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  1. I'm "A Mobster's Wife"

    Tuesday, May 14, 2019

    Hey people.  The series I’m cast in shoots a scene I’m in next week.  Exciting!  Then another scene in June that I’m in.  I play a mobster’s wife.  LOL.  It’s funny to me because I don’t want to be anyone’s wife in real life, never mind a mobster’s.  My ex was problematic enough.  I like being my own wife.  She’s great.  Not in the housework department, but that’s not the most important thing.

    This Friday, I am going to be working on a sizzle reel that began last 
    summer.  We thought we were done shooting, but more is needed.  I’m glad we are going to see this to completion.  I’m dying to see the footage and use it in a reel.  I cried on camera when we shot last summer.  The scene was with my angry “son” and it echoed much of real life, so it was easy to cry.  It actually would have been harder not to cry.  I received a lot of praise for my acting, but I felt compelled to tell them I was actually reacting.  The director told me that was what good acting is.

    I admit I haven’t been on the comedy stage in a while.  I also haven’t 
    written new material in quite a while.  I have to work on that. 

    Lots of challenges in my life.  Trying to just blog about the positive.  But 
    things are not just hunky dory.  I’m grateful for many things.  But I have many challenges.

    To all those who are feeling depressed, limit how much news you watch.  
    Put on a game show or a comedy or turn off the tv.  It’s toxic to have a narcissist in the White House supposedly leading the country.  I know this on many levels.  Seriously.

    For those of you who like to plan ahead, mark your calendars for 
    September 13th.  I’m putting together a comedy show on City Island.  It’s a lovely area of the Bronx – a fishing community. 

    I would love to see you there.  Details to come.  Laughter absolutely 

    With appreciation, Mindy

    Love to CGG-M 

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    1. MWAH!
      I am putting Sept. 13 on my social calendar!

    2. Sounds to me like you're a born method actor. Sounds great.

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