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  1. Things Are Happenin'

    Sunday, May 5, 2019

    Many of you know my good news, but for those of you who don’t …

    My role is a recurring one.  I feel encouraged.  I also feel blessed because 
    the director is definitely a special person.  When auditioning, her presence allowed me to do my best.  From the moment she said hello, I felt her spirit like sunshine warming me. 

    The last time I had a director whose presence made me feel like that was 
    at a teaching job.  I was lucky to have her for four years.  I may have done some of my best work at that job when she was there.  It’s something about feeling appreciated.  It makes a huge difference.

    Last night I had an interesting interaction with someone I’m connected 
    with on Facebook but never met in real life.  He lives down South but grew up in Manhattan (NYC).  He does comedy.  I do comedy.  I didn’t know he does comedy when I saw his post that he wanted to do a documentary on a topic I believe is crucial.  I was reminded of a book from many years ago.  I responded to his post about the book.  He very excitedly responded back that he had loved that book, forgot about it, and thanked me for reminding him.  Later he private messaged me. 

    Well, he has friends in Manhattan, and he heard my name numerous times 
    as a comic.  So when I commented on his post, he had recognized my name, and I am flabbergasted!!!  He wants to coordinate something down South and wants me to be a part of it. 

    I feel so validated.  When I started out in comedy -- maybe I just 
    connected with folks who I’m not in sync with, but I felt like an outsider.  I felt like I’d landed in a male locker room.  One talented woman chose not to work with me because she “didn’t want to upset the guys.”  If Richard Pryor allowed upsetting the whites stop him, we’d never have heard him.  Others backed off without being so honest.  Another would introduce me at a mic as a “feminist” in a tone that sounded like a warning.  Some young guys were threatened and unkind.  Several mature men told me that as you rise up, that shit doesn’t go on as much.  I was grateful to hear that and thrilled to feel supported.

    Some uptight people  didn’t like my language.  I’m rated R.  Maybe R+.  Other folks (audience members) told me they liked how I talked to them and not at them.  My adult students liked that about me as well.

    My experience doing comedy was different than some others.  I had been 
    a teacher of adult students when I began, I had already been a poet, writer, and actress, and comedy was an avenue of free expression to me.  I wasn’t in need of laughs as much as in need of expressing certain things.  Of course I made it funny.  Laughs happened. 

    I'm not in comedy to do knock-knock jokes.  I have shit to say.  I don't pick on people who society has already squashed -- that doesn't make me laugh.  If it doesn't make me laugh, I don't use it.  Shedding light on the oppressors is where my material lies.

    Hearing that I’m being spoken of in other parts of the country is exhilarating!!!  

    (love to CGG-M)

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    1. Kerstin said...

      Encouraging as always! Keep writing/posting!

    2. Very exciting news and times for you!! I always wish you great success!

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