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  1. The Karol Sanchez kidnapping hoax has me all in my feels. "In my feels." Is that how today's 16 year olds say it? I'm not sure because public transportation is the only place I hear teens talk. 

    But, once upon a time I WAS 16 years old.

    It was a time (in the previous century) when I clearly saw the error of every life choice my mother made. Why choose to be a poverty stricken domestic worker instead of a rich lawyer or doctor?  Duh! Major mother blunder! 

    At 16 I hated washing dishes and laundry duty at home. I knew the world outside was an exciting arena without mind numbing chores. That's where I was destined to be recognized and acclaimed. Yeah right. 😂

    Being 16 is difficult under the best of circumstances. 

    I know NONE of the intimate circumstances of the Sanchez household. All I know is Karol Sanchez confessed to a malicious deception that echoed far beyond the Bronx street where she was literally ripped from her mother's arms.

    Karol's imagination and ability can't be denied. I'm way past my teens and doubt I could successfully coordinate 4(!) accomplices in a faux abduction. I'm still trying to get 4 people to share this blog. 

    Subtle hint*Please share*Ain't too proud to beg*Analytics rule*It's the numbers!

     I'm In My Feels 

    FBI data showed 424,066 children missing in 2018. Blacks were 37% of the missing while only 14% of the children in the US. 20% of the missing are Hispanic or Latino according to NCMEC. An  almost automatic assumption that a missing black youth is a "runaway" delays critical police investigation of life or death events. 

    For multiple (biased) reasons, missing children of color get far less media coverage than whites. When I got the Karol Sanchez city-wide Amber Alert my heart sank. 

    My heart broke for a lost girl AND the usual response to my relocating to the Bronx, "Is it safe?" No less safe than anyplace else if you're a Black female. We are abducted and murdered in record numbers.

    Karol Sanchez may not want to go back to her native Honduras. She may feel suffocated by a helicopter mom. She may envision a life of romance and / or crime with one (or more) accomplice. 
    I can't imagine her intended end game. But she did make donkey of the day 😂

    I know in this TOBA (Tough On Black Asses) world, this Karol Sanchez kidnapping hoax will diminish mainstream concern for the safety and well-being of Black children and women of color. Legitimate calls for help, justice and recourse will fall on ears ringing with the echo of the Karla Sanchez hoax. You feel me?

    Rhonda Hansome is the weekly Monday guest on John Fugelsang's Tell Me Everything on SiriusXMProgress. Rhonda is a comedian & director. Book her solo show, Lie Baby, Lie! Tales of Sex, Murder & Gentrification.
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  2. I got a nuisance call (this one actually in English) promising me it was my last alert that my car warranty is soon to expire.  I’m glad I didn’t get up to take the call.  I heard the message as it came in.  I don’t have a car warranty or a car.  I don’t have a driver’s license and I don’t know how to drive.  So I hope they keep their promise.

    If you remember, earlier this year I landed a role (Gina Ferrari) in a new series, Mob Mentality.  There will be a red carpet premiere with media in attendance on December 18th from 6 to 10pm.  A ticket entitles you to an open bar, appetizers, the screening of the first two episodes, opportunities to mingle and network.  If this sounds like something you’d like and can afford to attend, here’s the link.

    On a more affordable note, I’m having a Winter Comedy Show on Saturday, December 28th.  Arrive at 7:45.  Showtime is 8pm.  The hilarity 
    will be provided by me, Jillian Thomas, Shelly Colman, and Ken Watter.  Only $10 cover.  No minimum though you’ll likely feel tempted.  It’s at The Artist, formerly the Starving Artist Café.  Jar passed around for much appreciated contributions for the performers.

    These are the lovely faces of the funny folks who will entertain you.  Laughter is guaranteed.

    Warm up with laughter!  Let’s close out the year with great humor, good cheer, and some yummy desserts.  (And it’s so affordable!)

    So much all-the-time love to CGG-M 

  3. Exhausted AF By Rhonda Hansome

    Thursday, December 5, 2019

    I am aware that 2020 follows 2019, but the decade's end is a surprise to me. 

