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    Hi lovely people.  I hope you made or will make your reservations for the Divorced Divas of Comedy show on Sunday 7/22 at 6pm.  212 989-9319

    I created, produce, and perform in that show.  I get to book the comics, and I love my taste.  I guarantee you a very good time.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Only 10 bucks cover and another 10 to buy something.  Good food and drink.  I’d appreciate your support.  Laughter guaranteed. 


    Bring someone (co-worker, date, sibling, friend, neighbor, a mom or dad 
    from your child’s school) who needs laughter.

    If you’d like to be part of a live studio audience, I’m performing at 
    MNN Studio on West 59 Street in Pepino Clemenza Provolone’s show on Wednesday, July 25th.  Showtime is 9:30pm.  The show is free.  The studio is always very air-conditioned.
    Friday, August 31st at 7pm, I am in Aaron Smith’s F.U.C. show at Broadway Comedy Club.
    More to come …
    So update your calendars, folks.  Let me tickle you, make you laugh, and have you gasping for air. 


  2. After a hiatus, I am thrilled to announce the return of my Divorced Divas of Comedy Show.  We will be performing at the Cornelia Street Café on Cornelia Street near West 3rd in the Village, NYC on Sunday, July 22nd at 6pm.

    The line–up will have your laugh muscles workin’.

                Mindy Matijasevic

    Debbie Bazza

    Ken Watter                     

                           Missy Grynkiewicz

    Rhonda Hansome

    I have been in many readings at the Cornelia Street Café – poetry, prose, 
    and staged readings of plays.  This is the first time I’ll be putting on a show and doing stand-up comedy at Cornelia.  I’m looking forward to it.  Some of my favorites are performing.

    It’s only a $10 cover and $10 minimum.  The place serves delicious food.  
    There’s a bar as well.  It’s a happening spot.  Take someone out for dinner and laughter.  Or drinks and laughter.  The laughter is guaranteed.  Reservations advised:  212 989-9319.

    I had taken a break for several reasons from producing.  But lately, I felt 
    reminded of why I began doing it to begin with.  Then a woman I know from the poetry, prose, and cabaret worlds connected me to the person at Cornelia Street Café.  And on and on it goes.  I love when life works that way.  Come celebrate with me.  Bring friends.  Let’s laugh.


  3. A cockroach was crawling on my papers on my computer desk.  I’ll spare all an illustration.  It seemed to be the only one, but I knew I had to make the surface less roach-friendly.  There’s no food or water on the desk, but there was way too much paper (paid bills, notes, cards, scratch-off tickets, ATM receipts, starts of poems, comedy notes, phone numbers, junk mail, etc., etc.).  So I proceeded to go through a lot of it.  I even found a dollar.  I filled two bags of torn up clutter and brought them out to the garbage.  As much as I resented the cockroach, it caused me to clean up some.  Then today, I saw the roach again.  My ex-husband used to kill the bugs.  We had agreed that was one of the things men do.

    Living with a man seems a heavy price to get rid of cockroaches.  I got a 
    tissue and called up my courage.  Got it, and threw it in the garbage.  If it comes crawling out, I’ll know I didn’t do the man thing well enough.  I should have brought it to the toilet bowl but couldn’t stand holding the tissue that many seconds.

    I wish I could say that my computer desk is all clear now.  It isn’t.  It’s improved though.

    I had a mini-vacation at a friend’s house in New Jersey.  Half of the time 
    included a 3rd friend.  Time in the pool, beside the pool, playing Scrabble, watching birds and chipmunks, doing creative writing exercises, and at a poetry reading where we participated in the open mic portion of the evening.  We also laughed ourselves out of breath when we played Mad Libs.  We 3 know each other from a Manhattan poetry workshop.  Here we are goofing around:

    Mindy, Patrick, Barbara

    Things at my job are changing.  Some of it is definitely not for the 
    better.  My future there feels like a question mark.  Only in hindsight do we know if something was a misfortune or a disguised blessing.  I’m not at hindsight yet. 

    I am super proud and a dash hopeful when someone with life, energy, 
    youth, humanity, intelligence, and integrity from my Bronx gets elected.  Additionally, she is beautiful, which is what happens when all of those qualities shines through one’s eyes, skin, and smile.  Go, girl, go!!!  

    Mark your calendars for 8/31 at 7pm if you want to catch my hilarity on 
    stage at Broadway Comedy Club in Aaron Smith’s F.U.C. show.  More details as they become available.

    Mindy Matijasevic


  4. Laughter and Gratefulness!

    Tuesday, June 12, 2018

    People, I’m the dose of estrogen in this Friday’s F.U.C. show at Broadway Comedy Club.  Tickets are a bit cheaper on line than at the door.  If money is the obstacle, please talk to me.  You can contact me at because I might be able to get you a complimentary ticket.  The two-drink minimum would still apply.

    Come see my haircut that I gave myself for the first time in my life.   

    Come have a couple of drinks and some laughs.  Great way to start the weekend. 

    I’d love to hear you laughing in the audience.  I might even have you 
    gasping for air.  Proud to say that happened at the last show.

    Also, I am going to get the Divorced Divas of Comedy shows happening 
    again.  I have to.  I’ve been reminded of why I started it.

    I really need to commit harder to my show biz paths.  The day job, while 
    wonderful with the students, is becoming less and less secure.

