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  1. The Karol Sanchez kidnapping hoax has me all in my feels. "In my feels." Is that how today's 16 year olds say it? I'm not sure because public transportation is the only place I hear teens talk. 

    But, once upon a time I WAS 16 years old.

    It was a time (in the previous century) when I clearly saw the error of every life choice my mother made. Why choose to be a poverty stricken domestic worker instead of a rich lawyer or doctor?  Duh! Major mother blunder! 

    At 16 I hated washing dishes and laundry duty at home. I knew the world outside was an exciting arena without mind numbing chores. That's where I was destined to be recognized and acclaimed. Yeah right. 😂

    Being 16 is difficult under the best of circumstances. 

    I know NONE of the intimate circumstances of the Sanchez household. All I know is Karol Sanchez confessed to a malicious deception that echoed far beyond the Bronx street where she was literally ripped from her mother's arms.

    Karol's imagination and ability can't be denied. I'm way past my teens and doubt I could successfully coordinate 4(!) accomplices in a faux abduction. I'm still trying to get 4 people to share this blog. 

    Subtle hint*Please share*Ain't too proud to beg*Analytics rule*It's the numbers!

     I'm In My Feels 

    FBI data showed 424,066 children missing in 2018. Blacks were 37% of the missing while only 14% of the children in the US. 20% of the missing are Hispanic or Latino according to NCMEC. An  almost automatic assumption that a missing black youth is a "runaway" delays critical police investigation of life or death events. 

    For multiple (biased) reasons, missing children of color get far less media coverage than whites. When I got the Karol Sanchez city-wide Amber Alert my heart sank. 

    My heart broke for a lost girl AND the usual response to my relocating to the Bronx, "Is it safe?" No less safe than anyplace else if you're a Black female. We are abducted and murdered in record numbers.

    Karol Sanchez may not want to go back to her native Honduras. She may feel suffocated by a helicopter mom. She may envision a life of romance and / or crime with one (or more) accomplice. 
    I can't imagine her intended end game. But she did make donkey of the day 😂

    I know in this TOBA (Tough On Black Asses) world, this Karol Sanchez kidnapping hoax will diminish mainstream concern for the safety and well-being of Black children and women of color. Legitimate calls for help, justice and recourse will fall on ears ringing with the echo of the Karla Sanchez hoax. You feel me?

    Rhonda Hansome is the weekly Monday guest on John Fugelsang's Tell Me Everything on SiriusXMProgress. Rhonda is a comedian & director. Book her solo show, Lie Baby, Lie! Tales of Sex, Murder & Gentrification.
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  2. 8 comments:

    1. Nique said...

      I believe what she did was wrong and I also believe that her parents should be the ones to discipline her or maybe she gets a fine or have to do community service other than that everybody has been a teenager and done something silly or dumb for attention or friends. This is better than her committed suicide or getting hooked on some drug.

    2. Unknown said...

      I do believe she made quite a dramatic bad decision. I suspected all along that she staged it. What teenager doesn't want to disappear with a boy friend or some friends for a bit. I did. I went shopping with my friends, but of course, my mo found out. However, since it was a hoax, it did take resources away from other areas. People were concerned. Next time, they may not want to put the effort in to find someone who truly is missing. That is a true tragedy. She should have to pay some type of compensation. maybe community service.maybe sharing her story and regretting her actions may stop someone else.

    3. RHC said...

      Thank you for your comment! I agree she shoud pay in $$$ & time spent after school & on weekends and be otherwise grounded.

    4. Mark said...

      Well-written and to the point. Whether a hoax such as this one diminishes concern for the safety of young Black women, please remember that 1. local news producers love stories such as this, 2. local news viewers have short memories, and 3. hoaxes only confirm preconceived notions. I for one was happy that Sanchez was unharmed.

    5. RHC said...

      Thank you for responding. Yes it is good Karol turned herself in. No she needs therapy.

    6. RHC said...

      Angela you are absolutely on target. I considered mentioning Tawana AND that girl in the mish mosh at Duke U. Then I thought nah. Let sleeping dogs..

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