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  1. Oy Vey

    Monday, September 21, 2020


    Losing John Lewis and Ruth Bader Ginsburg within a few months and shortly before the election is just horrendous.  When that special report interrupted a game show the other evening, I said “Uh-oh” and I hoped so much a certain devil’s time on Earth was over.  Then they announced that an angel died instead.


    My head dropped.  I know no one lives forever, and she was 87 and had survived cancer more than once, but of all the people to lose …


    The current presidency reminds me of a magnification of a damaging relationship I was in at one time.  Whenever I felt we needed to try to talk about and resolve the last shit that went on, another incident would take place, and another, and another.  Like with Trump, I hardly hear about the thousands of children’s lives he destroyed tearing them from their mothers and fathers and locking them up as if they were criminals.  Then losing many (I believe to trafficking), so there’s no chance for repair.  We watched him let citizens who reside in Puerto Rico suffer and die. He tossed them the cheap brand of paper towel.  He accused their president of being corrupt.  He didn’t even know he was their president. 


    I taught adults for over 30 years who needed to complete their basic education.  I can honestly say that unless Trump paid someone to take his high school equivalency test (like he did with his SATs), I don’t think he could pass the exam for a high school diploma.  He certainly couldn’t write a coherent essay.  Telling me how fantastic and huge and bigly something is doesn’t cut it.


    My grandfather served in the military for this country.  It hurts. 


    I am sickened by so much.  It’s not helping anyone and certainly not me. 


    In many ways, I have fallen into an isolating rut.  Yesterday I decided to try to do something that would help me break out of the rut.  I did something I haven’t done in way too long.  I called back a friend.




    Love to CGG-M ❤❤❤

    Mindy Matijasevic 9/21/2020





  2. Up, Down, Up

    Saturday, September 12, 2020


    If you need your spirits uplifted, this will do it (99% sure).  It's about 2 minutes.

    I watched it 4 times because it made me feel good.  I hope it does so for all of you as well.


    I’ve unfortunately known Trump-ish types in my life.  I think Trump should write a book he could write all on his own – The Art of the Lie.  The forward can be written by a number of candidates I know whose first language is lying.


    Most of you know, besides comedy material, I also write memoir and poetry.  I rarely write in rhyme, but occasionally I like to play with that.  Here’s a recent poem that does use rhyme.




    We can vote

    without getting sick

    No doctor’s note

    to mail our pick


    Risky though …

    could end in a dump

    if we don’t show

    it’s a vote for Trump


    He hates women, blacks

    immigrants and Jews

    More than that

    he hates to lose


    When hurt people lootin’ is worse than militia shootin’

    no one’s happier than Trump and Putin



    Mindy Matijasevic





    Daily love, thoughts, and concern for CGG-M ❤❤❤




    To My Brother and Sister Bronxites and to My Cousin Brooklynites


    While people are getting murdered by “peace” officers and white supremacists, our Bronx people are killing each other as are our Brooklyn people.  WTF??!!


    NYPD: Police respond to 3 different shootings in Brooklyn within 10 minutes of each other
    Woman says man spit on her, told her to go back to China
    Local leaders call for NYC to do more after weekend shooting of teen
    Police: 2 men attack 90-year-old woman, light her shirt on fire in Bensonhurst
    Police: Video shows suspect wanted in connection to slaying of Bronx transgender woman

     Police: 3 teens sought in assault, attempted robbery in the Bronx


    It takes a lot to change our reactions to situations, I know.  But, damn, there ARE other ways to respond to conflict besides hurting and shooting people.  Don't work for the enemy.  Trump is already doing that.  He works for Putin and allows our service men and women to be killed.


    Some years ago in my neighborhood, a delivery guy was attacked and had his ear cut off.  I remember talking with a neighborhood man about it.  We didn’t know each other.  He started speaking in Spanish.  I told him I don’t speak Spanish.  He immediately switched to English.  He didn’t give me a hard time like some folks do.  “Why don’t you speak Spanish?”  “I’m not Hispanic.”  “So? You look Spanish.”  “I don’t speak French or Chinese either.”  “You look Spanish. You should speak Spanish.”   He just switched to a language we both understood.  He accepted me the way I accepted him.  It felt very comfortable. 


    We talked about the horror that took place.  I couldn’t stand that someone was willing to cut an ear off of a person who wasn’t endangering them.  This man said to me, “When you don’t care about your own life, you don’t care about anyone else’s either.”


    That’s it in a nutshell.  He knew what he was talking about.  In one sentence, he expressed so much.  Police cadets and high school students need to hear and understand that.  As bad as I felt about what happened, I felt so good about our conversation.

    (I urge middle school and high school teachers to consider this independent film, PRESSURE, to show to your students. It takes place during the hip-hop/crack epidemic in Brooklyn, NY )  

    This summer (2020), I sometimes wondered if the Bronx and Brooklyn were in a killing competition.  I can’t stand all that’s been going on.  That energy could be put into helping and not harming.  We have enough people in this country wanting to end us.  Don’t be part of the problem.  Do something that would make your mother proud, dammit!


    Well, it looks like Mother Nature stepped in.  Hurricane Isaias did most of its NYC damage in the Bronx and Brooklyn.  Yes, it was time for her to kick some ass and try to whip us into shape. 


    Isaias tears through the Bronx and Brooklyn, downing trees and causing power outages
    Falling branches strike woman in head in Brooklyn
    City Island restaurants shut down as borough feels impact of Isaias
    Tracking Isaias: Trees down in the Bronx
    Strong winds, choppy waves hit Clason Point; ferries suspended at Soundview location


    And now, another issue that’s been on my mind for quite a while.  To my white/light beige sisters and brothers who don’t understand certain things, please be open to realizing that there is more to know. 





    Major love to and concern for CGG-M 💕❤💕