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  1. Politoonitics by Rhonda Hansome

    Friday, November 20, 2020


    We're celebrating


    Pronounced: Poli-tooni-tics / Poli - tune - i- tiks

    Definition: Political cartoon antics from me and The Art of Scott W.

     I write, Scott illustrates and people respond to our work;  "Spot on!" "All too true."

    Like our face book page. Share your favorite cartoon! 

    Commission a request.

    The perfect gift for a politically aware friend.

    Sharing Politoonitics & word of mouth tells the world of our work.


     Weekly, hear comedian Rhonda Hansome on Sirius XM Progress radio Ch 127 - John Fugelsang's Tell Me Everything 11:15 PM EST #HansomeMonday rebroadcast Tues. 6 AM ET. Rhonda is a Politipod podcast actor/writer. Latest episode Cut Sir  on Sound Cloud. 

    Text BEHOLD to 42828 to add your email for notice of Rhonda Hansome's events.

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    1. Very interesting endeavor. I admire the creative thinking.

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