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  1. I can’t believe my taxes were done over a month before they are due.  It’s been so many years since I was on top of it.  That was one of many things that had gone out of control.  This time, I averted the deadline crisis.  It’s nice to visit how the other half lives.

    I had contact with someone extremely important to me.  I hope it’s a 
    beginning of something good.

    I auditioned for and got cast in “A Sketch of New York.”  I’m glad about 
    that.  It’s a bunch of short comedic sketches about life in NYC.  We have seven rehearsals and will be performing on March 29th and 30th at 6pm and March 31st at 1pm.  Details to come.  In the meantime, you can mark your calendars if you think it’s something you’d enjoy.

    There’s something so magical about acting.  Being in a character’s 
    circumstances is a great way for me to use my empathy.  Teaching was also a great way, but what works for students doesn’t always jive with administration.  Some leaders nourish and deliver; some destroy. 

    Today I applied for a job out of actual desire and not just out of need. 
    keep checking my email for a response, but nothing yet.  I’ve got to stop thinking about it.

    One week from now, on Tuesday, March 19th at 8pm at Taj II Lounge, 48 W. 21st Street is “Own the Stage.”  $15 on line; $20 at the door.

    The show starts at 8pm no matter what the Eventbrite says.  Only the 
    performers need to arrive much earlier.  I’ll be doing comedy in that show.  There are singers, rappers, poets, and comics.  The audience decides who performs a second time.  The judges decide of the folks in the second round who wins the prizes.  So you get to be involved. 

    (love to CGG-M)

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