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  1. Life in Spite of the Big Orange Cloud

    Sunday, April 19, 2020

    I am so happy to share that I heard on the news there’s an animal shelter somewhere in Florida where there were so many animal adoptions that, for the first time in its history, the shelter cages are all empty!  That made my heart feel so good.  


    I made the mistake of having the orange one on the TV earlier this evening.  Then it hit me – I can change the channel.  Now I’ve been listening to Law & Order for a while.  I say listening because I’m not really watching.  I’m heating food, drinking wine, writing, and occasionally looking up at the TV.  A crime drama is less disturbing than listening to the liar-in-chief.  

    Every day that I feel pretty normal (healthwise), I am so grateful.  I do continue to go outside an average of once a day.  Masked and gloved.  I love getting rid of the garbage.  It’s a meaningful theme in my personal development.  It also means I’m de-cluttering to some degree.  And as my Grandma used to say, “Where there’s garbage, it means people are eating.”  On the same outing, I buy what I need from the nearby stores.  I take pleasure in seeing the dogs in the neighborhood.  Most are so happy and in the moment no matter what the humans are dealing with.  I miss four-legged furry sincere love.  The only thing stopping me from adopting a shelter animal is money for upkeep (food, vet bills, etc.).

    When I go through my lock-down inconveniences, I remind myself that it 
    beats having the virus, needing medical care, etc., etc. 

    Governor Cuomo said we need leadership that acts quickly and smartly.  
    Too bad the orange one only cares about bigly.  You know who cares that much about bigly?  Someone with a smally.

    Stay okay, people.  I pray my son is taking care of himself.

    Love to CGG-M

  2. One evening, after several glasses of wine and feeling it, I went to pee.  pulled my pants down like they were sweatpants.  When I was pulling them back up, I realized I had on jeans, not sweatpants.  I had to laugh at myself.  But what is really amazing was that my pants were able to go down and up without unzipping or unbuttoning them.  It means I’ve kept off the seven pounds it took so long to lose.  I’ve got more to try to lose, but just not gaining those pounds back is an accomplishment.

    The other night, I went to my 24-hour Arab bodega.  The man behind the 
    counter is my favorite of all the people who work there.  He asked, “Where’s your mask?”  I said I didn’t have one, and I held my scarf across my face.  He reached down under the counter and offered me a mask.  It was a gift, not a sale.  I put it on but not as well as it needs to be on, so he reached over with his gloved hands and arranged it for me.  He’s young and married; this is not flirting.  He’s a warm, loving, sensitive, decent person, and it felt so good.  In terms of kindness, I was melting. 

    My friend Judy texted me that the Department of Education has 
    extended their free meals to adults (whether they have children in school or not).  Monday through Friday 11:30 to 1:30, we can get three free meals to go.  I checked the Dept. of Ed. website, and there are several schools near me doing it.  Guess where I’ll be on Monday.  My friend Jaye emailed me about Chefs for America.  They are also giving free meals.  I have to check their schedule again.  There’s one of their locations in my area.  I have to check that out.

    I miss everyone.  My best friend and I speak on the phone, but I’m not 
    much of a phone person.  The last time we saw each other in person was for less than five minutes in front of my building.  Before that, we met on Mosholu Parkway and sat at opposite ends of a bench to talk. 

    When I went to meet him and entered the park area, several men on two 
    benches greeted me by offering me to share their blunt.  I had no interest in sharing germs, so they may have assumed I disapproved of smoking weed.  One said, “It’s natural.”  I loved the smell and turned to him and said, “It’s beautiful.”  He thanked me for saying that.  LOL  I overheard one saying that some woman had told them they were ruining the quality of life.  They were not near any children or playground.  They were not harassing people or littering.  They were four grown men sharing a blunt.  I don’t think smoking in a park is ruining the quality of life.  I think letting people die from COVID-19 and getting angry at governors for asking for help is ruining the quality of life and the chance of living.

    Please consider virtually attending this event of a variety of talent where I am included:

    The producers of A Sketch of New York are trying to help us performers out during this time.  It’s Wednesday, April 8th, 6-7pm livestream.  Thank you.

    Much love to CGG-M