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  1. Up, Down, Up

    Saturday, September 12, 2020


    If you need your spirits uplifted, this will do it (99% sure).  It's about 2 minutes.

    I watched it 4 times because it made me feel good.  I hope it does so for all of you as well.


    I’ve unfortunately known Trump-ish types in my life.  I think Trump should write a book he could write all on his own – The Art of the Lie.  The forward can be written by a number of candidates I know whose first language is lying.


    Most of you know, besides comedy material, I also write memoir and poetry.  I rarely write in rhyme, but occasionally I like to play with that.  Here’s a recent poem that does use rhyme.




    We can vote

    without getting sick

    No doctor’s note

    to mail our pick


    Risky though …

    could end in a dump

    if we don’t show

    it’s a vote for Trump


    He hates women, blacks

    immigrants and Jews

    More than that

    he hates to lose


    When hurt people lootin’ is worse than militia shootin’

    no one’s happier than Trump and Putin



    Mindy Matijasevic





    Daily love, thoughts, and concern for CGG-M ❤❤❤



  2. 4 comments:

    1. Jack Cooper said...

      I feel good! Like James Brown too! (And I will vote -- but not for Trump!)

    2. Your verse is a perfect rhyme with my sentiments.

    3. Jack, Patricia, David, thanks so much for taking the moments to read and comment. Always appreciated. I feel my smile muscles working. :-)

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