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  1. Acting and Poeming

    Wednesday, April 3, 2019

    I had a blast being in A Sketch of New York.  We performed at the 
    Sonnet Theatre in the Producers’ Club on 44th Street.  One of the
    wonderful things about acting is being able to be what isn’t easy to be in 
    real life.  In one of the sketches, I was to complain about being on a long, slow line.  Ad libbing was welcomed.  I had a ball.  I was able to stick in 
    some comedic lines I came up with.  The director, Joe DiNozzi, was great to work with.  His assistant and, I believe, co-producer Darien DeMaria was wonderful to work with as well.  They both wrote the sketches and included a hilarious sketch by John Ordover.  The cast was a bunch of characters that I enjoyed.  It all made me realize how much I miss acting.  Stand-up comedy is wonderful and background acting work pays money, but I realized how much I miss acting. 

    Backstage at a rehearsal.

    Night of the show! 

    I have two auditions coming up.  I don’t have a hundred years left, so I 
    truly hope something great happens. 

    For the first time in months, I made it to the poetry workshop I love 
    attending.  The poem I brought was cooking in me for a long time, and then took maybe twenty minutes to write.  When I got to the workshop, I saw people I hadn’t seen before in addition to the folks I expected to see.  I sat there worried that the people who didn’t know me would hate my poem.  I typically worry about the wrong stuff.  This was one of those times.  After I read the poem aloud, the feedback was wonderful.  A few suggestions were made to improve it further.  I welcomed those suggestions.  I was so happy with the whole experience.  Thank you all who contributed to the feedback, whether aloud, in writing, or both.  I make the trip to get the feedback, so thank you very much. 

    Other things are going on too.  The most important is one I can’t publicly 
    write about due to privacy concerns.  I just hope I live a long enough time to be able to mend a relationship central to my heart and then have time to enjoy it.

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