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  1. Laughter and Gratefulness!

    Tuesday, June 12, 2018

    People, I’m the dose of estrogen in this Friday’s F.U.C. show at Broadway Comedy Club.  Tickets are a bit cheaper on line than at the door.  If money is the obstacle, please talk to me.  You can contact me at because I might be able to get you a complimentary ticket.  The two-drink minimum would still apply.

    Come see my haircut that I gave myself for the first time in my life.   

    Come have a couple of drinks and some laughs.  Great way to start the weekend. 

    I’d love to hear you laughing in the audience.  I might even have you 
    gasping for air.  Proud to say that happened at the last show.

    Also, I am going to get the Divorced Divas of Comedy shows happening 
    again.  I have to.  I’ve been reminded of why I started it.

    I really need to commit harder to my show biz paths.  The day job, while 
    wonderful with the students, is becoming less and less secure.

    My best bud, Bob, helped me with things in my apartment over the 
    weekend.  It is a great feeling that someone in the world wants to help me make things better.  I’m truly grateful.

    Later this month, my poetry pal Barbara is going to pick me up in 
    the Bronx and drive me back to her place in Wayne, New Jersey for a few days at what feels like adult day camp.  She has a pool.  Another poetry pal, Patrick, will join us, and we will write and share poetry, play Scrabble, create art – whether by jewelry making or something else – and have a great time.  And Barbara is willing to do all that driving.  She will get me home too.  As someone who rarely has 'vacationed' due to lack of money, this is a real treat.  Again, I am grateful.

    I just wish I could share these blessings with my son. 

    (Love to CGM) 

  2. I was drinking on Saturday night.  I wasn’t out drinking; I was home drinking.  But at some point, I needed to buy food.  Because I was tipsy, I decided to take the elevator down and back up even though I only live on the 2nd floor.  Staircases make me nervous when I’m like that.  I don’t like to be outside either when I’ve been drinking.  Yet I managed.  When I went back up in the elevator, it got stuck right at my floor, and the automatic door wouldn’t open.  It took a moment for me to believe this was happening.

    Many people consider being stuck in an elevator their worst fear.  For 
    some reason, thankfully, that situation doesn’t put me in a panic.  I was once told the stop/start button is more helpful than the alarm button.  I used both.  The door didn’t respond.  I calmly rang the alarm in groups of 3 rings.  S.O.S.  I hoped people would respond.  I was grateful I didn’t need to pee.  I tried the stop/start button again also.  I wondered how long this would be.  I tried to push the automatic door open and closed with my hands just to get it in motion again.  I pressed the buttons for all the floors.  Then I just did the alarm again.  I heard someone from several floors above banging on the door.  It felt good to know someone was aware of me.  I accepted this might take a while.  I sighed and softly said, “Oh Lord.”  With no prodding, the automatic door opened, and I got out.

    Wow.  Interpret that however.


    A writer I know for years wrote a non-traditional haiku for me. 
    appreciate it and am including it here:

    You’re Welcome Haiku

    Reality hits
    as grass blooms thru sidewalk’s crack
    Your Ex is an Idiot!

    (c)Anne Leighton, 2018

    If you want to come hear my comedy now that I am idiot-less, here’s info for another show.


    I appreciate you so much for wanting to hear what I have to say whether in a blog or on stage as a comic or a storyteller or a poet.  There are so many people who’d prefer I be silenced. They are not the healers, God knows.

    Come out and laugh with us.  It warms my heart.