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  1. Hair; Here; Hear

    Monday, May 21, 2018

    Sunday morning after having breakfast with my best bud, I went home and did something I never did before.  I gave myself a haircut.  I didn’t see the back of my hair.  I did it by feeling it.  I’m still not sure how it looks in the back.  I have my doubts.  My hair was at my shoulders, so I cut a lot off.  I might dye it.  My short hair was so easy to wash.  What a load off.  I am still not sure if I like how I look though.  I managed to take a pic with my flip phone.  But now I forgot how to get it on the computer.  Oy.

    On Monday, I wrapped a colorful scarf around my head and went to work 
    like that.  I still haven’t dyed my hair.  When I got home, I took the scarf off and began to like my hair better than the day before.  I snipped some more that I could see needed it.  But as far as the back goes, I’m concerned I gave myself a patch shorter than all the rest.  I think I will not cover my hair when I go to work on Tuesday.  No guarantees though.  I could change my mind.

    This evening, May 22nd, I’m going to see Bronx Tales – the storytelling 
    event produced by Lehman Stages, directed by Dante Albertie.  It is free and at 7pm at the Studio Theatre on the campus of Lehman College on Bedford Park Blvd. in the Bronx.  This time, I’m not in it.  I’m going to watch it.  No anxiety.  I’m going to sit back and be audience.

    Saturday, May 26th at 6:30 is the Funny Underground Comedy Show at 
    Broadway Comedy Club.  I’m on the line-up.  I would love to see you and hear you laughing.  

    Cheaper to get tickets on line than at the door.


  2. Come On Out And ...

    Friday, May 18, 2018

    Hello, readers.  Come out and see me sometime. 

    On Saturday, May 26, 2018, I’ll be part of the Funny Underground Comedy Show at Broadway Comedy Club.  Arrive at 6:30 for seating and ordering drinks (plus I heard it might start a little early even though it is advertised as starting at 7pm).  On-line tickets are a bit more economical than at the door.  However, there’s a possibility for a two-for-one deal if you buy a full price ticket.  People who want to take someone out for a fun evening, this is a good deal.  2 drink minimum.

    I hope to hear your laughter.  The weather is … well, I never really know, 
    but it isn’t winter.  That should encourage you to come out for some funny.

    Behind the scenes:  I sat at a meeting for two hours in an air-conditioned room and was then sick for over a week.

    I’m getting observed in my math class next Wednesday which makes me 
    feel sooooo uncomfortable.  The way I get through it is by pretending it isn’t happening.  I remind myself that if I’m going to get disapproved of, let it be for who I really am and not for trying to please the observer.  I have to remind myself that my students are my true boss.  If they are feeling comfortable, accepted, appreciated, nurtured, and are learning, I don’t want to worry about administrators.  But it’s not always easy. 

    I typically do better with students than with administrators.  
    Administrators are often pressured with demands from funders that aren’t typically in sync with what works for me and my students.  Plus there are often the latest trends which I typically don’t jump into.  I like to learn about newer ideas, but I consider it a choice what to implement.  I don’t toss out everything old because, to me, old does not mean bad.   As many of you know, thinking for yourself is not approved of in many parts of society (jobs especially).

    I’m glad that the warmer season is here (even if it isn’t acting normal). 
    look forward to the beach.  

    However, I’m still very disappointed that varicose veins are not yet in style.



  3. Hi folks.  

    I had a ball last Wednesday night on the Funny Underground Comedy show at Broadway Comedy Club.  I knew a good friend, Liz McCall, was coming to the show.  The day before was when I learned that a friend from the NYC poetry circles, Fred Simpson, was coming to the show and planned to bring a friend.  But what I didn’t know was two former co-workers from my miserably married days when I worked 12-hour night shifts on the weekends as a proofreader, Lia Young and Cicely Brooks, were going to surprise me.  They have a tremendous sense of humor.  All of them except Liz had never heard me do stand-up before.  Fred had heard my poetry which is sometimes funny, sometimes sad, usually touching.  Liz had come to a Divorced Divas of Comedy show a few years ago.  Lia and Cicely mainly had heard my misery.  It felt sooooo good to have them hear my comedy.  It felt sooooo good to hear them all laughing.

    The reunion had made a big impact inside me.  I was feeling it for days.  
    There was something very special about Lia and Cicely hearing me make comedy from my misery.  They are each married now, and I’m gratefully divorced.  Whatever works for ya.  We all seemed content.  That’s what matters.

    I loved sitting with Liz.  An awake woman who hears and sees and feels.  
    We were able to look at each other when comedy and misogyny get confused.  That alleviates a lot of the difficulty of being a woman in comedy.  I also loved making Fred laugh.  I enjoyed the night a whole lot. 


