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    Though I had been feeling like I was dragging rocks inside, I managed to finish the school year at one job with a fun party and other good happenings.  I'm glad about that.  It helps to have cool co-workers.

    Then without auditioning, I was offered a small part in a play by a woman who once was my director in another play.  I agreed since I didn't have anything else going on at the moment acting-wise.  I wasn't jumping up and down over the play, but it was acceptable.  Then the same woman offered me the main role in another play.  In that one, I play a different ethnicity.  A whole new challenge.  Acting definitely keeps life ever-reaching.  Always new ground, new experiences.  I felt good about being thought of even when I hadn't auditioned.  Unfortunately, this is still the unpaid arena.  I sure need that to change.  I welcome change (and by that I mean big bucks).

    For now, I'm in two short plays to be performed the last weekend in July, and two poetry readings in August.  I have to fill in my comedy calendar. 
    I was playing a Yahtzee-type dice game on line.  It's a 2-player game with a chat box.  I have many of those games going on.  Out of all of them, two chatted.  One seemed sincere and polite and only spoke for a clear purpose, like to apologize for some game-related thing.  The other, after the hellos, asked if I want to suck him.  I asked if he'd like to be respectful.  No apology from him.  I forfeited the game.  It never occurred to me that playing a dice game could be seen as wanting to suck a stranger.  I was tempted to respond differently.

    Do you want to suck me?

    Ya know, I was sitting here wanting to suck something and just didn't know what.  Maybe that's it.  Maybe sucking you was what I wanted all along.  Silly me for not thinking of that.  Thanks so much for suggesting it and offering yourself so generously.  Look at how well this is turning out.  I could've never predicted.  I thought I was just here to play a dice game.  Who knew?  Next time I start a dice game, I'll think twice.  I'll think maybe I really want to go out and suck some stranger's genitals.


    Do you want to suck me?
    Thank you.  That must mean you think I'm pretty.  You're not alone.  There are many men who have a hard time when they see a pretty female.  They have to say something repulsive.  Sort of like an eleven-year-old.  


    Do you want to suck me?
    No thanks.  I'm penis-free.

  2. To the Theatre, Dahling

    Tuesday, June 17, 2014

    This year, because I've won tickets and was gifted with tickets and offered a discount by a friend, I've been to three plays so far.  A friend and I attended each one together.  Each time we did, we planned to go out afterwards to drink, eat, and talk about the play.  The first one was a one-woman show called "My Mother Has Four Noses" and was such a tear-jerker that we cried so much during it and didn't want to talk much about it when we left.  We were emotionally exhausted.  We did eat and drink though.

    The second one was written by someone we know and like.  He offered us the opportunity to see it at student prices.  We like him a lot but had a very hard time liking any character in the play.  Yet it was riveting, never boring, and had us wanting to know what happens next the whole way through.  It felt disturbing though.  Each character felt void of humanity.  In that sense, it was the total opposite of the first play we saw. 

    I've been fortunate to have a continuing relationship with the woman who provided the tickets for the original contest.  From time to time, she offers me the chance for my readers to win a pair of tickets to a play.  I find it so exciting.  It's an experience so many of us cannot otherwise afford.  Sometimes she's able to give me a pair of tickets for myself as well. 

    The last contest was for tickets to see the sci-fi musical called "The Anthem."  I was also given a pair of tickets to see it.  I went with the same friend on a Friday night.  We were tired from the week of work.  So we both had mixed feelings about sitting for a play.  I told her that it was good it was a musical as that would keep me awake.  Well, the set, the costumes, the movement, the singing, and the energy of the cast kept me very awake.  It was more a play done in song rather than a musical.  I guess when I hear 'musical,' I think they'll break into song every ten or fifteen minutes.  This was more like every one or two minutes.  When we left, we compared the story to what is happening on the jobs -- the rules, the uniformity, common core standards, attendance policies designed to throw people out rather than help them stay in, the going backwards before independent thinking was seen as evidence of having a mind and that being a good thing.  In the play, there was a rebellion against that by those who risked independent thought.  Then we discovered that we both have a favorite place to eat and drink -- the Olive Tree by West 3rd Street.  It's right above the Comedy Cellar where Louis C.K. tapes his stand-up for his sitcom.  The tables are blackboards and they serve up chalk.  We had lots to talk about while drawing and playing word games on the table. 

    A couple of Long Island Ice Teas and I slept the whole way home on the D train.  Once home, I wanted coffee, the dog wanted one more walk, and it continued to be a happening night.
    Luigi, 14 years of loving so far...

  3. "Blessed are the weird people..."

    Tuesday, June 10, 2014

    In my last blog, I made a mistake with the location of the August 18th poetry reading.  It's at Shades of Green which is also on East 15 Street near Irving Place.  I hope some of you will be in the mood.  It's a Monday night, very affordable for most, hosted by a very welcoming woman named Su Polo who is also a fine artist.  She's run the Saturn Series Poetry Reading for over 20 years!  Partners changed; locations changed; Su Polo remains.  There's an open mic portion of the evening which is typically beautifully varied.  I will be one of two featured poets.

    Summer is practically here.  I've been trying to tone up.  I really can't wait until varicose veins are in style.  I'll be a big hit on the beach.  I can hear it now.  "Look at the veins on that one.  Woohoo!"

  4. Update on Stuff

    Tuesday, June 3, 2014

    I thought it is time for an update on stuff.
    • The guy who had "accidentally" sent me his dick pic on my cell phone was sufficiently discouraged from contacting me further.  Yay.

    • The mansplainer and I have had no further words.  Double Yay.  Mr. Dick Pic may have shown his dick, but mansplainer showed his overinflated balls.

    (Do I know how to get rid of problematic men or what?!  It took years before I figured out how easy it is.  I actually learned it very clearly at a job one day.)
    • My poetry submission was not selected for a B.R.I.O. award this year.  Damn.  I really could have used the monetary award that comes with it.  Really.

    • As much as I look forward to summer break, I fear the financial situation again as one of my jobs stops completely for the summer and is a 'no-workee; no money' arrangement.  So as I sometimes do, I posted on Facebook that I am available to pose for artists.  This time a woman responded saying a small drawing group was forming, and they'd be needing models.  We went back and forth with the details -- money, schedule, etc.  All sounded agreeable, but I don't yet have a booking.  I do hope it happens and that it goes so well that they book me repeatedly.  I need more than I earn at my main job to survive.

    • I have not yet been visited by Andy Taylor or Barney Fife regarding my criminal behavior.

    • On Monday, August 18, I will be one of 2 featured poets for the Saturn Series at Revival on E. 15 St. near Irving Place, 7:30pm $3 & a drink.

    • Though it may seem odd (even to myself at times), I remain penis-free.