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  1. Panic, Hope, & Waiting

    Sunday, April 7, 2019

    Readers, if I haven’t expressed this lately, let me say now that I appreciate your interest very much.  Each time I blog, I can see the number of views, and I thank you.

    A couple of days ago, I learned that my unemployment benefits are over.  
    I had misunderstood when that was going to happen.  But now it’s here.  I need part time and/or freelance work.  I am not totally panicked yet.

    I had applied for an audition for a tv series.  I was asked to come in, and they had sent me sides (pages of the script), so I was able to prepare at home.  I felt ready to do my best.  I accept that the rest is out of my control.

    I got to the building exactly on time though I had wanted to get there 
    early.  There were a bunch of people outside.  I was informed that the person in charge was running late.  I know others were bothered by that because they had other commitments scheduled afterwards.  Personally, I was so relieved.  I love not being the late one.  I’d rather wait for the casting director.  I had hoped to get to a poetry reading afterwards, but I didn’t know if I’d make it.

    While waiting, I saw and received hugs from two men I know from the 
    entertainment world, and I met three women who I hope to remain connected with.  We waited, talked, shared, etc., etc.  When the director showed up, she was such a positive presence.  What a terrific spirit.  Worth the wait, in my opinion.

    My audition went very well.  She asked me to stay and read for two other 
    roles as well.  I was thrilled!!!  She gave me time to get familiar with the lines and come back in when I felt ready.  In the meantime, she was auditioning other people for many different roles.  I knew chances were getting slim that I’d get to the poetry reading.  A friend was the featured reader, and I wanted to support her, but it was looking less likely.

    I read for the other two roles.  She gave me good feedback.  The timing 
    would be Goddess-sent if I get cast in this.  It’s paid work.  It would bring me to a level where one is noticed for other opportunities as well. 

    Before auditioning, I signed a non-disclosure agreement (and I’m not even 
    an ex of Trump’s), so I can’t say what the show is or anything close. 

    I’m going to try, after today, to not think about it.  I don’t know when 
    decisions will be made.

    Meanwhile, I have two more auditions coming up this week.  One is for a 
    play I find intriguing but doesn’t pay.  However, a former acting teacher always told us that you get discovered from stage work, paid from film work.  The other is for a paid gig, but not as many days of work as the tv series I auditioned for and not as career-changing.  I don’t always have 3 auditions in one week.  Now that I do, I hope nothing conflicts with anything else. 

    Oh, people!  I have difficulty going on in my life as well, including a new 
    pain in my left foot, but I’ll leave this on a hopeful note.

    Love to CGM!

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    1. Unknown said...

      You're in my thoughts

    2. anoek said...

      Go Mindy!
      So impressed!
      Hope to see you soon

    3. Shubbu said...

      Wow Mindy! Awesome about all the auditions, congratulations! It's all going to work out and be amazing.

    4. RHC said...

      Great activity going on for you. Congratulations! I also hate being the late one.

    5. Thank you, Anoek, Shubbu, and Rhonda. I'd love to know who Unknown is. I appreciate all the positivity. I haven't heard back from the tv series people yet. I've not been successful in putting it out of my mind. I want this!

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