    This Friday night at the Cornelia Street CafĂ© at 6pm, there will be a 
    tribute to Jackie Sheeler who touched so many lives.  Her death has had many heads spinning.  I’m not good with this part of life.  I often do not attend these things, and I keep the person alive in my head.  But I do want to be there.  Jackie was a great talent.  She also was a giver.  She was the poet laureate at Riker’s Island.  That should tell how special a human she was.  I once did a voice over for a one-woman show she was writing.  She had me play a heroin addict pleading for ‘works.’  I’ve never done heroin (thank God), but I know addiction.  She was so happily surprised with my first take.  She said, “You nailed it!”  She paid me with a Betsy Johnson suit that she couldn’t fit into.  I wore the jacket to my divorce.  My lawyer was shocked that I had a designer jacket on when I could barely get carfare together.  That is just one memory.  Jackie was amazing.  In my head, she lives on.


    Do you know what Saturday is?  The Cannabis Parade!  You don’t have to be a marijuana lover to be there.  You just have to want people who smoke weed to not waste away in prison and people who suffer with PTSD, cancer, and other conditions to get relief from it.


    For those who would like to attend the next Funny Underground Comedy 
    show, please get your tickets here:

    Aaron Smith (the producer) has a 2-for-1 special going on!

    I will tickle your funny bone.


    At some point yesterday, I discovered I had put my panties on inside out.  
    Yes the cotton crotch faced the outside.  It was too late to take off everything to fix that.  I had to get to work.  And that’s how yesterday went.


  4. Is it Spring Yet?

    Monday, April 23, 2018

    Since I last delivered here at She So Funny, I served two days of jury duty in Bronx Criminal Court.  I am relieved that I wasn’t even considered for a case.  I can do without hearing about horror day after day.  I rarely can make it through a whole newscast.  I spent most of the jury duty days napping in the chair.  I had no idea how tired I am, or how much I just have to be unconscious and dreaming.  I slept, was awoken for lunch, after lunch came back and slept some more.  Brought a book and never read one page.  I think the folks at my job felt my absence.  Someone had to substitute for my first math class of this cycle.  He was good, so I felt okay about who was going to sub.  I knew my students would have a worthwhile experience.  But it is an inconvenience to the program when someone is out.  It’s not bad for people to miss my presence.  And it surely was a luxury to sleep.

    Some of you know I have been a part of Lehman Stages’ “Bronx Tales” (a 
    storytelling event) at the Lovinger Theatre on the campus of Lehman College for the past two years.  It was an annual production, but the director, Dante Albertie, loves it and wants to increase it to twice a year.  The video of the last production is now available to view.  They are all Bronx stories -- from the young Indian woman who lived and experienced rejection in so many parts of the world, then landed in the Bronx where she finally felt at home to me telling the story of when my best friend and I were stopped by the police in front of my building on the Grand Concourse.  These are Bronx stories.

    I have set the video to start at my story for those of you who may not 
    have the time to watch the entire video.

    It was extra special for me since my best friend was in the audience along 
    with a very nice woman he’s seeing.

    Aside from all that, I have to say that Dante Albertie is one of my three 
    favorite directors I’ve ever had the privilege to work with.  I wish more were like him.  And it would be so wonderful if someone could provide an opportunity that would change my financial reality. 

    This Wednesday the 25th, I will be doing stand-up comedy in the Funny 
    Underground Comedy Show.  The tickets are currently discounted.  $7 on line and $10 at the door.  There is even a special going on (I don’t know for how long) where if you get the $10 ticket, you can bring a guest for free!  Sounds good to me.  Mid-week laughs at 7pm.  It would be great to see you.  I promise to tickle your funny bone.

    With appreciation, Mindy


  5. Have a Seat, Why Don'tcha?

    Tuesday, April 10, 2018

    Hey comedy appreciators!  The price has been discounted for the next Funny Underground Comedy Krew show!  $7 on line!  Now that’s affordable for most.  Get your tickets on line to benefit from the sale.

    Life has been full of stuff, good and bad.  So much is swirling in my head.  
    I am trying to focus on the positive.  Not easy, but worth aiming for.

    I had a couple of days off from the job which made a 4-day weekend.  Of 
    course, it would be more fun to have 4 days off with money to enjoy, but I still appreciated the unstructured time.  I cleaned some which was badly needed.  The toilet is sparkling.  I now have an available seat for company. 

    At the Broadway Comedy Club, however, there are many seats.  Looking 
    forward to seeing you there!


  6. Women with beautiful salt and pepper hair are glorious.
     Unapologetically jubuliant grey follicles declare confidence.

    Silver manes are evidence of life lessons learned. 

    Grey declares a wealth of wisdom only experience can bestow.


    I talk a good game.

