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  1. NYGT Is Coming Soon!

    Sunday, February 17, 2019

    Hello everyone.  I want to believe the winter is almost over.  Let me have 
    my fantasy.

    If you want to come to a show where I will be performing and like to plan 
    ahead, here’s what’s going on:

    Wednesday, March 6, 7pm NEW YORK’S GOT TALENT
    This is a show that lets you, the audience, decide who goes through each week, along with 3 New York Industry Judges (Broadway & Off-Broadway Producers, Agents, & Directors).
    Cast your vote at
    The Green Room 42 to crown the winner of New York's Got Talent Season 6!
    This is one where I really need supporters to attend.

    Sunday, March 10, 4pm
    MisFit Hive
    38-02 61st Street
    Queens, NY
    More details to come.

    Sunday, March 31st, 8:30pm
    Jazz on the Park Hostel
    36 West 106th Street
    You are welcome to BYOB.
    FREE Show!

    Now, for some other stuff.  As many of you know, I’m in a long penis-free 
    era.  The door in my mind isn’t nailed shut.  It’s just that I’ve gained some decent standards over the years, and that eliminates so many.  Like I say in my stand-up, I’m not looking, but I am noticing.

    Here’s a recent happening.  I got a Facebook friend request that I 
    expected to delete, but when I looked at his page, unless it is all fiction, he seemed to have 2 daughters and a dog.  It said he is single.  Maybe he’s divorced.  I don’t know.  He claimed to be an orthopedic surgeon living in Queens.  I told myself not to immediately dismiss this one.  Additionally, his picture looks like he’s in my age range (so I had the expectation of maturity), and he’s kind of good looking.  I figured I’d accept his friend request, and if it turns out not to be right, I’ll unfriend.

    I accepted.  He private messaged, “Hi gorgeous.”

    I felt turned off.  I expected better from an older, educated person.  It’s different if he knew me.  I thought he would have checked out my page and interests and accomplishments before jumping in and commenting on the superficial. 

    I didn’t reply.  The next day he wrote again.  He asked how I was doing 
    today.  Maybe he had spent a second or two on self-reflection.  I answered truthfully.  I said I was okay, off to help a friend clean, was going to get paid, and I needed the cash.  Would talk another time.

    He responded with, “Okay, honey.”

    I responded, “Mindy.  Save the endearing terms for those you actually 
    know.”  Then I left my house and worked at a friend’s house for a couple of hours. 

    When I got home, he had responded, “Okay.  But it doesn’t matter.”

    I was puzzled and further turned off.  Yet I responded (I guess I’m still a 
    work in progress).  I first sent “?”  Then I added, “The way someone talks to me matters to me.”

    He wrote back, “Okay I understand.”

    That’s a surgeon, according to his page.  Oh God, hopefully he understands 
    bones better than he understands himself and women. 

    Now, people, do you see why my penis-free era is preferable?!  

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