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  1. Hacked, Yet Hopeful

    Wednesday, November 24, 2021


    Somebody has been bent on hacking my Facebook account.  Thankfully, many folks know me well enough to know when a private message does not sound like me.  People, if we are Facebook friends, please report any messages that seem suspicious.  You can check with me first if you are unsure.  I don’t know if the hacker is looking for money or to destroy my relationships.  I don’t understand the mindset, but I do hope the person finds something constructive to do with his/her life and leave me the fuck alone.  I don’t want to leave FB.  As a comic and a poet and a friend, it’s been helpful.


    I’ve had three sightings of a mouse in my house.  My buddy set two mousetraps for me after my second sighting.  When I saw it the third time, it took the path of one of the traps.  I expected to hear it snap.  It didn’t.  The mouse must’ve leaped over it.  I noticed I was not as hysterical as I’d been in the past.  I guess I’m still growing (and not just in width).


    Those of you who enjoy Thanksgiving, have a good one.  Those of you who don’t, it will soon be behind us. 


    Then we can look forward to, December 17th, a lovely night on City Island, after Hanukkah and a week before Christmas.  Lots of seafood options there plus other foods.  Then at 8pm, come enjoy the comedy show I’m having at The Artist, 249 City Island Avenue.  You may BYOB.  You can purchase light fare and delicious desserts while enjoying the hilarious comics.  Looking forward to your laughter.


    Deep love to CGG-M  ❤❤❤

    Mindy Matijasevic

    November 2021










  2. Happy Birthday Judy & Other Things

    Tuesday, November 16, 2021


    Happy Birthday to my wonderful friend Judy!  Looking forward to celebrating next week. 

    Friends for decades.

    I went into the discount store to use the ATM, and who was sitting on top of the ATM but Mustache (my feline friend)!  Made my morning.  We had our little love session.  Did us good.


    I need to find a place to get my booster shot.  Then I should re-subscribe to Backstage to get acting job listings.  I have been so on-the-fence about working on a set with others during this COVID time.  I’m fully vaccinated but need the booster.  I also need to make money.  I am glad that bosses are required to see that everyone is vaccinated.  Yes, I need money, but I also need to and want to be alive. 


    I’m still struggling with the f’in’ cigarettes.  Geez, I hope I win this battle.


    Those of you who enjoy comedy shows, I’m having a show on Friday, 12/17/2021 at 8pm (7:45 seating) at The Artist, 249 City Island Avenue, City Island, Bronx, NY.  So put on your laughing shoes!  The hilarious line-up will be:



    Rob Santos

    Debbie Bazza

    Ken Watter


    The Artist is a warm, welcoming place.  Parking should be easy in December.  Only $10 cover, no minimum (though the light fare -- vegetarian-friendly –-from The Artist, and the delicious desserts from Jenny’s Sweets will tempt you), and contributions are requested for the very entertaining comics.  The Artist does have beer and wine, but still, you are welcome to BYOB.  They are that cool.  BRING YOUR VAX CARD!  They also care that we live, and they have to follow the guidelines.


    249 City Island Avenue



    My love to CGG-M ❤❤❤

    Mindy Matijasevic

    November 16, 2021


    P.S.  There’s a mouse in my apartment, and I’m trying to not be hysterical.  Oh my, oh my, oh my.  Shit!






  3. Comedy Shows and an Early Birthday Gift

    Monday, November 8, 2021


    I was without the luxury of the internet for a couple of weeks.  I’m glad that is solved. 


    The autumn comedy show at The Artist had a great line-up.  In that sense, it was very good.  However, we didn’t get as much audience as I’m accustomed to.  I hope we can get back up to the pre-pandemic audience size.  Back then, Elliot (the owner) said he’d be glad to get more chairs if necessary.  It was that packed.  If you were not at the 10/22 show, these were the funny folks you missed.

    Pudge Fernandez

    Jean Kim

    Linda San Lucas

    Hosted by yours truly...       

    Mindy Matijasevic

    Audience members and some comics connected after the show.  That warmed me.  Several friends and I went for drinks afterwards, and I heard so much great feedback about the comics’ performances.  I’m usually proud of the line-up, and this was no exception.


    Again I’m guilty of watching The Bachelorette.  Now I know what I like about it.  I see how women get rid of a man when they see red flags.  I wish I’d seen that in my teens.  Unfortunately, I tended to consider other people’s pain more than my own.  I did things all wrong.  Very wrong.  My body spoke to me – pain in my chest, throat, inability to eat, crying often, etc. – but I didn’t listen.  Can’t get the years back.  I’m just relieved to be on my own.  Good friends have given me more happiness and real love than any romantic relationship ever has.  And I have not seen anyone else’s marriage/romantic relationship that I would want to be in.  It may work for those in it, but I wouldn’t feel good in it.