    State and private video cameras record our EVERY movement. Our EVERY phone call, text and email is under  scrutiny AND subject to monetization by 3rd parties known and unknown. In spite of ubiquitous surveillance we are subject to DAILY active shooter alerts. Announcements of disease causing elements, in our air, water, food, frying pans and CVS receipts, are eclipsed by Big Pharma's cornucopia of  "medications" causing after effects to challenge the best health insurance. An emotional seatbelt is a necessity when modern technology moves everyday life at the speed of High Frequency Trading.

    I find it almost impossible to breathe.

    Barack Obama's presidency instigated a false sense of change and hope for America's future. Donald Trump's unending war on the United States' intelligence agencies, armed forces, diplomats and co-equal branches of government, combined with his disdain for the poor and systemically oppressed; have made his dank and dystopian vision of American Carnage manifest.

     Daily, hourly, minute by minute and tweet by tweet, Trump's obsesssive need for attention and the "appearance" of  winning, drains the oxygen from the world. Yes the world!

                                                     World Leaders Mock Trump - Again!

    Trump's compulsion to dominate social media, the news cycle and public opinion is exhausting.
    His corrupt administration, self-dealing family and obstruction shenanigans have obliterated any end of decade excitement. I am too tired to look back and fear a future that needs at least 25 years to reverse the effects of Trump's American Carnage; IF in fact reversal is possible.

    Happy Holidays!

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  4. Life in spite of Legionnaires

    Saturday, November 30, 2019

    Legionnaires is no joke.  I’m still dealing with it.  I’m not contagious as it’s 
    not a person-to-person thing.  Man oh man.  Just from all the resting, my body is de-conditioning.  When I walked to my voting place some weeks ago and walked back, I had Charlie horse almost everywhere including my gluteus. 

    Allowing myself to sleep as long as I can allows me to have many dreams.  
    Unfortunately, they have all been disturbing.  But better they get expressed than just stuffed inside.

    I had felt very hopeful for over a week of feeling much better.  Then I 
    caught a cold (which given the situation, doesn’t feel like just a cold), and I’ve been coughing so much.  My chest and rib area muscles are sore from all the coughing.  Lordy, Lordy.

    For Thanksgiving, I turned down two invitations from friends because the 
    holiday is too depressing for me.  I stayed home and pretended it was just a regular day.  That was the least problematic way for me to go this year.  The last time I accepted an invitation for Thanksgiving, I felt like I brought my depression with me and couldn’t contribute good spirit to the event.  I didn’t want to do that again.  Glad it is behind me.

    On a brighter note, for my friend Judy’s birthday, we went to see a 
    staged reading of “The Panic Defense” by Sam Affoumado.  It was very intriguing and well cast.  It was about the dangers of being gay, bi, trans, etc. in our homophobic society.  We were both glad we went to see it.  I love being with Judy no matter where we go.

    The next day I had plans to meet up with my poetry pal Robert Gibbons, a 
    very talented writer and good human being.  But I don’t feel good every day, and that day I didn’t feel well so I cancelled.  I miss out on much, but I have to listen to my body. The day after that, I didn’t get to a poetry workshop I had been attending.  More missing out.  I have to get better already. 

    I make plans with my hopeful self and then sometimes wonder why I made 
    plans.  I think what did I get myself into?  Climbing up train steps is so difficult, but I take it slow.

    Last Sunday I was in a Brevitas poetry festival at the Bowery Poetry Club.  My friend Mindy Levokove was in it too, and I was happy I’d be seeing her.  Additionally two friends attended.  Bernie, who had been a co-worker and office-mate at my last job, was there and enjoyed the whole event.  It was good to see him again.  Richard, a playwright and former co-worker of mine, also attended.  He enjoyed some of the event.  He stayed for my part of the reading and left before the event was over.  I understand that too.  The reading was three hours long, so if it doesn’t appeal to you, it feels very long.  I get it.  I was glad to be there and to be a part of the whole Brevitas community.  I connected with many people that were new to me.  I saw many who I don’t see often.  I have two copies of the anthology where five of my short poems live.  We had food and drinks afterwards and were able to talk to each other.  One of my favorite moments was when I said hello to Angelo Verga, and he took my hand and kissed it.  It’s really nice to be treated like that.

    In the pic below, not everyone remained until the end, so it is only part of the bunch.  I'm bottom center.

