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  1. So Sunday – the day those cast would be notified - was pretty silent all 
    day except for two calls from a friend.  As the day went on, I was becoming so disappointed.  I told myself to just accept that for whatever reason, I didn’t get cast.  Then, still not able to let go, I thought that maybe because it was Easter, she’d call in the evening.  I was grasping for any hope left.

    Shortly after 5:30, the director called.  I was thrilled.  I’m in.  I didn’t get the part I went there to audition for; I got one of the other parts she had asked me to read for when I was there. 

    The amount of shooting days for my character is less than what I had 
    hoped for (I'll still need a part time job), but it’s a recurring character, so hopefully it will grow.  I’m grateful.

    After sitting with the news for a few minutes, I texted my best friend.  
    He’s not a texter, so he called me.  After we spoke, I messaged an actress friend who I met at the audition and who felt more certain than I did that I was getting cast.  She wanted me to let her know, so I did.

    Wow.  I’m still digesting this.  Whew.  Thank you for your good wishes and 

    Love to CGG-M.

  2. Anticipation

    Friday, April 19, 2019

    People, I am so anxious to hear the decisions of that audition I spoke of in the last blog entry: and I have not been able to put it out of my mind.  I don’t remember feeling like this before over a role.  Anyway, I found out that they made their decisions this past week and will be making contact with those they decided to cast this weekend.  I feel so hopeful.  It’s the timing that would be sooooo good.  I’m concerned at how disappointed I will feel if I didn’t get cast.  I usually take these things in stride because I can only control my behavior and performance.  I have no control over who else they saw that may have been more right for the part or anything else.  I just hope I don’t take it too hard if I’m not cast.  I want this!

    That pain in my foot I mentioned last blog is gone.  I’m glad about that.

    The man who planned to set fire to St. Patrick’s Cathedral and then travel 
    off to Italy was an on-line adjunct at Lehman College.  Thank goodness, he was only there for one semester.  Lehman is in my neighborhood and is where I got my BA many years ago.  I’ve also worked there and performed there.  It’s very sobering to think such a person was teaching young college students (giving grades and stuff) and was so near.  I’m more used to the more obvious kind of criminals.  I live in a loud neighborhood.  People talk to their friends about their arrests, parole, and such, and it’s not in a whisper.  The recent thing seems to be stealing electric bikes from delivery men (who barely make a living).  So far, that’s mainly happening a train stop away from me.  I don’t know which is scarier.

    The weird thing about the attempted arsonist is he got in trouble with the police in NJ recently for refusing to leave a church and he even fought with two officers.  Yet he was freely going about his business.  I don’t think that would have been the case if he were brown.  I could be wrong, but fighting with officers is usually a very bad path no matter what shade of skin one has.  So I have to say I am very glad the NYPD got him in time.   

    I was honored to spend my best friend’s birthday with him.  We mainly 
    spent it walking on trails in the part of Van Cortland Park that's in Yonkers.  We always have much to share.  So there was hours of talking.  I loved the day.  I had made him a very personalized multi-page card which captured part of his life journey and caused us much laughter.  We needed it.

    Oh people, I hope I have great news when I share again.  I need it.

    Happy 4/20 everyone.

    Love to CGG-M

  3. I'm looking for a stylist to do my hair similiar to the way I wore it above when I played Bermuda in the movie Pretty Woman. The red and blond striped asymmetrical cut was my signature hairstyle back in the day - when I walked into comedy clubs, folks knew my hair, my name & put me on stage. Ah, those were the days...

    If /When my new "do" is finally revealed, the multi-color effect may be my very own natural black, silver & grey. In a short attention span world, I'd hope not to be seen as copycat of 

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  4. Panic, Hope, & Waiting

    Sunday, April 7, 2019

    Readers, if I haven’t expressed this lately, let me say now that I appreciate your interest very much.  Each time I blog, I can see the number of views, and I thank you.

    A couple of days ago, I learned that my unemployment benefits are over.  
    I had misunderstood when that was going to happen.  But now it’s here.  I need part time and/or freelance work.  I am not totally panicked yet.

