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  1. Update on Stuff

    Tuesday, June 3, 2014

    I thought it is time for an update on stuff.
    • The guy who had "accidentally" sent me his dick pic on my cell phone was sufficiently discouraged from contacting me further.  Yay.

    • The mansplainer and I have had no further words.  Double Yay.  Mr. Dick Pic may have shown his dick, but mansplainer showed his overinflated balls.

    (Do I know how to get rid of problematic men or what?!  It took years before I figured out how easy it is.  I actually learned it very clearly at a job one day.)
    • My poetry submission was not selected for a B.R.I.O. award this year.  Damn.  I really could have used the monetary award that comes with it.  Really.

    • As much as I look forward to summer break, I fear the financial situation again as one of my jobs stops completely for the summer and is a 'no-workee; no money' arrangement.  So as I sometimes do, I posted on Facebook that I am available to pose for artists.  This time a woman responded saying a small drawing group was forming, and they'd be needing models.  We went back and forth with the details -- money, schedule, etc.  All sounded agreeable, but I don't yet have a booking.  I do hope it happens and that it goes so well that they book me repeatedly.  I need more than I earn at my main job to survive.

    • I have not yet been visited by Andy Taylor or Barney Fife regarding my criminal behavior.

    • On Monday, August 18, I will be one of 2 featured poets for the Saturn Series at Revival on E. 15 St. near Irving Place, 7:30pm $3 & a drink.

    • Though it may seem odd (even to myself at times), I remain penis-free.


  2. 5 comments:

    1. Malka said...

      Hang in there Mindy...the sun is shining for you. Looking forward to seeing you next Tuesday. Now, isn't that great???

    2. Melinda said...

      Sounds like you are a pro at handling harassment. I know it well. You hand in there...the summer is YOURS. Trust...believe...receive..God will provide. I pray for you all the time. I know you will be fine. I will try to be there Aug. 18! It's been too long my friend. Love you lots, Melinda

    3. Marilyn, I am so faced with all kinds of deadlines at work and since I've attended all the meetings and will be at this Friday's as well, I may not be at Tuesday's. I have another commitment with another co-worker regarding a project we are working on. No matter how much I try to avoid it, it's always madness at the end of the school year.

      Melinda, compared to the shit I contended with from my ex and the legacy he leaves, other harassment seems like small potatoes. I'd LOVE for you to attend the poetry reading on Aug. 18th. <3

    4. Melinda said...

      I hear you hon :>)! I will try for Aug.18!

    5. Canada Anne said...

      I hope you get some Summer work. Every summer is hard for you as the work stops school year end. I love your penis free stories. One day you will win that award and more. Keep it up!

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