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  1. Who's Coming to Cheer Me On?

    Saturday, March 2, 2019

    Are you coming to cheer me on and vote at New York’s Got Talent’s 
    Battle of the Comics” on Wednesday, March 6th for the 7pm show?  The audience, along with the judges, makes the decisions of who goes on to the second round.  So I need my supporters.

    The discount code is TALENT4off.

    If you find the ticket page confusing, you are not alone.  I asked them 
    about that, and this is the suggestion:

    Audience members can choose anytime. It's if they want to arrive earlier than 6:30pm, they should pick a slot they'd prefer. 


    The NYGT Team 

    I really appreciate if you make the extra effort to come out on 3/6 at 
    7pm.  I normally don’t bug you this much.  I need your presence, loud laughter, applause, woo-woo’s and votes.  J

    I’m in a different competition on March 19th – I’ll tell you more about that 
    next week.

    Right now, March 6th is the focus! 

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