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  1. Accomplishments:     

     I carefully burned some mustache hairs.  They aren’t gone, but they are short and less tempting to play with while making a first impression.

    ·        I survived a show where comics outnumbered audience members.

    ·       After having a screw-up with unemployment, things are now straightened out and I am no longer under threat of no gas, electric, cell phone, internet, cable, and home phone.

    ·        Did long overdue laundry.

    ·        Am with medical coverage again.

    ·        Eating more salad and hummus than usual.

    ·        Submitted a poem for publication (which I haven’t done in too long).

    Still needs work:

    My weight has not gone down.  I don’t like being overweight.  It’s hard enough to stand tall and breathe.  Plus I’m not of the stature to carry so much weight.  A belly dance teacher, Zoe, once looked me over and said, “You’re not supposed to be fat.”  She didn’t say that to some bigger than me.  She looked at my bone structure.  She was right. 

           The apartment.  The paper clutter.  It doesn’t end.

    Cigarette smoking problem.

        Should be writing more regularly.

    ·        Reuniting with certain special people, and one very precious to me.


     One of my favorite people surprised me with a card, words inside that soothe my heart, and fifty bucks.

    ·        I was asked to be in a comedy showcase on March 10th in Woodside, Queens.

    ·        I was able to approach an area of my apartment where I’d been   emotionally blocked from, and the decluttering began. Two bags of garbage so far from that area.

    ·        Waking each day.

    ·        My son is managing.

    ·        My best friend (my real life partner) is alive and well. We still help each other through life’s many challenges and still make each other crack up.

    ·        The editor who received my poem said he loved it and asked for more!

    ·        Excited about New York’s Got Talent on March 6th.

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    1. Unknown said...

      Congratulations Mindy. I also enjoy and appreciate your poetry. Best.

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