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  1. Beneath a wonderful photo of Leighann Lord (comic) and Gloria Steinem (Gloria Steinem!), passionate comments of all sorts appeared. 

    Care Stigs Awesome.

  2. Trish Rodolff I met her, amazing lady! Photo of two amazing ladies!!

  3. Lori Wescott AMAZING!!!!!!!!

  4. Agunda Okeyo It was a great evening! Looking forward to the next one. You were stellar Leighann ! So happy you am were a part of the show.

  5. Joanna Briley Red she said. Fabulous moment.

  6. Laurel Russell It was a great show... I really enjoyed working it.

  7. Shani Lieberman I went to high school w agunda okeyo. I wonder if she remembers me.

  8. Debe Tashjian Dockins Double you-oh-double you. Fantastic!

  9. Maria Walsh love you in red!!

  10. Squishy Man Leighann Lord. Wow, such an honor.

  11. Charone DeNix You have a such coolness factor.

  12. Hank West i cant stand gloria steinm but i love you @leighann you look great!

  13. Mindy Matijasevic I am jealous now. Gloria made a huge difference in my life since I was a teen. She has been soooo significant to me. I remember many years ago, she appeared on the Arsenio Hall show in a miniskirt, and he just didn't know what to do. He couldn't hold a conversation. He told her he was afraid of her. It was real, I'll give him that.

  14. Hank West fuck gloria. she was a CIA op AND IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DIS-STABILIZATION OF THE AMERICAN FAMILY. I thought she was dead.

  15. Leighann Lord How do you really feel?

  16. Hank West ahahhahah i don't mean to put a negative vibe on your page leighann..... i just don't like what she has done to the american family.

  17. Mindy Matijasevic the family where the one on duty 24 hours is not paid? thank you Gloria if you did all that.

  18. Hank West mindy let me educated you ok hun. the only reason she did this was because the government want women work so the could tax them. this was the entire agenda. so now we have a dysfunction in our society that I thought would never exist. so how have we really benefited? we haven't.

  19. Hank West with women not in the home are children are fucked up and the family is dysfunctional. they gay agenda as also made the notion of family unstable. this is the reason for the the destruction of our once great nation

  20. Hank West i wont want to get too deep as this is NOT my page and I respect leighann lord so much. but you started it lol

  21. Mindy Matijasevic okay cutie, but I don't feel more educated, hun. Learned more from observing the lives of poor women.

  22. Hank West observe the dysfunctional famiy HONEY GAL



  25. Jeffrey Fortson That is pretty cool stuff!! Very impressive!

  26. Karl Eburne Families are messed up because women want to work, and they were destabilized because of the "gay agenda"? That may be the single most insane thing I've heard today, and I watched Fox News for two minutes. You wanna blame women for anything else? The wreck of the Hesperus? The Hindenburg Disaster, maybe? Why stop at just blaming them for the fall of Western Civilization?

  27. Hank West karl since women are not in the home they can raise their kids. do you know who raises kids? THE NEW WORLD ORDER AKA TV PROGRAMMING. im not blaming women I am blaming the powers that be that put women in a no win position. its interesting how feminized men like yourself@karl get soo soo emotional when talking about women s rights. think about it karl the more gay people we have the less population and the more instability of the family. if they can dis-stabilize the family with weak father figures its easier to enslave a people. Karl you seem to be a drama queen so please don't get your manties in a twist ok?

  28. Hank West the worst thing we ever did was invent birth control. before this invention women needed men to have a stable home. now with the abomination of introvert fertilization woman can now go against the wishes of god an get pregnant. its like DR. Frankstein gone wrong. and we are now paying the price for this. it was better when women stayed home and took care of the kids and men provided. what we have now is a disaster.

  29. Karl Eburne Wow, your tinfoil hat is on tight, chief. Thanks for showing why women like Gloria Steinem are still so very necessary.

  30. Hank West feminzied men like you are so quick to defend feminist. its because you dont know what it means to be a man Karl. men provide for the family and women take care of the family. whats happening now its unnatural and women dont even want it. look how man women would rather have a man take care of them. they don't want the burden! but karl since you have never been a real man I understand.

  31. Hank West by the way its not that women want to work its because of gloria steinm the HAVE TO WORK. big difference

  32. Mindy Matijasevic Some heterosexual men get women because the women need them for survival. Some heterosexual men get women because they are desirable men to be with.

  33. MaryLu Pester Listermann Strange I'm not getting into this fray. I'm just excited for you !

  34. Leighann Lord This was a lovely turn of thread to wake up to. If someone can't make a point without ad hominem attacks then they have no point at all. Hank West I'ma need you to please stop now.

  35. Hank West you are right leighann. sorry

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    I chose not to rile things up again, but I was so very tempted to post this: