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  1. I'm looking for a stylist to do my hair similiar to the way I wore it above when I played Bermuda in the movie Pretty Woman. The red and blond striped asymmetrical cut was my signature hairstyle back in the day - when I walked into comedy clubs, folks knew my hair, my name & put me on stage. Ah, those were the days...

    If /When my new "do" is finally revealed, the multi-color effect may be my very own natural black, silver & grey. In a short attention span world, I'd hope not to be seen as copycat of 

    It is just me going back to my future. 
    And I'm so excited by what is to come, because
    Everything Old Is News Again!

    Everthing Old Is News Again 
    with Rhonda Hansome Comedy is my new Instagram vlog. It seems to me that history really does repeat itself and with theses videos we can look at topical events via that repetition. Series 1 Episode 1 is up now. Check it out:

    I'm so proud of myself.
    10 years ago I promised to start a vlog = a video blog. It feels like a monumental step in my journey of self-actualization. I finally posted 10 minutes ago! I have to thank the private instagram account, @ninjabookitty, for the very1st response to my vlog debut:
    "Don't quit your day job."
    Breaking News @ninjabookitty, I have no intention of quitting comedy... again. 😂 Once was definitely enough. 

    Get your FREE comedy and cabaret fun right here:

    3 PM Sun. 4/14 - 10 Penny Comedy 
    @ Coney Island Baby Bar
    168 Ave A NYC NY 10009

    7 PM Tue. 4/ 16 - No Name Comedy 
    @ Word Up Community Bookshop 
    2113 Amsterdam Ave NYC NY 10032

    4 PM Sun. 4/28 - Groovin' on A Sunday 
    @ Don't Tell Mama
    343 W. 46th St. NYC NY 10036

    I'm Rhonda Hansome on social media, follow me, like & share.

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    1. loislane911 said...

      Can't wait to see the new/old do and where it leads you, funny lady!

    2. Congrats on doing what you've been wanting to do -- the vlog. Good luck finding someone who can do that 'do. It would be amazing!

    3. RHC said...

      Thank you @Loislane911

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