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  1. Well, folks, no plumber has shown up yet.  We can take bets on how long 
    the bathroom ceiling will stay up there.

    Additionally I recently saw a rat in the lobby!  I screamed and ran out of 
    the building.  I went to the store, and when I came back, I was afraid to go into the building.  I waited for someone else to go in with.

    I was soooo freaked out that I texted my ex about it.  I told him I 
    thought he and our son would be amused.  My ex did used to save me from bugs and rodents.  He often said I was going to give him a heart attack.  I just couldn’t help myself.  I wasn’t trying to give him a heart attack.

    It’s been like that.  When I told a neighbor, he said that there are a lot of rats in the building now.  I’m freaking.  I am fuckin’ freaking.

    Changing the channel, a man found my info as an actress on a website 
    where my subscription ran out.  He managed to contact me anyway, and I’m cast in a project that will be marketed to show runners who might find it worthwhile to pitch to TV networks.  I haven’t had an acting gig in a while, so I agreed to it.  Plus now it is easier to take time off from work than during the fall when we have classes.

    I won ten bucks on a five-dollar scratch off ticket.  I also played Quick 
    Draw.  I put a dollar on seven numbers.  Five of them came out.  I won twenty bucks on that.  I am grateful.  That money helps me get through another day or two, but I need a big win.  I really do.

    After the film shoot, the next day I am going to my friend Barbara's in New Jersey again for a couple of days.  She has a pool and a wonderfully fun-loving spirit.  For me, it feels like adult summer camp.  I am so glad I am getting to go again this summer.  Another friend of ours will be there for most of the time also.  So much fun.



    Those of you interested in the comedy line-up, I’ll be one of nine comics 
    performing on Aaron Smith’s Funny Underground Comedy show at Broadway Comedy Club on 8/31 at 7pm.  Seating at 6:45.  Ten bucks cover and 2 drink minimum.

    Sunday, September 30th at 6pm (seating at 5:45pm), my Divorced Divas 
    of Comedy show will be happening again at Cornelia Street CafĂ© on Cornelia Street in the Village.  $10 cover and $10 minimum (food and/or drink).  Guaranteed laughter. 

    I already miss my Frida who is no longer my co-worker.  She is an amazing 
    person, and a huge loss now that our students won’t have her available to them.  She’s now also a loss to much of the staff.  Though underpaid, she wouldn’t have left on her own accord.  The wonderful thing is she is going to work at helping the traumatized children that the Orange One had yanked from their parents.  Maybe that is the bigger plan, but I’m in tears at losing our Frida.    


    Love you, Frida!  May God be with you, my dear, as you try to ease the 
    trauma that the Orange a-hole Nazi humanoid caused these children and their parents.