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  1. The F.U.C. Show

    Tuesday, May 29, 2018

    I had a great set in the F.U.C. show (Funny Underground Comedy) at Broadway Comedy Club on Saturday.  My "penis-free zone" absolutely rocked the room.  The natural high that puts me on lasted through much of the next day.

    I liked knowing two of my adult students and an adult daughter of one of 
    them were in the audience (wish we had taken photos), and I enjoyed watching and meeting a couple of comics I never knew before.

    Several of that night’s performers are not in these photos.  From left to 
    right:  Nichole Spain, Chris Vaccarelli, Mindy Matijasevic, Aaron Smith, and Joe Cuomo.

    Many of you may not know this, but whenever I am going to perform 
    (whether as a stage actress, a storyteller, or a comic), I am quite nervous.  Doing stand-up has made poetry readings feel easy.  Different challenges with each thing.  Great satisfaction with each as well.  I still find comedy the hardest because the writing is my own, I’m up there alone, I have to have all the material in my head already, and I’m expected to be funny.  So when I hear the laughter, it is an amazing feeling.  But hours before, when I am agonizing to some degree, I ask myself why I do this and remind myself how no one is making me do this. 

    After the show, I was talking with one of the comics who I had found hilarious.  I told him about what I go through.  He said he had just done the same that day.  He had asked himself why he does this.  Then when the laughter happens, he is answered.


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    1. I love the honesty of this! Thanks so much, Mindy! I really want to hear you do Comedy. In a way, I feel that is deeper than anything else. I think you know this too. What joy! To do what you love and be rewarded with laughter!

    2. Thanks, Kathryn, for appreciating. These days, I haven't been producing my own comedy shows. I have been performing in other people's shows lately. It would be nice to see you in the audience.

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