    I had applied for an audition for a tv series.  I was asked to come in, and they had sent me sides (pages of the script), so I was able to prepare at home.  I felt ready to do my best.  I accept that the rest is out of my control.

    I got to the building exactly on time though I had wanted to get there 
    early.  There were a bunch of people outside.  I was informed that the person in charge was running late.  I know others were bothered by that because they had other commitments scheduled afterwards.  Personally, I was so relieved.  I love not being the late one.  I’d rather wait for the casting director.  I had hoped to get to a poetry reading afterwards, but I didn’t know if I’d make it.

    While waiting, I saw and received hugs from two men I know from the 
    entertainment world, and I met three women who I hope to remain connected with.  We waited, talked, shared, etc., etc.  When the director showed up, she was such a positive presence.  What a terrific spirit.  Worth the wait, in my opinion.

    My audition went very well.  She asked me to stay and read for two other 
    roles as well.  I was thrilled!!!  She gave me time to get familiar with the lines and come back in when I felt ready.  In the meantime, she was auditioning other people for many different roles.  I knew chances were getting slim that I’d get to the poetry reading.  A friend was the featured reader, and I wanted to support her, but it was looking less likely.

    I read for the other two roles.  She gave me good feedback.  The timing 
    would be Goddess-sent if I get cast in this.  It’s paid work.  It would bring me to a level where one is noticed for other opportunities as well. 

    Before auditioning, I signed a non-disclosure agreement (and I’m not even 
    an ex of Trump’s), so I can’t say what the show is or anything close. 

    I’m going to try, after today, to not think about it.  I don’t know when 
    decisions will be made.

    Meanwhile, I have two more auditions coming up this week.  One is for a 
    play I find intriguing but doesn’t pay.  However, a former acting teacher always told us that you get discovered from stage work, paid from film work.  The other is for a paid gig, but not as many days of work as the tv series I auditioned for and not as career-changing.  I don’t always have 3 auditions in one week.  Now that I do, I hope nothing conflicts with anything else. 

    Oh, people!  I have difficulty going on in my life as well, including a new 
    pain in my left foot, but I’ll leave this on a hopeful note.

    Love to CGM!

  5. Acting and Poeming

    Wednesday, April 3, 2019

    I had a blast being in A Sketch of New York.  We performed at the 
    Sonnet Theatre in the Producers’ Club on 44th Street.  One of the
    wonderful things about acting is being able to be what isn’t easy to be in 
    real life.  In one of the sketches, I was to complain about being on a long, slow line.  Ad libbing was welcomed.  I had a ball.  I was able to stick in 
    some comedic lines I came up with.  The director, Joe DiNozzi, was great to work with.  His assistant and, I believe, co-producer Darien DeMaria was wonderful to work with as well.  They both wrote the sketches and included a hilarious sketch by John Ordover.  The cast was a bunch of characters that I enjoyed.  It all made me realize how much I miss acting.  Stand-up comedy is wonderful and background acting work pays money, but I realized how much I miss acting. 

    Backstage at a rehearsal.

    Night of the show! 

    I have two auditions coming up.  I don’t have a hundred years left, so I 
    truly hope something great happens. 

    For the first time in months, I made it to the poetry workshop I love 
    attending.  The poem I brought was cooking in me for a long time, and then took maybe twenty minutes to write.  When I got to the workshop, I saw people I hadn’t seen before in addition to the folks I expected to see.  I sat there worried that the people who didn’t know me would hate my poem.  I typically worry about the wrong stuff.  This was one of those times.  After I read the poem aloud, the feedback was wonderful.  A few suggestions were made to improve it further.  I welcomed those suggestions.  I was so happy with the whole experience.  Thank you all who contributed to the feedback, whether aloud, in writing, or both.  I make the trip to get the feedback, so thank you very much. 

    Other things are going on too.  The most important is one I can’t publicly 
    write about due to privacy concerns.  I just hope I live a long enough time to be able to mend a relationship central to my heart and then have time to enjoy it.