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  1. Fossil Dig and Other Things

    Friday, February 14, 2020

    Well, people, the infectious diseases doctor and I are done for now.  I’m 
    okay though vulnerable.  I’ll be more okay and less vulnerable if I break off my long-time affair with cigarettes.  I have to make a much better effort.

    The living room/sofa situation is moving along very slowly because I am a 
    procrastinator with issues.  Glad I got laundry done.  

    This Saturday, I am part of a group of poets who will be featuring in New 
    Jersey.  I feel good about that.  I will be getting a car ride from Manhattan.  That’s what makes it possible for me to accept such an offer.  I am grateful.

    In my decluttering (or what’s been called my 
    archeological dig), I find notes I’d written from years ago.  At the time, they were meant to be notes for a poem or comedy or autobiographical prose.  I just found one and can’t remember who in the world the other person was.  In the note, I refer to him as Videographer.

                                        Videographer:  You’re beautiful.
                                        Me:  Thank you.
                                        Videographer:  You are so full of feelings.
                                        Me:  Yep.  Spilling over.
                                        (Later -- in a PIZZA shop)
                                        Videographer:  This is expensive.

    I can only imagine I wrote this down because it seemed to represent a 
    theme in my life at the time, a theme I was ready to end.    

    Remember March 20th is my comedy show on City Island.  Mark your 
    calendar.  Laughter guaranteed.

    I need to dig for more fossils in my living room now.

    Love to CGG-M on Valentine's Day and everyday! 

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