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  1. One way or another, we made it through the holidays and survived 2017.
    Grateful to be here. 

    I am happy to be part of the Twisted Lipstick Comedy Show in Brooklyn on January 12, 2018.  It’s a very, very, funny line-up.  Now would be a good time to order your tickets on Eventbrite which means a bargain price.  Please mention my name when you do.

    I’m off from work for this week.  It is nice to sleep as much as I want and 
    not wake to an alarm.  I had a bunch of dreams, or one long one -- can’t tell. 

    My darling Luigi (my canine son who is in Heaven) appeared several times.  
    There were many scenes and people that are fuzzy in my memory.  I’m pretty sure my son and ex appeared.  What I remember more clearly was a scene where I was sitting on a step somewhere sort of outdoors and sort of indoors like a train station or something.  A man, who I may have not known at all or was slightly familiar with, sat down also and was trying to get with me.  It was all about him and his desires and how beautiful he found me, etc., etc.  It didn’t feel good.  Just as I often have felt in awake life, I began to feel punished by his desire.  He turned to face me and kept on talking without even trying to gauge if I wanted to be spoken to.  I responded to my discomfort/fear by getting up, saying, “I’m not comfortable.  You are too aggressive.  I don’t like this.”  And, I walked away.  He shouted out an apology as I left.

    As many of you know, I have been proud of my twelve and a half years of 
    being in my penis-free zone (3 of those years were while the ex was still in my apartment giving me little choice but to totally cut him off).  The dream gave me some confidence that I will walk away from bad.  I’ve known men who say, “I’m not a bad guy.”  What a selling point.  I can’t remember ever describing myself by saying, “I’m not a bad woman.”  If the best thing one can say about himself is that he isn’t bad, that’s bad.  And since there is soooo much bad out there, some disguised as good for a while as I’ve learned the hard way, it has just felt much safer and saner to stay away.  Since I’ve divorced, the few men I’ve felt attracted to over the years are married.  After my initial disappointment, I’d eventually thank God for not letting me have what I had thought I wanted.  What I needed was a lot of recovery and learning time.  That is what I got.

    You can't always get what you want
    You can't always get what you want
    You can't always get what you want
    But if you try sometimes, yeah
    You might find you get what you need! 

    Speaking of the era of the Rolling Stones, the videos of the last episode 
    of the What Were the ‘60s Really Like? show is on you tube.  Below is part 2 where I read my 3-minute slice of memoir from that time of my life.  I set it to start right at my part if you aren’t into seeing more.


    Oh, I forgot to mention, my button’s bigger than your button.

    Here’s hoping we survive 2018 and the cheeto’s button.


  2. I am grateful to those who made my birthday special.  Thank you to Jessica and David for taking me out to dinner the night before my birthday.  Delicious Thai food and a glass of wine.  So yummy.

    The day of my birthday was paperwork day at my job, so I was able to go 
    in later.  When I arrived, there was a gift on my desk from Mindy Levokove and a birthday bottle of wine from Frida.  Then in the back room, there was much food. 

    That evening, though two friends wanted to be with me, I asked if we 
    could do it the next evening because I was still working on the slice of memoir I would be sharing in a show the next night – “What Were the ‘60s Really Like?” 

    The show was really good, and I was proud of my contribution.  My creative process seems to include driving myself crazy, high stress, painting myself into a corner.  And somehow, I birth a piece of writing I like.  Whew.

    So Judy and Bob came to the show at Cornelia Street Café the evening 
    after my birthday.  Afterwards, we went out to celebrate my birthday.  I didn’t have to get up early the next day.  That is another gift.  Judy gave me a book that seems quite unique and interesting.  The card came with a picture frame.  Very unique and pretty.  Bob gave me a toaster oven! 

    The next day was my son’s birthday.  I went over to where he is living with his father and delivered a gift and expressions of my love.  It was cold and raining.  So grateful that Bob and Illona did me the favor of driving me there and back.  Otherwise it would be 4 buses round-trip.

    I’m not in financial shape to celebrate the other holidays much.  I hung a decoration on my door that I made last year with pine cones, glitter, and ribbon.  I plugged in some lights that I had never taken down from the window since last year.  I guess you can assume I won’t be winning any good housekeeping award.

