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  1. We Get What We Get

    Tuesday, May 26, 2020

    Hey everyone.  It seems my sense of smell has returned.  I do the armpit test.  Yep.  It’s working.  I will get an antibody test one of these days.  I am just so grateful I’m more okay than not.  So far, I’ve been very lucky.

    Governor Cuomo warms my heart.  I don’t think he’s easy or mellow or 
    perfect, but I love that he’s real, loves his mom and family, and knows that loving is part of “NY Tough.”  I love that he reminds us that our masking and distancing and staying inside brought the death numbers down.  He gives credit where it’s due.  I also love that he once said about the orange one, “How many times do I have to thank him for doing his job?”

    Cuomo has guts.  Plus he’s going to talk with the orange one tomorrow (Wednesday) in D.C.  I think the orange one must feel somewhat jealous of the self-assuredness and leadership qualities of Cuomo.  Talking facts, admitting when he doesn’t know something, considering mistakes a chance to learn something, loving his children and mother, ya know, all that scary shit.

    When I go outside and see the vast majority in masks, I feel Cuomo’s 
    attitude has something to do with that.  Today he said that masks are “cool” and that we can coordinate them with our outfits and be creative.  He must’ve been a good dad.  I love his pride when he speaks of his daughters.  If I’d had a father like him, my life would have gone so differently.  Oh well.  We get what we get.  I never got to meet my father.  My grandmother told me he held me and said, “The baby looks like me.”  He ate an apple and called her “Mom.”  My aunt Gilda (the 4th born; my mother was the 5th born) once told me, “Your mother liked class.  Your father was a classy man.”  There’s a lot more to that story.  Not now.

    I don’t have a webcam or mic in my computer.  That was fine with me until 
    now when it is a real limitation.  I can only witness a zoom happening.  I can write in the chat, but I can’t be heard or seen.  So, on-line auditions are no auditions for me.

    I’ve been watching Debbie Bazza’s Mon.-Fri. 4pm Facebook Live show 
    pretty regularly.  I realized that one of the things I enjoy is seeing her whole face, smiles included.  Aside from that, I like Debbie, and I think she’s pretty hilarious.  She’s a Bronx girl as I am.  She’s also someone with a good heart as I am.  We don’t see eye-to-eye on everything, but when it is safe to hug again, I want to hug her.  If you don’t know Debbie Bazza, here’s a clip of her doing her thing on the comedy stage.  Enjoy.

    So much love to and concern for CGG-M.  💕

  2. I’m still not 100% back to normal.  But I remain grateful that if what I have is the virus, I am being spared of what so many have gone through and are going through.  I have a long-lasting cold, cough, and a recurring head ache (I was never much of a head ache person) and still can’t fully smell things.  When it began, I also had pain in my lower abdomen.  That didn’t last long, and I am extremely grateful.  Though I’m cold, I am not shivering like I did in the beginning.  It’s been three weeks so far.  Some of the time, I really feel okay.  I actually look forward to getting a test at some point for the antibodies.

    A doctor who spoke on television said that the lost sense of smell usually 
    returns at the pace that a fingernail grows.  I was glad to hear that, so I know what to expect.  I burned incense and was able to smell it to some degree.

    So one of Trump’s personal valets tested positive for COVID-19, and 
    Trump got very angry that it got that close to him.  This particular valet served Trump his meals.  Now Trump gets tested daily.  Doctors, nurses, EMTs, delivery people, MTA workers are still waiting for a test.  But someone who is a last responder gets a daily test.  He should go work in the meat plant to save the economy.  He can bring his bleach for lunch. 


    We need a human being in the prez seat, not a humanoid. 

    When he said that his heart goes out to the family of the jogger who was 
    shot and killed in Georgia, I blurted, “What heart?”

    Yet another benefit of being penis-free:

    Gotta love this woman:

    Much 💕 to CGG-M.

  3. People, let's survive this.  I can't bear what's going on and how many lives 
    are being taken.  I can't bear the inhumanity of the orange one and his lemmings.

    A week and a half ago, my friend Judy was coming to the Bronx and told
    me she also wanted to stop by the front of my building to give me a care 
    package.  I was sure I needed everything she put in there.  It was the 
    first time in years that we didn’t hug.  L  She handed me two heavy shopping bags and a mask her sister made.  The mask is cloth and flowery.  It is my dressed-up mask.  In the bags:  juice, towel paper, wine, toilet paper, tuna fish, candy, pastas, tissues, witch hazel wipes, vitamins, Clorox, apples, bananas, soaps, oatmeal, etc.  I couldn’t believe it.  I texted her:  You spent a fortune!  Later, she told me she filled the bags from extra items she had in the house.  Wow.  It is such a boost to feel cared about.  Judy has an exceptionally big heart generally.  She was once on the path to be a nun.  I'm so glad she changed route.  She's much more fun as a civilian.  It was something about those who feel lust and those who murder going to the same fate that didn't sit well with her.  Thank God/dess.

    For the past seven days, I have not been feeling well.  I go from freaking 
    out about it to thinking I’m just sick (which is possible without having the virus).  The symptoms have changed every two days.  I looked up the symptoms to see if they are symptoms of the virus.  Some are and some aren’t.  And even the ones that are can also be symptoms of other things.  My breathing is (my) normal.  That’s the main thing, I believe.  But for the past two days, I don’t smell anything – including strong coffee, good weed, my armpits.  I know better than to believe my armpits smelled the same before and after a shower.  Loss of taste and smell are symptoms of the virus.  But then again, when we have a cold, the sense of smell is affected.  Driving myself nuts is not unique to the virus.  I can do that on most any day.

    I do feel hunger, and I eat.  Grandma would consider that a “very good 
    sign.”  In this case, I agree. 

    I miss doing comedy shows.  I know all my brother and sister comics do 
    too.  If I am a survivor of this pandemic, and if I get on a comedy stage again, will I still be funny?  I miss paid acting gigs (even if it’s sometimes background work).  I need the money.  But I wouldn't go to a crowd scene now even if it were permitted.

    My buddy Bob (my unofficially adopted brother) did me a big favor yesterday.  It was the last day of April, and I had to get April’s rent check to the management office.  The buses are free, but I was feeling lousy, so he offered to take it there for me.  I brought the check downstairs to him, came back up, and went back to sleep.  Bob is a gift in my life.  I always felt God/dess and Grandpa had something to do with such a gift.  🌈 🌈 🌈 🌈 🌈 🌈 🌈 

    In this time of the pandemic, my tendency to be a bit hermit-like goes 
    unnoticed.  I don’t have to analyze why I’m like this. 

    Those of you who know me know that, in general, I try to mind my business and not look for trouble, but there’s always some drama happening making me have to look over my shoulder. The internet just told me that single Asian girls are looking for me.  Why?  I didn’t do anything to them.  Geez. 


    to CGG-M.