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  1. Stretched Out the Penis?

    Sunday, March 10, 2019

    Well folks, I had fun on NY’s Got Talent.  I was thrilled that friends Judy, Meghan, Steven, Jaye, Gordon, and Kathryn (plus a friend of hers) came to the show. 

    I arrived to learn I would be up first.  As comics know, it’s not easy to go 
    first in terms of the audience not being in laugh mode yet and having not even gotten through their first drink yet.  Yet it was good for me to not have too much time to anticipate and get nervous.

    I was pleased with my performance.  That’s all I have control over.  The 
    host was funny.  The 3 judges consisted of a young male comic, a woman who is a producer and has projects going on, and a woman who sounded British who also has projects going on.  The comic was very positive in his feedback.  He acknowledged the difficulty of going first.  He thought I had a theme throughout my set and that I did a good job.  The next judge was on the same page as I am.  She told me I have balls and that I spoke on much of what the world needs to hear.  She credited me for being female and doing this in such a male-dominated field.  She said she’d like to hear more from me.  (I’d love to work on a project with her.)  The British one thought I “stretched out the penis” too much.  Is that even possible?

    Then I sat with my friend Judy and enjoyed the rest of the show.

    I was the only female in this round of comics.  One of the comics went way over the time we were given.  Nobody said anything about that.  I found some not that funny.  Some were funny.  What became clear as we listened to the feedback from the judges is that the women who were producers seemed to have an idea in mind of what they were looking for.  One mentioned someone’s set being good as sitcom material.  

    The audience was told to vote for two people.  The ballots were collected, 
    and convening happened in another room.  During that time, I walked over to the different tables where guests of mine were seated.  As I did, audience members were high-fiving me and giving me compliments.  I got the feeling my friends were not the only ones who voted for me.  I was feeling hopeful and then caught myself.  I was in a similar situation a couple of months ago.  And I had to learn that there are other factors not shared with us.  I can’t be whatever I’m not.  I can just work on being funny.  I was.  That may not be the deciding factor.  I don’t know what happens with the ballots.  We don’t hear numbers.  I didn’t want to get too hopeful because I didn’t want to look disappointed when they announced the winners.

    The host, Cooper, returned and had us come back up on stage.  He did a funny recap of what the judges told each of us. 

    Winners were announced.  I wasn’t one.  I agreed with one of their 
    selections.  If I could have voted, I would have voted for him and for me.  Two of my guests were at a table with two people who didn’t know me.  My guests told me that those guys voted for me.  In terms of the audience, I did my job. 

    Whatever the agendas, I wanted the judges to have a way to remember 
    me for future possibilities.  I made sure I gave each of them my card.  They thanked me.  I maintained my professionalism.  It all was cordial. 

    Four of my guests and I went out to a good Irish Pub afterwards that had 
    food (I was soooo hungry), and they knew how to make my Long Island Ice Tea.  The five of us do not get together regularly, so being together and sharing stories and laughing and all of that was sooo much fun.

    I felt so appreciative of those who came to the show (I had other friends 
    who wanted to come but couldn’t, and I appreciate their desire and their good wishes very much).  I felt very good about the night. 

    Now, moving right along, on Tuesday, March 19th at 8pm, I’m in a show 
    called “Own the Stage.”  There is a variety of talent – singers, comics, poets, rappers.  There will be two rounds.  Everyone will perform.  Then the audience decides who goes on to the second round on the same night.  So some will perform a different piece/set in the second round. Then a few judges will decide on one winner.  I am in it to be in the show.  I have no expectation of winning.  The group producing this is Char’Actors.  The winner will get $250, 4 months of free acting classes, and a role in their upcoming film.  Again, there will be people in the audience (the judges and others) who could be influential in one’s path.  If this appeals to you, here’s the link.

    It will be at Taj II Lounge
    48 West 21st Street
    Doors open at 6:30
    Show at 8pm
    (no matter what the Eventbrite says)

  2. 3 comments:

    1. in comedy, males seem to have the edge.

    2. Mindy!!

      So sorry I missed your performance. I'm sure you were a riot as always. I hope there's video of it. Is there? You totally need someone to take video if it's allowed now that I can't be your #1 fan. Anyway, I also I loved that the judges took your card. Who knows, right? *prayers emoji with chocolate brown hands*

      I'm equally thankful you had a decent Long Island Iced Tea, a comment that reminded me of the absolute duds we endured at a certain cafe (I didn't tell you I yelped those $%&@!, did I? Well, just before going to bed that night, I did, lol!).

      Keep taking care of yourself, Mindy!


    3. Patricia, I know what you are saying, but they aren't always the funniest. Kerstin, after reading your comment, I went to the site where you gave feedback on the place we ate. Wow. I didn't even know you were that disappointed with the drinks. Good that you let them know. Thanks for continuing to root for me. I hope things are okay where you are.

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