    If you would like to check out things I am doing and come surprise me:

    • ·        Thursday, 1/18/2018  8:30pm Funny Underground Comedy Krew at Broadway Comedy Club, NYC

    • ·        Friday, 1/26/2018  6pm 4 Horse Poetry Reading at Cornelia Street Café, NYC  $10 includes a drink 

    • ·        Friday, 2/2/2018  6pm Laughin’ Matterz TV at Manhattan Neighborhood Network, NYC

    • ·        Saturday, 2/17/2018  8pm Days of Wild at Starving Artist Café on City Island, Bronx, NY  This is a magnificent music show where I will be doing a comedy set during a music break.  No cover; $10 food minimum (delicious food)

    Have a safe new year's, people.  Hope to tickle you in 2018!


  3. As an actress, I've played a "hooker" in a few films.  Before you get all excited, I am not a hooker; I just play one in some films.  These are not porn films, just stories where a character (or several) is a hooker.  When I was asked to be in Hectic Knife, I was glad because it was a paid acting gig and I worked with nice people.  The most uncomfortable thing I had to do was wear high heels.  The film is getting attention which is encouraging.  Below is a short teaser where I appear twice for a few seconds.  The only hooker-ish thing I'm doing is standing outside and trying to make some a-hole feel like I'm impressed with him.  One doesn't have to be a hooker to have had that experience.

    This Friday, December 22, 2017 (the day after my birthday) at 6pm, I will be part of a happening at Cornelia Street Cafe on Cornelia Street in the Village.  Only $10 which includes a drink.  It is the final episode of a series of shows called, "What Were the '60s Really Like?" produced by Kathryn Adisman.  I'll be sharing a slice of memoir.  Come experience poetry, prose, and songs from that time.  If you want to make it a dinner date, the food is very good.

    Hanukkah is over.  Enjoy Christmas if you celebrate.  Be safe.


  4. Good Stuff in the Midst

    Tuesday, December 12, 2017

    It's been a challenging couple of weeks -- internally and externally.  However, in the midst of it all, good things go on as well.  Thank God.  

    I am newly in the role of being on a professional development committee.  The committee consists of three.  We were all coming from different places.  However, we knew how to share.  Together, we conducted a successful professional development session that teachers enjoyed (not just tolerated for the two hours of pay).  There was something for everyone (that includes reading and writing teachers, math teachers, and ESOL teachers).  Teachers left with smiles and thanking us.  I love when my students leave class that way, and I was happy that teachers left that way as well, feeling nourished in some way(s).  I felt proud of myself and the committee and how we functioned without necessarily being like-minded on every point.  In the end, we all felt pleased.  

    I took my class and myself on a guided tour of the current exhibit at the Lehman College Art Gallery.  It is free and such a treat.  

    The woman who gave the tour was very informed and passionate, so it was great.  The gallery tends to have exhibits that are really exciting.  I know most of my students have never had such an experience, so it's exciting to see their reactions.  And for myself, if it weren't for class trips, there are many places I may have not gotten to yet.  I felt that way as a parent as well.  My son and I went to many places that I may not have gotten to otherwise.  That includes Radio City Music Hall.  My son and I saw Pokemon Live.

    Anyone who might feel enticed by this, I will be part of this wonderful happening.  (Not a comedy show.)  I will read a slice of memoir.  There will be poets, prose writers, songwriters, musical segues, and good vibes all around.  This will take place at the Cornelia Street Cafe on Cornelia Street in the Village on 12/22/2017 at 6pm.  Train to West 4th Street, and you are around the corner from the place.  $10 includes a drink.  Great food if you are having dinner.  It will be the night after my birthday.  

    Produced by Kathryn Adisman; hosted by Ellen Mandel;  poster above by Su Polo.


  5. "Bronx Tales"

    Tuesday, November 21, 2017

    I was part of Lehman Stages’ “Bronx Tales” at the Lovinger Theatre for
    the second consecutive year.  It is an evening of true Bronx stories and is directed by Dante Albertie.  It is an enriching experience for me, and so good for my spirit.  They want the real deal, and they don’t restrict me.  They help me come out with my stories.  Last year, my story was mainly about the first time I saw a grown man’s penis.  This year, my story was about my buddy and I being stopped by the police.  Dante does his job very well.  He knows how to direct us to develop our stories.  The storytellers are very varied – the people and their stories. 

    This year, a couple of my co-workers brought their evening students.  
    Many of the students (who are adults) know me because I have subbed for their classes when their teacher had to be out.  Many call me ‘Miss Mindy’ though I always tell them they can call me Mindy.  Now they were going to see ‘Miss Mindy’ speak very unteacherly and grab her crotch.  This is an example of worlds colliding. 

    “I didn’t think you had it in you because you’re a teacher,” one man told me after the show.  “You taught our class when our teacher was out.  Remember?”

