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  1. "Mindy, what do you have lined up?"

    Tuesday, July 11, 2017

    For those of you who have asked, “Mindy, what do you have lined up?” I so appreciate that question and am putting it all in one place.  I was featured at two poetry readings last month which I didn’t announce here (sorry), but upcoming events include:

    Monday, July 24, 2017 at 8pm, I will be a featured reader at the Saturn Series Poetry Reading at Shades of Green on East 15 Street between 3rd and Irving Place, New York, NY.  Contribution $3 plus a menu item (drink or food).  Includes an open mic, so bring something to share if you like.

    Monday, August 21, 2017 at 6pm “What Were the Sixties Really Like?” at Cornelia Street CafĂ© (downstairs) on Cornelia Street between West 4th and Bleecker Sts., New York, NY.  I will be reading prose.  All female line-up that night.  $10.  Great food and drink available for purchase.  

    Friday, September 1, 2017 at 10pm Broadway Comedy Club, 318 W 53rd Street, New York, NYI am part of the line-up in Aaron Smith’s show, Funny Underground Comedy Krew.   $20 plus 2-drink minimum.

    Saturday, September 9, 2017 at 7pm She Reads at NAMA, 107 West 130th Street, New York, NY.  Not yet determined if I am reading my poetry or performing comedy.

    If something fits into your schedule and budget, I'd LOVE to see you there.

  2. Comedy Day & Night By Rhonda Hansome

    Saturday, July 8, 2017

    The first Wednesday in June on the N train to Queens. This is exactly how I like MTA travels, uneventful. We pull into the last stop and the sunshine of Ditmars Blvd. station.  Downstairs, 23rd Ave. is all cafes and lively Greek restaurants flanked by working class storefronts.

    I cross the street and wave to my petite friend. Joan's casual elegance and quirky artistic sensibility drew me to her instantly, but her self-described "red diaper baby" humor sealed our friendship. 

    Looking for a political firebrand as adorable as Gracie Allen? 
    Comedian Joan Reinmuth

    Joan's joie de vivre inspires her fearless comedy and her innovative wearable art.     My co-host/co-producer complements me perfectly. Her outside the box - no box approach balances perfectly with my controlling theater director / stage manager background. 

    We surveyed QED Astoria and plotted the debut of our Comedy Faux Talk Show: Best Friends With Rhonda.*  We left QED satisfied the cozy community venue was an excellent lab for our experiment in group humor. Where to review our notes?  Over Greek appetizers al fresco before heading homeward.

    That night, in the Bronx, I connected with She So Funny Blogger 

    I'd been trying to get together with my friend Mindy, who created Divorced Divas of Comedy, for quite a while. Finally our schedules jibed. At Isla Cafe, a bustling Westchester Ave. night spot, we caught the Product of Evolutions comedy show 
    Headliner -  Mike Yard
    From The Larry Wilmore Show

    Edwardo Infante the show's producer gave us stage side seats, which made us easy foils for the cavalcade of comics. We took their ribbing in good nature and networked with them after the show. What could be better? On our way to the 6 train Mindy shared her survival job's new potential.

    To ALL my comedy buddies, thank you for the precious time spent laughing, creating or just having a beer. 

    Speaking of being with cherished friends...
    Mon. 7/10, my birthday I'm with the satirical powerhouse 
                                            John Fugelsang
    Tell Me Everything 
    2-5 PM on SiriusXM ch 121

    Looking for a completely new storytelling experience?
    Join Us For
    What I Learned About My Mother
     7PM Wed. 7/12 - Generation Women

    *Best Friends With Rhonda Are Proud was a great success.

  3. Cannabis Parade 2017

    Tuesday, July 4, 2017

    I went to the Cannabis Parade in May. 

    My buddy Judy and I went together which made it more enjoyable.  Plus she takes good pictures.

               Check out the suit.                         

    Check out the socks.


    The largest “joint” I’ve ever seen.

    The issues affect so many people, even beyond those who partake in the pleasures of cannabis.  There are people lingering in jail for what is now at least decriminalized in many places.  Their families are without them.  People of many walks of life come together.

    We were invited by cannabis activist Paul Gilman.  (You can contact him on Facebook if you want info about next year's march.)  After the rally at Union Square Park, we went to a friend of Paul’s apartment to relax before an after-party.  I really was glad to get to know his friend Svetlana.  Quite a cool and intelligent woman. 

    It was my 2nd time going to this event, first time with Judy.  It’s always an adventure.  Judy and I got something we wanted out of the experience… to be able to sit in a park downtown and smoke a fuckin’ joint in peace like it used to be in the 70s and 80s.

    Hope you are having a safe 4th of July.  I’m staying in.