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  1. Friends, Haters, & Funny

    Thursday, September 23, 2021


    I finally saw “In the Heights” this past Saturday night at a friend’s house.  Originally, four of us were supposed to get together.  One woman went to her car and discovered it had been towed.  She canceled.  So it was my buddy Judy and I going to Steve’s house in New Jersey.  He cooked lots of delicious food, we brought wine, and Judy also brought pastries from a bakery.  I stayed with food and wine, while they also had mixed drinks.  Judy is not the drinker she used to be, so she slept through most of the movie.  Steven and I watched the movie.  I did have a small non-speaking part in it.  Several people had written to me when it first came out, “Did I just see you in ‘In the Heights’?”  I was background but was placed next to one of the main actors, so I was clearly seen in the rally scene.


    It is a good story, but way too much singing for my taste.  I liked the cast and many things, but it could have been shorter.  My “LA Law” heart throb, Jimmy Smits, was in it.  

    This was him back then ...

    Though he had no idea of my relationship with him, I was glad to see him again.  😊  

    I have a feeling the show might have been better as the play it originally was.  I do think it was important, and I am glad I saw it.  And though my role was only background, I am glad I was in it.


    On a totally other subject:  I want to give credit to this man, Katt Williams, who helped me survive at times on a former job.  It’s less than a minute.  Use headphones if you are at a job or near children.  Enjoy.



    For more funny, mark your calendars for my fall comedy show at The Artist on City Island on 10/22.  (Must bring vax card.)  I am proud to announce that the funny will be brought to you by Pudge Fernandez, Jean Kim, Linda San Lucas, and me.



    Heartfelt love to CGG-M ❤❤❤

    Mindy Matijasevic

    September 2021

  2. Feel-Good Moments

    Tuesday, September 14, 2021


    My feel-good moment of the day was an email from Home Planet News letting me know that my slice of memoir “Not S’posed to Win” is accepted for publication.  I’ll share the link when I get it.  I wrote it to read at one of Kathryn Adisman’s events, What Were the Sixties Really Like?  It was well received.  I am unsure how it will come across from the page, but I am glad it will be in print.  Thank you, Frank Murphy, editor of Home Planet News.


    If you know someone who is gratefully divorced, consider this as a unique gift.  Contact me in the comments or on Facebook or at



    I spent Labor Day afternoon enjoying and participating in this festival: Poetry on a Caribbean Breeze.  Curator Heather Archibald told us everyone was Caribbean for the day.  There was calypso music, workshops, featured readers, open mic, and snacks.  I was all set to join the haiku workshop, but then I saw lots of art supplies on another table for Comic Poetry.  I got seduced by the crayons and colored pencils.  I had no idea what Comic Poetry meant.  It had to do with drawing frames a comic strip would have with words, but it had nothing to do with comedy.  I like new creative experiences.  I do believe a certain part of the brain needs stimulation from time to time in order to get juiced up to create whatever one creates – poetry, music, comedy, dance, visual art, etc.


    I also read three poems at the open mic.  They were all serious, but the third one made women crack up.  It was a wonderful way to conclude.  I felt good about that for days.  And to think, I almost didn’t go.  It’s been a struggle to get my self to places.


    I am so glad that three friends and I are going to see “In the Heights” at a friend’s house and have dinner, wine, etc. this Saturday night.  I had a tiny part in the movie in the rally scene toward the end.  It wasn’t with lines or anything, but several people wrote me asking, “Did I just see you in ‘In the Heights’?”  Yes they did.  I haven’t seen it yet, so I’m looking forward to the whole evening.


    Human contact.  Friendship.  Feels good.



    Love to CGG-M ❤❤❤

    Mindy Matijasevic

    September 2021