    The next day, my best buddy Bob helped me with many things.  One thing 
    was he drove me to a local shelter where I donated ten bags of my too-small clothes and five bags of my books and magazines.  That’s a lot of stuff out of my cluttered apartment.  Yay!  Thank you, Bob!

    The day after that, I went for a mammo.  (No comedy about that yet.) 

    Then that night, I performed comedy at the Producers Club.  The host, Micheal O'Rourke, introduced me as “the Queen.”  J  I admit I had a great set.  The audience members high-fived me when I stepped down.  I was pretty thrilled.  I met comics I didn’t know before.  A comedy friend, Mark, came to the show to support, so afterwards we went for coffee and talked lots about doing comedy.  I enjoy that as much as performing especially because we are on the same wavelength about things.

    I even made it to a poetry workshop at my friend David’s house the next 
    night.  I was very glad I went.  It was the night before Thanksgiving.  I brought a poem about killing a cockroach.  They had a good time with it, and I received helpful feedback.  We went to dinner afterwards at a Thai restaurant.  David and Jessica surprised me by treating.  I didn't expect that but truly appreciated it.

    The three days following, I’ve been home and trying to feel better.  Oy. 

    I have more to share, but next time.  Enjoy your long weekend.

    Big love to CGG-M!  

  5. Healing & Performing

    Tuesday, November 12, 2019

    The last time I saw my doctor for the Legionnaires, Thursday, I was 
    almost in tears when I told her I didn’t know if I was going to survive this.  She turned to me with a loving face and gentle voice and said, “You ARE surviving this.”  I looked at her and tried to inhale her.  I said, “I am trying to take all your positivity in.”

    She is an infectious disease doctor, and I would recommend her to 
    everyone.  She’s a human being and speaks to patients like they are as well.  I feel so lucky to be seeing her.

    On Friday, I received a surprise – a bag of food from Fresh Direct.  It was a gift.  It took a while to find out which angel sent it.  I was deeply touched and so grateful and teary-eyed.  She had researched on the Mayo Clinic website which foods would help my immune system fight this shit.  An amazing gift. 

    On Saturday, I worried that accepting a booking for Sunday night may 
    have been a mistake.  Saturday was also the day of my last antibiotic.  That day I slept more than almost any day.  I’d get up for a few hours and then go back to sleep.  This happened three times.  When I’m sleeping, I’m not doing anything bad for my body.  Lots of healing can take place.

    The next day, I woke up feeling better than I have felt in over two 
    months.  I went out for breakfast with my best buddy.  That night I performed in Randy Epley’s Comedy Dungeon show at Jazz on the Park Hostel.  The hardest part was the staircase in the train station.  I was glad I got there, performed, and watched the rest of the show.

    The next day, Monday, I again woke up feeling decent.  That evening, I 
    went to support Eddie Messanelli’s show at Otto’s Shrunken Head on 14th Street.  His new co-producer and co-host is Esteban Tino Romero.  I just wanted to watch the show.  I enjoyed it a lot.  Got to see people I hadn’t seen in a while and meet new people.  Eddie lives not far from me, so he gave me a lift home.  That really helps.

    Today, Tuesday, I, thank God/dess, again woke up feeling pretty okay. 
    had worried I wouldn’t feel well after the antibiotics were over.  I am so grateful I seem to be pretty okay.  Other than going to a few nearby stores, I stayed home today.  Wasn’t too productive, but the night isn’t over.

    Those of you who want to laugh and have a good time for not a lot of 
    money, I will be performing at the Producer’s Club on Tuesday, November 26th at 9pm.  Doors open at 8:30.  Only $5 cover.  Two VERY reasonable drinks minimum ($2- $9).  For this show, I do need a few guests.  Please make room on your calendar.  J

    Big love to CGG-M 

  6. In Spite of Challenges, Moving Right Along...

    Wednesday, November 6, 2019

    Well folks, I don’t know how well or not well I’m doing.  I know I’m not as 
    okay as I was before all this Legionnaires shit started.

