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  1. I was drinking on Saturday night.  I wasn’t out drinking; I was home drinking.  But at some point, I needed to buy food.  Because I was tipsy, I decided to take the elevator down and back up even though I only live on the 2nd floor.  Staircases make me nervous when I’m like that.  I don’t like to be outside either when I’ve been drinking.  Yet I managed.  When I went back up in the elevator, it got stuck right at my floor, and the automatic door wouldn’t open.  It took a moment for me to believe this was happening.

    Many people consider being stuck in an elevator their worst fear.  For 
    some reason, thankfully, that situation doesn’t put me in a panic.  I was once told the stop/start button is more helpful than the alarm button.  I used both.  The door didn’t respond.  I calmly rang the alarm in groups of 3 rings.  S.O.S.  I hoped people would respond.  I was grateful I didn’t need to pee.  I tried the stop/start button again also.  I wondered how long this would be.  I tried to push the automatic door open and closed with my hands just to get it in motion again.  I pressed the buttons for all the floors.  Then I just did the alarm again.  I heard someone from several floors above banging on the door.  It felt good to know someone was aware of me.  I accepted this might take a while.  I sighed and softly said, “Oh Lord.”  With no prodding, the automatic door opened, and I got out.

    Wow.  Interpret that however.


    A writer I know for years wrote a non-traditional haiku for me. 
    appreciate it and am including it here:

    You’re Welcome Haiku

    Reality hits
    as grass blooms thru sidewalk’s crack
    Your Ex is an Idiot!

    (c)Anne Leighton, 2018

    If you want to come hear my comedy now that I am idiot-less, here’s info for another show.


    I appreciate you so much for wanting to hear what I have to say whether in a blog or on stage as a comic or a storyteller or a poet.  There are so many people who’d prefer I be silenced. They are not the healers, God knows.

    Come out and laugh with us.  It warms my heart.  

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    1. Unknown said...

      Great elevator story! Could work it into a comic routine?Nifty haiku!

    2. Richard, thanks for being a loyal reader of She So Funny. You and several others asked me if I will turn that into comedy. It's not hitting the funny bone for me. It feels more like a story of a small miracle or a wink from the universe (or a wink from God, whatever one believes). I have since added the name of the writer who wrote the poem. I wasn't sure if she wanted to be named. She does.

    3. Oh, I gotta do a rewrite. I thought it was a traditional Haiku. Man, no wonder I can't get into the poetry mags! I'm a rebel.
      2Pac's Rose!

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