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  1. So Sunday – the day those cast would be notified - was pretty silent all 
    day except for two calls from a friend.  As the day went on, I was becoming so disappointed.  I told myself to just accept that for whatever reason, I didn’t get cast.  Then, still not able to let go, I thought that maybe because it was Easter, she’d call in the evening.  I was grasping for any hope left.

    Shortly after 5:30, the director called.  I was thrilled.  I’m in.  I didn’t get the part I went there to audition for; I got one of the other parts she had asked me to read for when I was there. 

    The amount of shooting days for my character is less than what I had 
    hoped for (I'll still need a part time job), but it’s a recurring character, so hopefully it will grow.  I’m grateful.

    After sitting with the news for a few minutes, I texted my best friend.  
    He’s not a texter, so he called me.  After we spoke, I messaged an actress friend who I met at the audition and who felt more certain than I did that I was getting cast.  She wanted me to let her know, so I did.

    Wow.  I’m still digesting this.  Whew.  Thank you for your good wishes and 

    Love to CGG-M.

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    1. Susan Y said...

      It's a start & Great!!!

    2. Unknown said...

      Yay!!!!! Only the beginning!

    3. Still a good ending to a long day!! I hope greater things to grow from this

    4. So thrilled to read this! You made my Sunday night, and I’m so proud of your many skills. Congratulations 🌺

    5. Joe said...

      Wonderful, Mindy. So happy for you. I hope it will be a life changing experience.

    6. Annie said...

      Congrats! This will lead to many more opportunities!

    7. Thank you all for sharing the emotional ride and my satisfaction. Joe and Lia, I hope so too. Thank you Elizabeth, and each of you. Wish I knew who Unknown is. Ed, it's nice to know you read my stuff. Thank you all.

    8. Unknown said...


    9. Unknown said...

      Hi Mindy, I'm happy about the news even though I don't know what you have been cast in. Forgive me, what have you been cast in? xox,N

    10. No forgiveness necessary. I haven't revealed that. I'm not sure when I am free to share that, but I'll say that it is a new show and along the lines of The Sopranos. Those of you who appear as "Unknown" in the comments -- if you don't put your name in the comment, I don't know who you are.

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