    But moving right along, I’m part of the following and hope you’ll be 
    tempted to attend –

    Comedy Dungeon Show, a Randy Epley production, this Sunday, Nov. 10th 
    at 8:30pm, and it is FREE!  You can bring food and drink (yes, even alcohol), and have a seat and watch a free comedy show with visitors from other parts of the country and world at Jazz on the Park Hostel, 36 West 106 Street near Central Park West.  B or C train to 103 Street.

    Brevitas Festival of Short Poems, Sun., Nov. 24th at 2pm.  $10 cover 
    includes a copy of the anthology.

    See You Next Tuesday Comedy Show, produced by Hope Gutierrez, 
    Tues., November 26th at 8:30pm.  Only $5 cover!  Two very, very reasonable drinks minimum.  A bunch of funny people to tickle your funny bone at the Producers Club, 358 West 44th Street.

    Winter Comedy Show, produced by me, Mindy Matijasevic, Saturday, 
    December 28th at 8pm (arrive at 7:45pm).  The Artist, 249 City Island Avenue, City Island, Bronx.  Only $10 cover.  No minimum.  Jar or hat passed around for contributions so I can pay the comics.  Featuring Jillian Thomas, Shelly Colman, Ken Watter, and me.

    Much love to CGG-M

  7. To the Doctor & Beyond...

    Friday, November 1, 2019

    Well, I wish I can say I’m fine, but I’m not.  At least not yet. 

    I saw the infectious diseases doctor again, and she and I both thought it 
    was a good idea to give me another round of the killer antibiotics.  Plus she wants me to get a spirometer to exercise my lungs and get them back to capacity.  I like her which says a lot since I don’t like going to doctors generally.  But I needed my best buddy to take me.  When it comes to this stuff, I am like a five-year-old needing her mother.

    The legionella bacteria could be coming from my own faucets.  It is hard to know what to avoid because I don’t know where I got it.  I believe the Dept. of Health will be checking. 

    Proceeding with optimism, I will be in a poetry reading on November 24th 
    at 2pm at Bowery Poetry Club.  It is the celebration of the Brevitas anthology, full of poems 14 lines or less.  $10 admission for the public includes a complimentary copy of the 2019 anthology.

    On Saturday, December 28th at 8pm, warm up at the winter comedy show 
    at The Artist (formerly the Starving Artist Café) on City Island, which will be featuring:

    Jillian Thomas 


          Shelly Colman         


    Ken Watter 

    (probably without Elmo)

     & me 

    It is only $10 cover and NO minimum though they do sell light fare and 
    scrumptious desserts.  Later, a jar or hat is passed around welcoming contributions for the comics.  Laughter absolutely guaranteed!

    Big love to CGG-M

  8. A Mix of Life's Ingredients

    Saturday, October 19, 2019

    Hey readers!  I’m on the mend though I received a call from the NYC 
    Dept. of Health who needed to ask many questions because I apparently contracted the legionella bacteria.  It is the bacteria of the Legionnaires disease.  Yes, I was freaked out.  The Dept. of Health woman was reassuring that the strong antibiotic I was on works for both pneumonia and legionella (an atypical form of pneumonia).  I do feel a lot better.

    Until I get the okay from the doctor on October 24th, I am not calm about this.  I am so open to another round of the killer antibiotics if that will make me feel convinced the legionella is gone.  I may join those people who walk around outside with a mask over their mouth and nose.  I’m not contagious.  However, I am susceptible to other people’s germs.

    I have wanted to get back to my normal life and made plans accordingly.  
    Then I realized I was pushing it.  I canceled a number of plans.  However, Saturday morning I did make it to a memoir poetry writing workshop.  It is free.  It is typically very good quality, and it was four blocks away (Poe Park Visitors' Center) on a decent weather day.  The Bronx Council on the Arts provides wonderful services to the artist community.  I am so glad I went.  It was good for my head, heart, and all other parts.  I have homework!  And I am glad I have homework.  I don’t lack stories to write, but I often need a push to write them.  This is perfect for me.  It goes on for 3 more weeks.  I am thrilled.

    For those of you who like to plan in advance, I am putting together 
    another comedy show at The Artist on City Island on December 28, 2019, 8pm.  Put that on your calendar.  I deliver.  

    249 City Island Avenue
    City Island (the Bronx), NY 

    Much love to CGG-M