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  1. Some Things Are Good

    Friday, February 28, 2020

    Hi everyone who reads this.  I appreciate your time and interest.  Now that I finally am feeling decently regarding all I went through for several months with lung issues, I have to be concerned about coronavirus with a piece of shit in the White House.  Goodness!

    Now, onto other news:  Last week I was booked for an acting/photoshoot 
    gig.  I was to show up, and after the paperwork, I would have my pic taken for a game that involves cards.  The ad wanted someone in my age range and who is a cool person.  I consider myself a very cool person.  But the guy wanted to speak on the phone first.  So I braced myself for “cool” to mean something else.  In my experience, “open-minded” has sometimes meant “open-legged” so I thought I should check.  I asked if this was something involving nudity.  He assured me it did not.  I showed up, did the paperwork, and when it was my turn, I was sat in an office and photographed.  Then he asked me to pick up the scissors and open them, then point them at the photographer as if I was threatening to stab him.  I thought of someone I am angry at and let my face follow my thoughts.  He took a couple of pics.  Then he said, “This is great.”  I was done.  I got paid $100 for less than five minutes.  I wish I had more like this.  I really need more like this.

    I headed straight for the bank, deposited the check, and went on my way.  At home I sent him an email thanking him and letting him know I’d love to be considered for any future work.  If this was a regular thing, I’d be financially better than I am now.  It is amazing how fast $100 goes.  One bill and one bottle of wine, and it was gone.

    My buddy and I did some work in my apartment.  It took hours.  We got a 
    big item out of my apartment.  I am now dealing with many piles.  I already got a bag ready for the shelter in my neighborhood.

    Been having weird dreams.  My ex-husband was in one.  A former co-
    worker was in another.  They were all disturbing. 

    I went to a comedy show to support a comedy friend.  He treated for 
    everything including dinner afterwards at the Olive Tree in the Village.  Just what I needed.  I had a good time.  All the comics (some very new) were good.  I even decided I’d contact a few for my show on City Island.  I don’t know if they have enough material yet, but they were all good.  By “good” I mean not just funny, but funny without being hateful.  No one put down those of us who are already down (women, gays, homeless, etc.)

    If you didn’t already put this on your calendar, March 20th is my show on 
    City Island.  I guarantee a very good time!

    Big love to CGG-M.  💕

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    1. Lisa, thank you so much. I may have to re-read your comment throughout the day. Thank you.

    2. Jack Cooper said...

      Open-minded -- in your experience -- meaning open-legged, in your phrase, is "so funny!" This is such a typical mix of the deadpan and the dead-on, the heartfelt, heart-mended, and the heartbroken -- if the concept didn't make me squirm without being able to move, I'd call it your "brand." I prefer the word they use in France, "marque" -- which may just refer to what brands used to, but way more like it when it comes to you. Art really is about being able to point the scissors without using them.

    3. Wow Jack. Your comment feels like a poem. Thank you so much for reading and feeling and responding.

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