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  1. Comedy, Poetry, Good Fortune

    Tuesday, March 10, 2020

    My comedy show 3/20 at The Artist (formerly the Starving Artist Café) 
    on City Island has a change in the lineup.  This is who you can come see and be very entertained by:

    Kristin Seltman

    Esteban Tino Romero


    Joanne Filan

    And me!

    For our guest spot, Eddie Messanelli will make us laugh.

    The cover is only ten bucks.  No minimum required, but you might be 
    tempted to get light fare and/or a delicious dessert.  You can BYOB if you like.  A hat gets passed around for contributions so the comics can get paid.  Laughter is guaranteed.

    Last week in my neighborhood, I had the good fortune of finding a brand 
    new unlimited one-week Metro Card.  I would’ve walked right past it if it weren’t for my feline friend Mustache.  She approached me, and I bent down to pet her and talk to her.  That’s when I saw the Metro Card in its plastic wrapping.  I did feel for whoever lost it, but if anyone was going to find it, I’m glad it was me.  That find made it easy for me to go to a poetry workshop I try to get to weekly though it’s not always possible.  I presented this poem:

    Teachers, Listen Up

    The job posting said:
    Make learning fun.
    Learning IS fun.
    It should say:
    Don’t suck the joy
    Out of learning
    By being an egotistical

    3/1/2020 Mindy Matijasevic

    Come to the comedy show on 3/20 and let’s laugh our asses off.  If laughter is the best medicine, let’s laugh coronavirus out of NYC.  Feel free to wear or not wear masks and vinyl gloves.  Mainly, bring your sense of humor.  It will be a good time.  Guaranteed.  We need it.  

    Deep love to CGG-M  💕

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    1. The Universe Gives Back
      When You're Nice to Cats!


    2. Anne, the 'woof!' made me laugh. Yes, when I find something I need, I do feel that God/dess is telling me, "I didn't forget about you, Mindy." I'm always grateful.

    3. You are all of that and more. Woof! is good for a good laugh. Purrrrs!

    4. Unknown said...

      i love my cats and they were both a rescue...take care of yourself in these very strange days and have a great show.

    5. If you are listed as "Unknown" please write your name in the comments. I appreciate your time to read and comment and would love to know who you are.

    6. If you are tempted to come to the show on 3/20, check with me or the venue first to make sure it is happening. I don't want you to travel to City Island if the show is cancelled. As of now, we are unsure.

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