     Truth be told Clairol has hidden my grey for years.

    With the notion to walk my talk, I stopped coloring my hair; but with every view of my tint-free, stark white roots I had to ask... 

    Was it years of chemical dye applied in a dark halo? 
    Were thick locs, I wore more than a decade ago, the culprit
    Who'd literally snatched my edges?
    It was
    Father Time
    He'd done the Nae Nae on my head and danced a Jig on my edges. 

    A dermatologist sold me tiny bottles of expensive minoxidyl, guaranteed to slow my hair's retreat. Complete disclosure: I also buy 4 pack toilet tissue touted to equal 22 rolls

    In spite of twice daily applications of the costly serum, hair on my head had the heft and weight of cotton candy. 

    Thinning hair is playing tic tac toe with my scalp and my scalp's winning! 
    Imagine my surprise when I noticed minoxidyl actually grew hair.
    On my face!!!
    Well the hair on my face did get me a callback for 
                                              The  Return Of Werewolf Woman

    Another unexpected upside?  I now have 
      Black Silky Baby Hairs!
    If a woman's hair is her crowning glory, a black woman's 'baby hairs" are the jewels in her crown. For the uninitiated, Andrea Aterbery in 12 Inspirational Ways to Style Your Baby Hairs informs. 

    "Traditionally black and Latina subcultures have been proudly rocking their baby hairs since birth. Baby hairs are those small, very fine, wispy hairs located around the edges of your hair. They can be long, short, or even curly, depending on your hair type and texture. Typically found on children (hence the word "baby"), they can also follow you into adulthood."

    Which brings me to my trauma. Reader beware. This does not end well.

    Folks know my regrets about my move from Bed-Stuy to South Bronx, include having NO preferred amenities nearby, like my bank, shoe repair, a good restaurant, or a clean reliable beauty salon.

    There's a grimy salon around the corner, that gives cold water pedicures. Need I say, I speak the 1st language of no one in the room? Want nuanced communication concerning your intimate beauty treatments? 
    Forget About It! 
    Unless it's an emergency- and it was. 
    I had to calm my eye brows down to Freda Khalo level stat. 
    Yes, I'm stuck on stupid. I asked for the full face wax. 

    I knew I was in trouble when I had to convince her to do me (so to speak) on a bed in a private room, not on a chair in the salon front window. It was much more painful than I remembered but my eye brows actually looked good. My face was on fire but my brows looked good though. 

    At home upon closer inspection of my stinging face, little bumpy patches roamed free range. To use an ancient term, "My brows were on fleek!" But where the fuck were my Lustrous Black Baby Hairs????!!!

    My forehead and entire right temple was waxed into oblivion. I'd reveled in newly grown baby hairs for all of 1day. I now had a black mangy crescent framing my thin white roots. Not a pretty picture. That's why I'm not posting it.

    What made me think she'd heed my 6 caveats to "Don't touch my hairline."? 
    Did I mention I'm stuck on stupid? 

    Warning: When I have a different hairstyle EVERY time you see me, don't ask me, "Is that your hair?" Yes it is & I have the receipts!


  7. Focusing on the Funny

    Tuesday, April 3, 2018

    Hello, readers!

    I hope you’d like to attend a show I will perform in on Wednesday, April 
    25th at 7pm at Broadway Comedy Club.

    A month or two ago, I enjoyed being on Laffin’ Matterz TV.  Here is my 
    contribution to that night.  Hope it causes laughter in your chair!

    Feel free to share the funny.  I appreciate you.


  8. Sometimes We Get What We Need

    Wednesday, March 21, 2018

    I admit, I’m happy we have a snow day.  Teachers are usually as glad as students for a snow day.  The bad part is it was the last math class of this cycle.  (We have three cycles per school year.)  So the timing isn’t great, but a snow day nevertheless.

    My best bud came with me to the doctor yesterday.  I have a lot of 
    trouble getting to medical appointments because in that regard, I’m a baby.  Just knowing he was coming with me made me feel a lot calmer.  Plus my doctor seemed to be more accepting of my way of being.  Maybe he is getting sensitivity training, and maybe I’m growing my courage. 

    My buddy and I then went to his house, and he cooked a healthy 
    vegetarian dinner for us.  I felt so grateful for all the nurturing.  Then I received a text from a student asking if there would be school today.  I called the college, and the recording said they’d be closed on Wednesday, 3/21.  Snow day!  Snow day!

    To top it off, I didn’t have to wait for the bus to go home.  My buddy was 
    heading out, so he drove me home.  A car ride typically feels like a treat to me.

    When I get through a stressful situation, I tend to feel it is a Friday 
    night even when it isn’t.  But with the snow day today, last night did feel like a Friday night.  I bought a bottle of wine and continued to feel grateful.