    “Oh, I remember.  I was very nervous tonight that people who call me 'Miss Mindy’ were going to see me grab my crotch.”

    We both laughed.

    When the video is out, I’ll share it.  Meanwhile, I love that my friend 
    Mindy Levokove took these photos at the end of the show.

    Mindy Matijasevic, Geevanesam Sharun Devakanmalai,  Skaly Cornielle, Jonathan Berenguer, Jose Roldan Jr.

    Future happenings:

    Friday, December 22, 2017 -- "What Were the Sixties Really Like?" at Cornelia Street Cafe, Greenwich Village.  6pm  (I'll be reading a slice of memoir.)  $10 includes a drink.

    Friday, January 12, 2018 -- Twisted Lipstick at Sir D's Lounge, 837 Union Street, Brooklyn; Doors Open 7pm; Showtime 8pm; Investment $10 Online, $15 @Door, 2 Item Minimum  (I'll be doing a 12-minute comedy set.)


  6. Some Days Are Like This

    Tuesday, November 7, 2017

    Saturday morning.  Slept late.  Needed those
    hours of healing.  Early afternoon, step out to get my two-dollar breakfast at my favorite Arab bodega.  Four police vehicles are in front of my building.  Two are vans.  I guess I’m not the most miserable person in the building.  When I return with my coffee and piece of pound cake, the cops – some plain-clothed, some in uniform – are going in and out of the building.  Three neighbors out front, one of whom speaks English, are talking in Spanish.  I ask the one who understands me what happened.  “I don’t know,” he says, “I just got here.”

    I go home to my own troubles.  Can’t say I’m not curious about what’s going on though.  I don’t wish tragedy on anyone, however, I have to admit that I’m grateful this one isn’t mine.

    In my life, I’d been bullied, and I’d been mugged more than once.  Though
    it felt terrifying, they were strangers and it wasn’t personal.  But when an ex prefers me dead rather than alive and free, that hurts way worse.  Especially when it is voiced through his sons who had no reason of their own to feel that way.  Their father had emailed me shortly after we parted that he was lucky to have been loved by the most humane person he ever knew.  His sons don’t know that; they are the carriers of his rage.  I don’t think they know that either. 

    Betrayal by those I have given years of time, energy, and deep love to is 
    why I stay out of relationships (of the romantic kind) now.  I’m not saying I’m never tempted, but it just doesn’t seem worth it.  Too risky.  I need my energy (whatever’s left).  And I’d like to live (“selfish bitch” that I am).

    After having my breakfast, I take out two bags of garbage which means 
    having to go outside and into the alley (a place I was firmly warned to stay out of all through growing up).  The police vehicles are gone.  No neighbors outside.  I don’t know what the scene was all about.  Maybe, today, I am better off not knowing.  Some days are like this.



  7. Mindy's Corner of the World

    Tuesday, October 24, 2017

    So what’s happening?  Aside from a pay cut across the board at my job? 

    • ·        This Saturday, October 28th, 8ish, Starving Artist Café on City Island, I’ll be doing a comedy set in between the marvelous music of Days of Wild, a Papa Guyo production.  Good food and desserts!

    • ·        Sunday, October 29th, 7:30, Broadway Comedy Club, Funny Underground Comedy Krew.  Produced by Aaron L. Smith.  

    • The Rundown
      $10 online
      $15 at the door
      2 Drink Minimum

      The lineup
      Gregory W. Hall
      Latice Klappa
      Aaron L. Smith
      Luis Vasquez

      Hosted By: Mindy Matijasevic

    • ·        Thursday, November 16th, 7pm, Lehman Stages, Lehman College.  Bronx Tales – an evening of true stories told, not read.  Stories are in the range from sad to amusing.  All very meaningful.  A Dante Albertie production.

    • ·        Friday, December 22nd, 6pm, Cornelia Street Café, What Were the Sixties Really Like? -- a Kathryn Adisman production.  I'll probably share a slice of memoir.

    • ·        Friday, January 12th, 8pm, Sir D’s Lounge, Brooklyn. Twisted Lipstick Comedy Show, a Mutiya Vision production.  

    Other than that, muchos problemas, but it may all be part of life’s 
    process.  I try to continue to have faith in the power of good.  There are indeed some angels in my life.  I also need more income to remain hanging onto the hamster wheel, so if you or anyone you know needs a freelance proofreader, I have lots of experience.   I've been told I am very good at it.  I can sit still for portrait painters.  I have much experience doing that too.  Of course, paid acting roles and comedy spots are very welcome!

    A sample of my comedic acting: