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    Saturday, March 23, 2019

    Been busy with rehearsals for “Own the Stage” and for “A Sketch of New 

    “Own the Stage,” which was a production of Char’Actors that took place 3/19 at Taj II on 21st Street, was a special evening.  The winner was a singer, Andre Byrd.  Besides his talent at singing his songs that he wrote, he was one of the most humble people in the show.  I loved his spirit, and if I couldn’t win, I’m glad he was who did.

    One of the judges was Omar the Comedian.  Later, we shook hands and he 
    told me, “Great job.”  I got many high fives from people in the audience.  I was pleased, but I don’t feel it was my most successful performance.  Though, I have to say, the judges were laughing at my demonstration of my penis-free zone. 

    I need to write new comedy material more regularly. 

    Though I knew I was spreading myself thin, I agreed to do evening background work on "The Atlantic City Story."  I met some fun people.  We all look tired. 

    I’m in “A Sketch of New York” on Friday, 3/29 @ 6pm, Saturday, 3/30 @ 6pm, and Sunday 3/31 @ 1pm.  It will be at the Producer’s Club on W. 44th Street.  It is a bunch of short sketches (none of which were written by me though I do ad lib a bit in some).  The show I’m in is at 6pm.  Then there are two more shows – different casts doing the same scripts.  I find that so interesting to see how different casts do the same show.  So for another ten bucks, you can stay for all three shows.

    Lots of other stuff going on too.  Next time.

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    1. You are a gracious and generous spirited performer Mindy. And funny, and poignant. I'm overdue to see you. Keep on keepin' on.

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