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  1. "Right" Doesn't Make "Might"

    Tuesday, April 25, 2017

    Comics, I've been told and have experienced with some, make the worst comedy show audiences.  I was puzzled by that when I was new and still am.  When I hear comedy I like, I laugh and applaud.  

    Teachers, I've been told, tend to make the worst students.  At first I was shocked.  I love learning things (that I want to know).  However, I have noticed how teachers behave in settings where they are supposed to be learning or at least paying attention.  They can be a huge pain in the ass.  Some do exactly what makes them angry when students do it -- cell phones, side chit-chat, not doing their assignment, thinking the rules do not apply to them, etc.  You'd think they'd be understanding when students behave in those ways, but, no, it is what those teachers have no tolerance for.  

    It's never boring working with humans.  

    I've worked at many, many places as an instructor for adults needing their basic education.  Many teachers are amazingly wonderful people.  Then there are those whose voices make you cringe as they echo the voices of angry teachers from our youth yelling at students in anticipation of bad behavior.  Reminds you of why, in spite of learning being a natural in-born desire, you hated school.

    My wish for the yelling ones is to inhale these wise words:  


  2. I Got a Good Grade on My "Report Card"

    Tuesday, April 18, 2017

    As an instructor of adult students who were already gypped in life, I know I am expected to answer to supervisors and administrators, but I consider my students the ones I aim to connect with and do right by.  Teaching is about students.  However, we are often evaluated by those who are the furthest from our students.  Administrators, funders, etc.  So on the last day of the school cycle, I often ask my students to write me a letter, letting me know what their favorite part of class was and the least favorite, so I can make it even better.  If anyone is qualified to give me feedback, I figure it is those who receive my services.  I assure them they won't hurt my feelings, and I truly want to know.

    These are excerpts:

    "...The class atmosphere is so welcoming and heart warming that it really makes you excited in the morning to get to school. ...You make learning for us to be fun in a way that we all can understand."  "...keep on doing what you are doing, so you can motivate more people like me."  "...I take classes here five days a week, but this is the only class I felt so comfortable in. My classmates were great. We are all open and comfortable with each other. ...No words can explain how I feel. ...I wish I didn't have to leave. ...I hope your new class knows how lucky they are."  "I liked how you helped us with our confidence from the first day when you had us share about ourselves to today by having us perform. The one thing I didn't like was that I didn't come on time, but I thank you for dealing with me. Thank you for helping me get closer to my goal."  "The best part of this class was my teacher. ...I underestimate myself.  My teacher gave me the confidence I needed to feel comfortable with learning."  "...The way you take the time with every one of us, you take the time to understand whatever it might be anyone is going through.  I also like how once you come into class, it's work mode, like giving us a worksheet, and we get to work as a group.  I wouldn't change anything about how you teach, so please keep caring about your students the way you do.  I have really enjoyed you and your class.  You will be missed.  Hope to see you around because I still need you in my life to get my diploma."  "...You are definitely a teacher I will remember. awesome and welcoming teacher."  "...a wonderful teacher who makes us laugh and learn."

    Long before I started stand-up, a math student, Raul, insisted I should be a comedian.  I was still too chicken.  But some years after, I did it.  However, my financial life is that of an underpaid teacher, a gratefully divorced woman but with zero alimony, so if anyone out there has paid work for me to help supplement my meager salary, I am also an experienced proofreader, actress, comic, and creative writer.  Dogs and cats tend to like me (smart creatures that they are), so if you need an animal sitter, I'm open to hearing about it.  


  3. Brief Announcement

    Tuesday, April 4, 2017

    I will be doing stand-up comedy 

    Thursday, April 27th 


    in the New Faces event (a variety show) 

    Studio Theatre 

    Lehman College
    250 Bedford Park Blvd 
    The Bronx

    ​near #4 and D trains​


  4. A Justice Fantasy

    Tuesday, March 28, 2017

    If this makes me a "bitch," I'll wear the badge.

             One of my recurring fantasies


    has been




    sharing a   

                                                   and jerking off at each other 'til                  

                                                                   do they part.


  5. When I Have Money...

    Tuesday, March 21, 2017

    When I have enough money, I tend to have toilet paper, tissues, and towel paper.  When I don't have enough money, I typically have one of those things serving many roles.  Also when I have enough money, I put my refund bottles in a shopping bag and put it outside for those who rely on it for income.  If I see someone collecting cans and bottles, I hand them the bag directly.  And when I'm not with enough money, I refund the bottles myself and use each nickel.

    I had a real fun time at Red White & Brew in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn last Wednesday.  I will admit that I was the oldest person in the room.  Still, I felt warmly welcomed by host Vincenzo Bracale, the bartender, and the audience.  It's a long trip from where I live, but I napped on the trains, so it was okay.  I had a decent set, it seemed, from the feedback.  The bartender knew how to make my Long Island Iced Tea, so after two, I had to rely on the audience feedback.  They called my set "great."

    That film I thought I was in next weekend, I don't know what has happened with that.  However, I have an audition on Saturday for an acting role in something.

    I received an email today saying I won $100 on which I will receive in 3 to 4 weeks.  I know I will need it whenever it arrives.

    Excuse me. Signing off now to get some toilet paper, so I can blow my nose.


  6. Tense Town by Rhonda Hansome

    Sunday, March 19, 2017

    New York will woo you, whip you and leave you naked in the gutter. She crushes with potential and fulfills with irony. When you embrace New York don't give her your soul and sanity.

    In a veritable blizzard of disturbing news stories, these two headlines shook me to my core.

    The blatant violence made me all too aware that at any moment in this city that never sleeps, you can be vulnerable and assaulted. My heart broke for these victims of unsolicited violence.

    The perpetrators of these hateful acts are enthralled in a degree of unhappiness and desperation I pray to never know.

    I do comedy. 
    I hope to bring laughter and a lighter heart to all within the sound of my voice.

    8 PM Tue. March 21st 
    Get $10 Tickets Here: Poetry & Punchlines 
    $15 At The Door

    7 PM Thu. March 23rd
    I'm On The Panel At
    Brooklyn Museum
    Fierce Funny and Feminist


  7. Post-Blizzard Laughs

    Tuesday, March 14, 2017

    I've been financially limping along, but thanks to angels in my life, I have been able to eat.  

    The good news is there will be a small raise in my salary, I'm performing comedy in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn this Wednesday evening, and I might have a paid acting gig in two weeks.  Not a big amount at all, but something.  I feel a bit hopeful again.  The role is that of a widow named Carmen.  I can do melancholy.

    For those of you who are in Brooklyn or willing to travel to Brooklyn, I'll be performing my stand-up comedy on Wednesday, March 15th, 9pm at Red, White & Brew, 8910 5th Avenue in Bay Ridge.  It's free.   I don't know what other funny people are on the line-up.  I know it's no cover and no minimum.  Come have some post-blizzard laughs on me.