind you of the beautiful and funny line-up for this Friday’s comedy show.



    You can, if you choose, get tickets in advance here:


    Or you can pay at the end of the show at the venue.  Just get your tush there!


    Yesterday, I had a new and interesting experience.  I was booked as a make-up model for a class where students learning to be make-up artists work on the model as their assignment for the evening.  I was paired with a lovely person named Bless.  From the initial hello, it felt good.  That makes all the difference to me.  The experience went well.  She showed concern for my comfort.  That makes me want to do my best, so she can do her best.  Her teacher was what I consider a good teacher – supportive, knowledgeable, and helpful, besides enjoying his job. 


    The experience reminded me of many thinner years ago when I often posed for art classes.  That was harder and paid less.  But it was something where schedules could be flexible.  It served as a second job for me back in my mid-twenties.  Anyway, that whole thing is for another blog another time.


    These students were given different assignments and they were given their models.  The teacher made the choices.  We, the models, were to show up wearing black clothing, no make-up, and nothing scented.


    When I entered the classroom, the teacher said, “Clown.”  I and the rest of the class laughed.  The student with the clown assignment told me where to sit.  While my face was a canvas, people walked by and seemed very amused.  I couldn’t wait to see what I looked like.  When the work time was over, each model was seated on a director’s chair and the class observed while the teacher gave feedback to each student make-up artist.


    Bless got a raving review.  That felt good.  But that is when I learned that ‘clown’ was only part of the assignment.  She was to make me look like an emaciated clown.  Since I am now overweight, it made me laugh.  However, it also made me understand why I looked like such an ugly clown.  That was the assignment, and she aced it.



    Come to the Almost Fall Comedy Show and make this clown smile.


    Great Comedy Show!





    Constant love to CGG-M ❤💕❤

    Mindy Matijasevic

    September 6, 2023


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