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  1. Be assured I have hardship, strife, aggravation, money troubles, stress, and mother-fuckers in my life.  However, I’m going to share some good stuff.

    My Facebook friend Danielle Ryer works at a college radio station. 

    She tends to focus on mental health and wanted to include some of my comedy.  I’ve been a social worker, a teacher, a daughter, a granddaughter, a mom, a friend, and a person in pain, so mental health is definitely something I care deeply about.  When my comedy can help, I am thrilled.  Slightly over a minute here:

    I performed at Otto’s Shrunken Head and at MNN since my last blog 

    My Divorced Divas of Comedy show on 9/30 went well at Cornelia Street 
    Café.  Debbie Bazza, Rhonda Hansome, and Taffy Jaffe joined me in delivering a very fun show to a wonderful audience. 

    This Friday, 10/12, I am scheduled to be on Aaron Smith’s podcast, “Aaron Smith Can’t Lose” somewhere between 7pm and 9pm. 

    The following Friday, 10/19, I am on the line-up for a comedy show in 
    Brooklyn.  Come on over. 

    I did background work on the new show “Manifest.”  Seems like an 
    interesting show.  I watched the first episode. 

    I did a scene for an NYU student where I played a homeless woman (see 
    previous blog entry).  It wasn’t for money, but it is good to exercise my acting skills and to show range. 

    I did receive my first unemployment check.  It allowed me to eat and pay 
    one small bill. 

    Friends have taken me out to dinner a few times, some from the job where I was let go.  From what I’ve heard, the sleaze factor is very high there now.  I’d have never lasted.  I can’t spend my days being part of sleaze just to earn a barely adequate paycheck.  However, being unemployed at this point in my life is scary.

    On my way to Broadway Comedy Club on Friday night, a former student 
    entered the train.  We sat together and talked.  He may not realize this, but he made me feel good.  He said, “What? How could they get rid of perfection?”  He may not have academic excellence, but he has innate awareness.  A long time ago, he was my math student.  I eventually promoted him.  One day his teacher had to be out, and I took that class combined with my class.  Many in the other class were former students of mine.  It was like a reunion.  On the break, this guy and I smoked a cigarette together and talked.  He told me I should move up with them and continue to be their teacher.  I smiled.  I told him that when a new bunch of nervous people enters the program, I need to be there for them.  He thought for a while.  Then he said, “You should stay where you are.  ‘Cause if you were at the top, we’d never get there.”  And that is his intelligence.

    It’s too bad that those with all kinds of degrees don’t see what he can 
    see.  Working with the educated to help those in need of education has been a sad and eye-opening experience.  Those who are often in charge do not understand the people they are professing to help.  They let go of the people who do.

    Not sure I can find the funny, but I try.

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    1. Melinda said...

      Stay Strong my dear friend. THE WORLD NEEDS YOU and so do I. Much love, Melinda
      PS: You have my #, you have email..don't hesitate to reach out 😘

    2. Kerstin said...


      Why aren't you on the poster advertising the Laugh-Tober Comedy Show on Eventbrite? And the Laugh-Tober show isn't even advertised on Eastville's website's event list either. Please advise.

    3. Thank you both for your comments. Kerstin, that poster was made before I was asked to be on the show. I'm just a guest on that show, so I know nothing about the place's website. I have not done this show before, so there's a lot I don't know yet.

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