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  1. "Blessed are the weird people..."

    Tuesday, June 10, 2014

    In my last blog, I made a mistake with the location of the August 18th poetry reading.  It's at Shades of Green which is also on East 15 Street near Irving Place.  I hope some of you will be in the mood.  It's a Monday night, very affordable for most, hosted by a very welcoming woman named Su Polo who is also a fine artist.  She's run the Saturn Series Poetry Reading for over 20 years!  Partners changed; locations changed; Su Polo remains.  There's an open mic portion of the evening which is typically beautifully varied.  I will be one of two featured poets.

    Summer is practically here.  I've been trying to tone up.  I really can't wait until varicose veins are in style.  I'll be a big hit on the beach.  I can hear it now.  "Look at the veins on that one.  Woohoo!"

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    1. Mary said...

      I've too far to go to reach what is known as beach ready. I am beach ready in that I get a restoration from being by the water. I love the soft sand and how strong it is in supporting my weight. I love how it yields when I plant myself. If I only had endless crumbs to feed the birds, it would be perfect for all of us at the shore.

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