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  1. Some Things Are Good

    Friday, February 28, 2020

    Hi everyone who reads this.  I appreciate your time and interest.  Now that I finally am feeling decently regarding all I went through for several months with lung issues, I have to be concerned about coronavirus with a piece of shit in the White House.  Goodness!

    Now, onto other news:  Last week I was booked for an acting/photoshoot 
    gig.  I was to show up, and after the paperwork, I would have my pic taken for a game that involves cards.  The ad wanted someone in my age range and who is a cool person.  I consider myself a very cool person.  But the guy wanted to speak on the phone first.  So I braced myself for “cool” to mean something else.  In my experience, “open-minded” has sometimes meant “open-legged” so I thought I should check.  I asked if this was something involving nudity.  He assured me it did not.  I showed up, did the paperwork, and when it was my turn, I was sat in an office and photographed.  Then he asked me to pick up the scissors and open them, then point them at the photographer as if I was threatening to stab him.  I thought of someone I am angry at and let my face follow my thoughts.  He took a couple of pics.  Then he said, “This is great.”  I was done.  I got paid $100 for less than five minutes.  I wish I had more like this.  I really need more like this.

    I headed straight for the bank, deposited the check, and went on my way.  At home I sent him an email thanking him and letting him know I’d love to be considered for any future work.  If this was a regular thing, I’d be financially better than I am now.  It is amazing how fast $100 goes.  One bill and one bottle of wine, and it was gone.

    My buddy and I did some work in my apartment.  It took hours.  We got a 
    big item out of my apartment.  I am now dealing with many piles.  I already got a bag ready for the shelter in my neighborhood.

    Been having weird dreams.  My ex-husband was in one.  A former co-
    worker was in another.  They were all disturbing. 

    I went to a comedy show to support a comedy friend.  He treated for 
    everything including dinner afterwards at the Olive Tree in the Village.  Just what I needed.  I had a good time.  All the comics (some very new) were good.  I even decided I’d contact a few for my show on City Island.  I don’t know if they have enough material yet, but they were all good.  By “good” I mean not just funny, but funny without being hateful.  No one put down those of us who are already down (women, gays, homeless, etc.)

    If you didn’t already put this on your calendar, March 20th is my show on 
    City Island.  I guarantee a very good time!

    Big love to CGG-M.  💕

  2. Upcoming Events

    Monday, February 17, 2020

    Happy day.  Those of you who live in NYC or are easily able to get here, 
    this is for you.  If any of these appeals to you, feel free to 
    make me smile with your presence.

    • ·        Wednesday, February 19th.  Featured poet – Phoenix Reading Series   
    •      at Odessa, 119 Avenue A near E. 7th Street.  6pm.  An open mic follows the feature.  Feel welcome to bring something to share.  $5 contribution.
    • ·        Saturday, March 7thPoetry reading at the Riverside Poetry Series, 
    •      Riverside Library, 127 Amsterdam Avenue.  2:00pm.  Free.  I’ll be one of many poets.
    • ·        Sunday, March 15th.  Stand-up – “The Comedy Dungeon” at Jazz on 
    •      the Park Hostel, 36 West 106th near Central Park West.  8:30pm.  FREE (and you can BYOB and food).

    • ·        Thursday, March 19th.   Stand-up – Women’s Night, 2600 Netherland 
    •      Avenue, Bronx, NY.  5:30.  $5 includes food and drinks.        

    •    Friday, March 20th  Stand-up - “Welcome the Spring with Laughter”   The Artist (formerly the Starving Artist Café), 249 City Island Avenue, Bronx, NY. We are welcomed by Elliot and Monica Glick who run the place.      This is my show, booked by me, and laughter is absolutely guaranteed.  Line-up: Robert Driemeyer, Kristin Seltman, Esteban Tino Romero, Mindy Matijasevic, and our guest spot goes to Eddie Messanelli.  Cover only $10.  NO minimum though you may be tempted by the menu.  Hat is passed around later for contributions for the performers.     

    I hope to see you there and hear your laughter. 

    Love to CGG-M always.  💕

  3. Fossil Dig and Other Things

    Friday, February 14, 2020

    Well, people, the infectious diseases doctor and I are done for now.  I’m 
    okay though vulnerable.  I’ll be more okay and less vulnerable if I break off my long-time affair with cigarettes.  I have to make a much better effort.

    The living room/sofa situation is moving along very slowly because I am a 
    procrastinator with issues.  Glad I got laundry done.  

    This Saturday, I am part of a group of poets who will be featuring in New 
    Jersey.  I feel good about that.  I will be getting a car ride from Manhattan.  That’s what makes it possible for me to accept such an offer.  I am grateful.

    In my decluttering (or what’s been called my 
    archeological dig), I find notes I’d written from years ago.  At the time, they were meant to be notes for a poem or comedy or autobiographical prose.  I just found one and can’t remember who in the world the other person was.  In the note, I refer to him as Videographer.

                                        Videographer:  You’re beautiful.
                                        Me:  Thank you.
                                        Videographer:  You are so full of feelings.
                                        Me:  Yep.  Spilling over.
                                        (Later -- in a PIZZA shop)
                                        Videographer:  This is expensive.

    I can only imagine I wrote this down because it seemed to represent a 
    theme in my life at the time, a theme I was ready to end.    

    Remember March 20th is my comedy show on City Island.  Mark your 
    calendar.  Laughter guaranteed.

    I need to dig for more fossils in my living room now.

    Love to CGG-M on Valentine's Day and everyday! 

  4. A Beautiful Line-up

    Tuesday, February 4, 2020

    Hi dear readers.  I am feeling better since I had gotten sick again.  Now 
    I’m concerned about the coronavirus.  I may become one of those folks wearing a mask.  I just feel too vulnerable.  Seeing the doctor again on Friday. 

    Remember to mark your calendars for Friday, March 20th, 7:45pm.  We 
    will welcome the spring with laughter on City Island.  Make a whole evening out of it.  Come early and have dinner on the island if you want, and then get to The Artist at 7:45 for seating.  They sell yummy desserts.


               Robert Driemeyer    

               Kristin Seltman  

               Esteban Tino Romero     

               & me, Mindy Matijasevic    

    Daily love to CGG-M  💕