    My best bud, Bob, helped me with things in my apartment over the 
    weekend.  It is a great feeling that someone in the world wants to help me make things better.  I’m truly grateful.

    Later this month, my poetry pal Barbara is going to pick me up in 
    the Bronx and drive me back to her place in Wayne, New Jersey for a few days at what feels like adult day camp.  She has a pool.  Another poetry pal, Patrick, will join us, and we will write and share poetry, play Scrabble, create art – whether by jewelry making or something else – and have a great time.  And Barbara is willing to do all that driving.  She will get me home too.  As someone who rarely has 'vacationed' due to lack of money, this is a real treat.  Again, I am grateful.

    I just wish I could share these blessings with my son. 

    (Love to CGM) 


  5. I was drinking on Saturday night.  I wasn’t out drinking; I was home drinking.  But at some point, I needed to buy food.  Because I was tipsy, I decided to take the elevator down and back up even though I only live on the 2nd floor.  Staircases make me nervous when I’m like that.  I don’t like to be outside either when I’ve been drinking.  Yet I managed.  When I went back up in the elevator, it got stuck right at my floor, and the automatic door wouldn’t open.  It took a moment for me to believe this was happening.

    Many people consider being stuck in an elevator their worst fear.  For 
    some reason, thankfully, that situation doesn’t put me in a panic.  I was once told the stop/start button is more helpful than the alarm button.  I used both.  The door didn’t respond.  I calmly rang the alarm in groups of 3 rings.  S.O.S.  I hoped people would respond.  I was grateful I didn’t need to pee.  I tried the stop/start button again also.  I wondered how long this would be.  I tried to push the automatic door open and closed with my hands just to get it in motion again.  I pressed the buttons for all the floors.  Then I just did the alarm again.  I heard someone from several floors above banging on the door.  It felt good to know someone was aware of me.  I accepted this might take a while.  I sighed and softly said, “Oh Lord.”  With no prodding, the automatic door opened, and I got out.

    Wow.  Interpret that however.


    A writer I know for years wrote a non-traditional haiku for me. 
    appreciate it and am including it here:

    You’re Welcome Haiku

    Reality hits
    as grass blooms thru sidewalk’s crack
    Your Ex is an Idiot!

    (c)Anne Leighton, 2018

    If you want to come hear my comedy now that I am idiot-less, here’s info for another show.


    I appreciate you so much for wanting to hear what I have to say whether in a blog or on stage as a comic or a storyteller or a poet.  There are so many people who’d prefer I be silenced. They are not the healers, God knows.

    Come out and laugh with us.  It warms my heart.  


  6. The F.U.C. Show

    Tuesday, May 29, 2018

    I had a great set in the F.U.C. show (Funny Underground Comedy) at Broadway Comedy Club on Saturday.  My "penis-free zone" absolutely rocked the room.  The natural high that puts me on lasted through much of the next day.

    I liked knowing two of my adult students and an adult daughter of one of 
    them were in the audience (wish we had taken photos), and I enjoyed watching and meeting a couple of comics I never knew before.

    Several of that night’s performers are not in these photos.  From left to 
    right:  Nichole Spain, Chris Vaccarelli, Mindy Matijasevic, Aaron Smith, and Joe Cuomo.

    Many of you may not know this, but whenever I am going to perform 
    (whether as a stage actress, a storyteller, or a comic), I am quite nervous.  Doing stand-up has made poetry readings feel easy.  Different challenges with each thing.  Great satisfaction with each as well.  I still find comedy the hardest because the writing is my own, I’m up there alone, I have to have all the material in my head already, and I’m expected to be funny.  So when I hear the laughter, it is an amazing feeling.  But hours before, when I am agonizing to some degree, I ask myself why I do this and remind myself how no one is making me do this. 

    After the show, I was talking with one of the comics who I had found hilarious.  I told him about what I go through.  He said he had just done the same that day.  He had asked himself why he does this.  Then when the laughter happens, he is answered.



  7. Hair; Here; Hear

    Monday, May 21, 2018

    Sunday morning after having breakfast with my best bud, I went home and did something I never did before.  I gave myself a haircut.  I didn’t see the back of my hair.  I did it by feeling it.  I’m still not sure how it looks in the back.  I have my doubts.  My hair was at my shoulders, so I cut a lot off.  I might dye it.  My short hair was so easy to wash.  What a load off.  I am still not sure if I like how I look though.  I managed to take a pic with my flip phone.  But now I forgot how to get it on the computer.  Oy.

    On Monday, I wrapped a colorful scarf around my head and went to work 
    like that.  I still haven’t dyed my hair.  When I got home, I took the scarf off and began to like my hair better than the day before.  I snipped some more that I could see needed it.  But as far as the back goes, I’m concerned I gave myself a patch shorter than all the rest.  I think I will not cover my hair when I go to work on Tuesday.  No guarantees though.  I could change my mind.

    This evening, May 22nd, I’m going to see Bronx Tales – the storytelling 
    event produced by Lehman Stages, directed by Dante Albertie.  It is free and at 7pm at the Studio Theatre on the campus of Lehman College on Bedford Park Blvd. in the Bronx.  This time, I’m not in it.  I’m going to watch it.  No anxiety.  I’m going to sit back and be audience.

    Saturday, May 26th at 6:30 is the Funny Underground Comedy Show at 
    Broadway Comedy Club.  I’m on the line-up.  I would love to see you and hear you laughing.  

    Cheaper to get tickets on line than at the door.