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  1. Politoonitics by Rhonda Hansome

    Friday, November 20, 2020


    We're celebrating


    Pronounced: Poli-tooni-tics / Poli - tune - i- tiks

    Definition: Political cartoon antics from me and The Art of Scott W.

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  2. Keeping it Positive!

    Wednesday, November 18, 2020


    Wow!  People were dancing in the streets for days!!! 

    My friend Jessica Nooney

    I’ve even seen an increase in my neighborhood peeps wearing masks.  Connected?  I don’t know.


    My buddy set up my laptop.  It didn’t go totally smoothly because of many technical things that are beyond my ability to re-tell.  For the first time, I was able to attend the Wednesday night poetry workshop where everyone was able to see and hear me as I see and hear them.  That was fun.  However, I did have to put on a shirt, look decent, etc.  J  I was also able to fully participate in a poetry festival this past Sunday.


    My secret angel made this all possible.  The laptop with a webcam and mic was a gift that boosts me into this era.  Amazing.  One never knows where blessings will come from next.  This person wants to remain anonymous.  Whatever he wants in that regard is fine with me.  I’ll just say he is from the writing community.  My jaw is still hanging.  Oh, in case anyone’s thoughts went there, no, he’s not trying to sleep with me.  He is happily and committedly partnered up.  He’s seen me at poetry readings where I read my stuff, he’s been to a few comedy shows where I performed, he’s heard some memoir pieces of mine, he reads my blogs and knew I lived without certain things, and he wanted to help.  He really stepped me into this era.  I have often said in previous blogs that I so appreciate the angels on Earth who remind me of certain things… like God/dess hasn’t forgotten me.


    As evil as the human race can be, it is also magically humane.  I’ve seen both and experienced both.  Both amaze me.


    And since this is a comedy-related blog, I will share something that made me feel good in that part of my life.  On 12/21/2018, a week and some days before Cornelia Street Café had to close, I was in a variety show there, produced by Kathryn Adisman, where I did comedy.  Kathryn recently came across a review by Sarah Dowson in the West View News.  We were not aware that there was a reviewer in the place.  This is what Ms. Dowson wrote (I am mentioned in the third paragraph):


    Villagers Speak as Cornelia Street Café Curtain Comes Down


    Ghost City Cabaret


    Friday night, December 21, 2018, 50 or so poetry and Cornelia Street Café lovers turned to the light for winter solstice and a final evening at the café, due to close in several days. Years ago, when I wrote poetry regularly, I attended and read at open mics at the Cornelia Street Café. It was a wonderful space for people to gather, express opinions and make friends. In her introduction to this solstice evening, Ghost City Cabaret’s Katherine Adisman (“K”), verbalized the concerns of many in attendance about the closings of reasonably-priced gathering spaces in Manhattan.


    Once inside after a wait in the bar/restaurant at street level, and finding a seat downstairs, I passed two tiny gender-neutral restrooms at right angles to each other, painted red. I remembered these, as well as the long, narrow room with tables and chairs and a bar at its entrance. Sitting comfortably was easier if one were small or thin. The cement walls were blue, and a red curtain hung behind the stage in front.


    A capacity audience of about 50 filled the room. Several writers/performers gave presentations. My favorites: Mindy Matijasevic’s “Comedy for Grown Folks” and drummer Fred Simpson’s musical offerings entitled “Kindness” and “Goodbye, CSC” a tribute to the café. Su Polo gave an outstanding performance of her essay, “A Walk into Christmas” about a possibly lonely pre-holiday evening, walking her dog uptown from 27th Street to Rockefeller Center, and being suddenly surrounded by carolers (her dog in the center of their circle) and then being invited to sing carols: a festive, inclusive evening after all.


    After an intermission, open mic performers raced the clock to give everyone a chance to perform, as the café was hosting another event shortly. Ghost City Cabaret has been at Cornelia St. Café for four years. It will revive, K said. “To be continued … in another dimension” the evening’s flyer assured.


    — Sarah Dowson




    Much love to CGG-M ❤❤❤

    Mindy Matijasevic







    Truth, Justice, and Dancin’ in the Streets


    Hey People!  I’m relieved that Biden was announced the winner.  I was overly confident in 2016, so I didn’t dare think we won this time ‘til yesterday.  I am very disappointed and sad that so many people voted for a rapist, racist, dictator, child abuser, wife abuser, worker abuser, mother fucker.  At times I feel I should be visiting the rest of the country as a speaker.  Then again, the idea of getting shot to death dampens that idea.


    A national block party was such a happy happening.  I didn’t join in because I have COVID concerns, but the knowledge of what was happening felt good.


    I don’t want to be a party pooper, but I don’t want you to be shocked that things may get worse for a while until the change happens.  I have learned about narcissism, and his threat of not leaving does not surprise me.  There are many mates who have expressed their need for their “partner” to leave and the narcissist refuses.  This is part of the illness.  They swim in hatred, so they don’t care if they are where they are not wanted.  They enjoy the battle, and no one else’s life matters to them.  I’m starting to learn that they may not to be able to help it; it may not be willful.  Research is being done to see if it is not a personality disorder, but a mental illness with actual differences in the brain that at this time cannot be cured.


    So now that sanity will be restored in the USA government, I feel more hopeful that there will be an end to this pandemic at some point.  I pray.  I am also relieved that we all get to experience justice (I hope) and that bad guys don’t always win even if they insist they do.  Children need to see that.  I need to see that.

     This had me dancing in my living room.

    This is only right for Mr. Law and Order.



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    Much love to CGG-M ❤💕❤

    Mindy Matijasevic, Nov. 8, 2020