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  1. Samantha DeRose was born in Clifton, New Jersey much to the chagrin of her older sister and brother. The family put up with her childish antics until they could no longer stand it, thus shipping her off to Glassboro State College for a few or 5 years. While attempting to fit in at Playboy’s #28 Party School, socially awkward DeRose picked up a BA in English (despite the dastardly ploy of one ancient, harpie of a staff member who tried to thwart her graduation efforts).

    Samantha’s observational comedy style includes musings about motherhood, work, pop-culture, politics, family, and inner (self-deprecating) reflections. You might even be sucked into a sing-along at one of her gigs if she brings her guitar. She has performed for audiences ranging from elementary, middle, high school, and college students to the PTA, to charity fundraisers (Salzano-Smith Foundation), to the LGBT community (Crown & Anchor, Provincetown; MA, Stonewall Inn, NYC), Women’s History Benefits (Manhattan Theatre Source) to edgy NY and NJ audiences (Caroline’s, Gotham Comedy Club, New York Comedy Club, Comedy Sundays at Tierney’s - Montclair, NJ, Pat’s Place, NJ, Zebu’s, NJ). Samantha was an instant sensation opening for Divas of Diversity Tour 2011.

    Whether she's a killer whale confiding in his therapist or a Jamaican nanny celebrating a Bat Mitzvah, Rhonda Hansome serves up the politics of race, religion and relationships on a skewer. This BackStage Bistro Outstanding Comedian Award winner has opened for musical stars Anita Baker, Diana Ross and Aretha Franklin. Her Film and TV appearances include Pretty Woman, Saturday Night Live, and the FX hit series LOUIE starring Louis CK. Every day she's on roller blades navigating menopause and social media. Every night she's bringing the laughter because "Rhonda Hansome is one funny Negro"... Rhonda's Mother.

    Mindy Matijasevic is a writer, actress, and comedian while making her meager living in an adult education classroom where many poignant moments take place.

    She recently played Madame Ellipsis in "Ellipsis" by Mitch Levenberg at the 2012 Summer Short Play Festival.

    Mindy's comedic acting and Bronx accent can be enjoyed here:

    Her own comedy was aired on Fran Luck's feminist radio show "Joy of Resistance" on WBAI-FM.

    She promises to keep the She So Funny calendar updated about future stand-up appearances.

    Mindy Matijasevic shares her poetry at readings throughout NYC. Her blog about the poetry events can be viewed here: With a leg in each world, and unable to do a split, she thinks poets and comics should try to understand each other more.

    Mindy Matijasevic is truly honored to be part of She So Funny.