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    To My Brother and Sister Bronxites and to My Cousin Brooklynites


    While people are getting murdered by “peace” officers and white supremacists, our Bronx people are killing each other as are our Brooklyn people.  WTF??!!


    NYPD: Police respond to 3 different shootings in Brooklyn within 10 minutes of each other
    Woman says man spit on her, told her to go back to China
    Local leaders call for NYC to do more after weekend shooting of teen
    Police: 2 men attack 90-year-old woman, light her shirt on fire in Bensonhurst
    Police: Video shows suspect wanted in connection to slaying of Bronx transgender woman

     Police: 3 teens sought in assault, attempted robbery in the Bronx


    It takes a lot to change our reactions to situations, I know.  But, damn, there ARE other ways to respond to conflict besides hurting and shooting people.  Don't work for the enemy.  Trump is already doing that.  He works for Putin and allows our service men and women to be killed.


    Some years ago in my neighborhood, a delivery guy was attacked and had his ear cut off.  I remember talking with a neighborhood man about it.  We didn’t know each other.  He started speaking in Spanish.  I told him I don’t speak Spanish.  He immediately switched to English.  He didn’t give me a hard time like some folks do.  “Why don’t you speak Spanish?”  “I’m not Hispanic.”  “So? You look Spanish.”  “I don’t speak French or Chinese either.”  “You look Spanish. You should speak Spanish.”   He just switched to a language we both understood.  He accepted me the way I accepted him.  It felt very comfortable. 


    We talked about the horror that took place.  I couldn’t stand that someone was willing to cut an ear off of a person who wasn’t endangering them.  This man said to me, “When you don’t care about your own life, you don’t care about anyone else’s either.”


    That’s it in a nutshell.  He knew what he was talking about.  In one sentence, he expressed so much.  Police cadets and high school students need to hear and understand that.  As bad as I felt about what happened, I felt so good about our conversation.

    (I urge middle school and high school teachers to consider this independent film, PRESSURE, to show to your students. It takes place during the hip-hop/crack epidemic in Brooklyn, NY )  

    This summer (2020), I sometimes wondered if the Bronx and Brooklyn were in a killing competition.  I can’t stand all that’s been going on.  That energy could be put into helping and not harming.  We have enough people in this country wanting to end us.  Don’t be part of the problem.  Do something that would make your mother proud, dammit!


    Well, it looks like Mother Nature stepped in.  Hurricane Isaias did most of its NYC damage in the Bronx and Brooklyn.  Yes, it was time for her to kick some ass and try to whip us into shape. 


    Isaias tears through the Bronx and Brooklyn, downing trees and causing power outages
    Falling branches strike woman in head in Brooklyn
    City Island restaurants shut down as borough feels impact of Isaias
    Tracking Isaias: Trees down in the Bronx
    Strong winds, choppy waves hit Clason Point; ferries suspended at Soundview location


    And now, another issue that’s been on my mind for quite a while.  To my white/light beige sisters and brothers who don’t understand certain things, please be open to realizing that there is more to know. 





    Major love to and concern for CGG-M 💕❤💕



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    1. Jack Cooper said...

      This matters, Mindy. I'm glad you said it.

    2. Melinda said...

      Police have staged a job action on the "down low" therefore are not policing the neighborhoods(somehow I feel like this has been going on for years, but it's more pronounced now). DiBlasio, is letting them get away with "whatever" for fear of a strike or worse A JOB ACTION. He needs to smell the rotten roasted beans. The IRISH thugs in charge of the police dept need to be replace with men, even better WOMEN OF COLOR. Mothers tend NOT TO CONDONE KILLING OR HURTING OTHERS. Yes, it sounds sexist.. so shoot me..ah..nevermind the cops will do that...IT'S THERE JOB. TAKE NO PRISONERS. Mindy, you and I know this is nothing new. The cops have always abused and killed people of black, brown or any other color other than white even if you're reaching for your wallet. THE BIGGEST RACIST SEXIST CERTIFIABLY INSANE ONE IS THE DUCK(with all due respect to Donald THE WHITE HOUSE. EVERYONE NEEDS TO GET OUT AND VOTE. I am not mailing in my ballet, can't chance it. TRUMP AND HIS BAND OF MANIACS( Foreign and Domestic) are conjuring up ways to intercede and get those ballets to disappear. BASTARDS!!! Bottom line is that the pandemic has brought up a lot of rage in people. Those who cannot control it, will act on it. Thus...violence and killings. Nothing new to me hon, but always sad. I trust in God and I pray that God saves us from ourselves. One day, the human race will self destruct. Thankfully, I won't be here.

    3. Thank you, Jack. Melinda, I also am voting in person. Can no longer trust the post office. I must say that I love how you weaved humor into your rant. And I don't think it sounds sexist to want to be fairly represented in the police department and everywhere else. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

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    5. I see people that say "All Lives Matter" as having different reasons. I think the gist of all these incidents is everyone's in pain, and they don't see it. I see my pain, and understand why I think certain things. In most cases, it's cause my pains are discounted. Same with everybody else. Why don't I get a hero.

      Absolutely, at the end of the day, some folks think they're ignored. Instead of trying to teach them, ask them what is the matter!

      P.S. Your eye makeup is gorgeous. Please, teach me what you do.

    6. Well in our society, some lives are treated with less value than other lives. So while to some individuals, all lives may matter, the movement is because of what goes on in the larger society. When a white kid shoots up innocent black people in their church, and the police take him to Burger King, it doesn't seem like all lives matter. WWhen a black person posing no threat to the police gets shot in the back 7 times while the cop is holding him by his shirt, it doesn't look like all lives matter. So until everyone's lives really matter, the movement is necessary.

    7. The movement is absolutely necessary.
      I think the movement of healers and comforters is to find out why people are jealous of these angry people, and why their hate escalated. Until we do that, even cops are gonna be corrupt.

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    10. Lisa Harmon said...

      I got some good advice online, believe it or not. I applied for the absentee ballot. When I fill it in, I'm going to take it to the board of elections myself rather than mail it. I avoid in-person voting but I deliver my ballot myself.

    11. Sounds good, Lisa. If the orange one gets in again, I feel like our nation is going to explode/implode.

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