    On a very happy note:  My best friend, who is very talented in fixing, building, all kinds of stuff most of us do not know how to do, fixed my malfunctioning toilet tank today (about three hours of skilled labor) and bought the parts needed, etc. as an early birthday gift.  This was a great gift.  I now have a flushing toilet again.  For quite a while, I was using a water-filled bucket to flush.  One of the best parts of this gift is I don’t have to have people in here, that I don’t know, to do it.  I think I need a dog again.  I used to get people (either to install cable or whatever else) who would ask me to lock up the dog in another room.  I remember thinking and realizing that one of the benefits of having a dog is protection.  I’d say, “No.  He will only smell you.  The only reason he would ever attack someone is if they were trying to hurt me.”  That was accepted, and I felt good about not caving.  My dog Luigi (2000-2015) was someone I felt 98% sure of.  I can’t say that about most humans.


    Next comedy show I’m having at The Artist (249 City Island Avenue) will be December 17th at 8pm.  Hope you’ll put that on your calendar and get yourself to City Island.  It will be another great line-up.  You can’t typically get this kind of live comedy and funny at these prices.  $10 cover; no minimum (though you will be tempted by the light fare and delicious desserts by Jenny's Sweets); you can BYOB; contributions requested for the hilarious comics.


    Much love to CGG-M  💕💕💕

    Mindy Matijasevic

    November 2021



  4. Irritating Demons

    Wednesday, October 6, 2021


    Days went by without seeing my little feline girlfriend, Mustache.  I wondered if they’d tell me if she had died.  I had gone in that store daily either to use the ATM (best priced in the area) or get toilet paper or something I needed in hopes of seeing her.  Then one day I was just walking past the store and saw her in there.  I went in just to visit with her.  She came right over and meowed telling me stuff.  I told her I missed her and was hoping to see her.  Her expression of love was more intense than usual.  I assumed she missed me too, and we were both saying (in different languages), “Where you been?!!?”  As I was leaving without her approval, she smacked my ankle with both paws.  I understood and bent down to give her more petting. 


    In a previous blog, I mentioned that there was more to the situation with me and Mustache.  Apparently the worker who cares for her – litter box cleaning, food, water – resents very much that she loves me.  Other customers often point out how she may like others but she loves me.  Some have said I should take her home.  I remind them that she lives and works there and isn’t up for adoption.  The man who takes care of her needs is also someone she is cautious of.  I have seen him pull her by her tail, toss empty boxes in her direction, and other stuff like that.  I then wonder why anyone is shocked at how much she loves me.  She can trust me!  He also used to let her go out and be impregnated over and over again so he could sell the kittens.  It took pressure from the customers for him to hear that she must be spayed.  Finally she is spayed.  About two years ago, I asked the man where the baby was, and that turned into an ugly interaction.  I was amazed.  He’s a worker there.  The other worker is nice, and the owner knows me for years, so I wasn’t going to end my relationship with Mustache because of the a-hole.  She deserves love and apparently needs it.  And loving her is a real pick-me-up in my day.  So fuck him.


    I have, since childhood, struggled with why some people dislike nice people.  I saw it in my extended family, and it didn’t make sense to me.  I experienced it at a job, and it didn’t make sense to me, especially because it was a field in the helping professions.  One day I saw this meme, and that made sense to me.



    On a happier note, mark your calendars – COMEDY SHOW! Friday, October 22, 8pm, The Artist, 249 City Island Avenue, City Island, The Bronx. $10 cover; no minimum; yes, contributions for the hilarious comics.  The line-up: Mindy Matijasevic, Pudge Fernandez, Jean Kim, and Linda San Lucas.  Laughter guaranteed!


    So much love to CGG-M 💕💕💕

    Mindy Matijasevic

    October 2021

  5. Friends, Haters, & Funny

    Thursday, September 23, 2021


    I finally saw “In the Heights” this past Saturday night at a friend’s house.  Originally, four of us were supposed to get together.  One woman went to her car and discovered it had been towed.  She canceled.  So it was my buddy Judy and I going to Steve’s house in New Jersey.  He cooked lots of delicious food, we brought wine, and Judy also brought pastries from a bakery.  I stayed with food and wine, while they also had mixed drinks.  Judy is not the drinker she used to be, so she slept through most of the movie.  Steven and I watched the movie.  I did have a small non-speaking part in it.  Several people had written to me when it first came out, “Did I just see you in ‘In the Heights’?”  I was background but was placed next to one of the main actors, so I was clearly seen in the rally scene.


