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  1. Changes in Schedule; Adjust Your Calendars

    Saturday, February 23, 2019

    There have been some changes in the schedule of shows.  The 3/10 show in Queens had to be cancelled due to the venue, and the shows at the Jazz on the Park Hostel are discontinued for now.  L

    Here’s what’s happening in terms of comedy:

    Wed., Mar. 6th @ 7pm
    The Green Room 42


    Tue., Mar. 19th
    Own the Stage
    TAJ II Lounge
    48 West 21st 
    show includes singers and dancers
    (time and other details to come)


    In terms of everything else -- as a friend used to tell me, "Put one foot in 
    front of the other."  I’m trying to do just that as my life journey continues. 

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      Break a leg on NYGT!

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