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    I was a middle school boy in a scene from Greg Fuchs’ play “School Drill” in the BOOG City Arts Festival two Tuesdays ago.  It was fun for a few minutes to be a boy.  That night of the festival was in Bushwick, Brooklyn.  It is an interesting neighborhood.  To me, it seemed like a blend of the Bronx, the East Village, and the West Village.  Many food trucks, much colorful artwork on the brick buildings, and very lively. 

    There’s no pay involved, but it was fun.  The weird part was I hadn’t realized this was for the BOOG Festival until I was there.  When I was asked to do this, though it was by the man who runs the festival, I thought this was a separate thing.  I was under the impression a friend of his, who teaches middle school in the Bronx and works with particularly challenging students, needed actors to perform in a play that he and his students wrote, but I didn’t connect that it was for the festival.  His class had read Anne Frank, the play, and then wrote their own scenes tied to confinement. 


    Though I have not been accepting unpaid acting jobs due to my pathetic financial situation, this touched my heart.  I’m a Bronxite.  I spent several decades teaching adults who weren’t able to complete their basic education for many very different reasons.  One year, we also read Anne Frank.  It was very eye-opening for many.  So I agreed to do it.  I wanted his students to feel the magic of their words being acted out on stage.  I mistakenly assumed we were performing in the school for the students, parents, and staff.  However, there were no rehearsals, and it was being done in Brooklyn.  I was very puzzled.  

    I tried to dress as a 12-year-old boy using whatever items I owned.  I even brought a jacket to cover any sign of boobage.  When I left my house, I realized I forgot to wear sneakers.  I had sandals on and red toenail polish.  I worried that middle school boys would torment their peer for looking like a girl.  I didn’t go back upstairs because I was afraid I was running late.  It turned out that I worried about many unnecessary things.  It was not at a school.  The play was written several years ago.  No middle school students would be there.  It was at a lovely performance space, IVY HOUSE STUDIO on Troutman Street, where most performers shared poetry and music.

    Greg Fuchs, playwright
    Mindy Matijasevic, actor
    after the scene from
    School Drill


    That evening of the festival was hosted by the talented and beautiful Didi Champagne who also performed later with her band Blueberry High Heels.

    Didi is the one in the long black dress.


    Regarding health concerns, the specialist I met with was wonderful!  He introduced himself as Marc.  That was a first in my experience.  I am grateful he was who I saw.  Seemed like a beautiful human being.  The next step is I get another CT scan in February (instead of in a year).  Then we look at it again and decide if a biopsy should be done.  I am okay right now.  So let’s keep on having a good time as much as we can! 



    Tremendous love to CGG-M  ❤❤❤

    Mindy Matijasevic, September 19, 2023



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    1. Melinda said...

      How awesome! You're making memories and flashing your beautiful smile...keep on keepin on. Sending up healing prayers for you my dear friend 💗

    2. Thank you. I want you to be okay as well. (hugs)

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