    It is a good story, but way too much singing for my taste.  I liked the cast and many things, but it could have been shorter.  My “LA Law” heart throb, Jimmy Smits, was in it.  

    This was him back then ...

    Though he had no idea of my relationship with him, I was glad to see him again.  😊  

    I have a feeling the show might have been better as the play it originally was.  I do think it was important, and I am glad I saw it.  And though my role was only background, I am glad I was in it.


    On a totally other subject:  I want to give credit to this man, Katt Williams, who helped me survive at times on a former job.  It’s less than a minute.  Use headphones if you are at a job or near children.  Enjoy.



    For more funny, mark your calendars for my fall comedy show at The Artist on City Island on 10/22.  (Must bring vax card.)  I am proud to announce that the funny will be brought to you by Pudge Fernandez, Jean Kim, Linda San Lucas, and me.



    Heartfelt love to CGG-M ❤❤❤

    Mindy Matijasevic

    September 2021

  6. Feel-Good Moments

    Tuesday, September 14, 2021


    My feel-good moment of the day was an email from Home Planet News letting me know that my slice of memoir “Not S’posed to Win” is accepted for publication.  I’ll share the link when I get it.  I wrote it to read at one of Kathryn Adisman’s events, What Were the Sixties Really Like?  It was well received.  I am unsure how it will come across from the page, but I am glad it will be in print.  Thank you, Frank Murphy, editor of Home Planet News.


    If you know someone who is gratefully divorced, consider this as a unique gift.  Contact me in the comments or on Facebook or at



    I spent Labor Day afternoon enjoying and participating in this festival: Poetry on a Caribbean Breeze.  Curator Heather Archibald told us everyone was Caribbean for the day.  There was calypso music, workshops, featured readers, open mic, and snacks.  I was all set to join the haiku workshop, but then I saw lots of art supplies on another table for Comic Poetry.  I got seduced by the crayons and colored pencils.  I had no idea what Comic Poetry meant.  It had to do with drawing frames a comic strip would have with words, but it had nothing to do with comedy.  I like new creative experiences.  I do believe a certain part of the brain needs stimulation from time to time in order to get juiced up to create whatever one creates – poetry, music, comedy, dance, visual art, etc.


    I also read three poems at the open mic.  They were all serious, but the third one made women crack up.  It was a wonderful way to conclude.  I felt good about that for days.  And to think, I almost didn’t go.  It’s been a struggle to get my self to places.


    I am so glad that three friends and I are going to see “In the Heights” at a friend’s house and have dinner, wine, etc. this Saturday night.  I had a tiny part in the movie in the rally scene toward the end.  It wasn’t with lines or anything, but several people wrote me asking, “Did I just see you in ‘In the Heights’?”  Yes they did.  I haven’t seen it yet, so I’m looking forward to the whole evening.


    Human contact.  Friendship.  Feels good.



    Love to CGG-M ❤❤❤

    Mindy Matijasevic

    September 2021



    I was supposed to attend a poetry festival on Saturday afternoon.  I was really looking forward to it.  An hour of workshopping, an hour of featured poets, and an hour of open mic-ers.  Free.  So when I couldn’t bear to wake up in time, I felt so disappointed that I was opting to sleep.  Yet, I spent so much of my life sleep-deprived for different reasons, that my need to sleep and have disturbing dreams feels crucial.  Later, I saw I had an email announcing that the event was canceled due to the possibility of storms.  I felt much better.  I’m assuming it will be re-scheduled, and I hope to get there.


    My struggle with the f’n’ cigarettes continues.  I can’t stand the enslavement feeling.  I’m still at a better average than before my efforts, but still with a ways to go.  My breathing is still not as easy as I’d like and need it to be.  


    My buddy/unofficially adopted brother helped me with many things on Sunday.  A leak from the toilet tank.  Brunch.  A trip to the rental office.  A ride to the bank.  I felt so loved.  It feels like it does something good to my physiology.  Tomorrow, I’m going to accompany him to his oral surgeon, and then a few of his errands.  After all that, if he is feeling okay, he plans to help me with some things in the apartment.  If he and I had both been born to his family or mine, I don’t think we’d be as close as we are.  We are each other’s chosen siblings.  👫

    Photo and photo funny stuff by Noemi Ross
    (former office manager who also provided counseling services at Lehman College's Adult Learning Center)


    I had some affection sessions with my girl, Mustache, in recent days.  For those who don’t know, she is my feline friend who lives and works in a nearby store.  There is more to that story, of course complications, but that’ll be for another time.



    198th Street & Valentine Avenue



    Constant love to CGG-M ❤❤❤

    Mindy Matijasevic