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  1. Still Hopeful in Spite of So Much

    Friday, October 26, 2018

    Just when I was feeling like nothing was happening for me, things began to change. 

    I was asked to audition for a role in what promises to be a meaningful and artful film.  As far as money goes, there will be some.  Just don’t know how much or little. 

    Then I received an email to please hold a certain day free to possibly be in another film.  It’s a one-day commitment and pays enough to help me get through this month.  It’s just not confirmed yet.

    Isn't all this financial uncertainty so much fun?!

    Now I have an opportunity to do a 2-minute clean set for industry.  I hope 
    I can pull out 2 clean minutes from my material.  I hope I deliver well and do my best.  That’s what I want from myself – my current best.  Then if I don’t get whatever I’m going for, I am not upset with myself. 

    A writer friend and I are going to attend a workshop on applying for a 
    certain grant.  This is a grant I won in 1999 for nonfiction literature and in 2001 for poetry.  In recent years, everything became computerized.  Submissions have to be on line along with a bunch of other specifications.  I know it is supposed to make things easier, but for me it was a barrier.  I haven’t applied in several years.  So I’m hoping very much that this workshop removes barriers for me.

    I will update you on these happenings.  I very much appreciate your 

    I’ll not get into all the things I am panicked about at the moment and, instead, leave this on a note of hope. 

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    1. All this creativity swirling around you is leading to very good things! I’m so happy you chose this direction. Fingers crossed your funds follow quickly.

    2. Oh Liz, I need your last sentence to come true.

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