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  1. And the winner is ...

    Tuesday, May 6, 2014

    Had a very hard week.  That's when angels sometimes appear.  Then, I got sick on Friday afternoon as I bought lunch.  Suddenly my throat burned, my nose was stuffed, and my head hurt.  It could've been the extreme weather (rainstorm and cold on Wednesday and then hot on Thursday) or I could've caught something from someone or the emotional hardships during the week could've manifested in me getting physically sick.  I'd had three workshops to attend this past weekend on memoir writing and a poetry friend's book launch.  All I managed was one of the workshops because that one was walking distance from my house.  I was very glad I went.  I gained a lot, I cried, and I left feeling a little less burdened.  Very necessary.  Very very.


    I've been enjoying the invented words people have sent in for the drawing.  I am also glad I don't have to judge the words for a winner because I appreciate many of them.  I noticed that both last time and this time that free tickets were offered, male comics in general did not try for them.  I'm not talking about already famous comics, but about the ones who claim to be broke and without a sex life.  I'd think they'd jump on such a chance to be able to ask someone to the theatre.  They are the very people who came up with the term "cock-blocking."  Maybe one day they will see who does the blocking.  By then, they'll probably need the other big V... starts with a V and ends with an a and has a total of 6 letters...

    I am very glad to announce the winner of the free pair of tickets to see
    "The Anthem." 

    And the winner is...
    Judy Punch!

    Congratulations, Judy.  I will send you the info you need.  Thanks all of you who entered.  Loved the creativity.

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    1. Congratulations Judy! Enjoy!!!

    2. Hang in their Mindy. I know you're a strong woman but even you need break! The older I get the more breaks I welcome! My parents are quite elderly now and I am their primary caregiver. Sometimes it can. Be exhausting :-(

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